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February 7, 2021

Model For The Promotion Of Tourist Offer

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THE EFFICIENCY OF A MODEL OF TOURISM PROMOTION Armando Rodriguez Bello Promoting tourism advertising tends to be very focused on dissemination of messages organized in a very steady tourism segments such as the great tourist destinations that are very homogeneous shared by almost all the destinations with a vocation for tourism house without distinguishing the main reason for the trip, whether: (conferences and conventions, sun and beach, sailing, social, rural, health, hunting, golf, ecotourism, adventure, cultural, religious and business). The homogeneity of the offer from the point of view of classification and promotion techniques reduces the actual diversification of tourism products.The receiver in this case the national and international tourism of the messages tend to perceive that in all destinations will make an offer extensive and diverse but, in fact, is the same everywhere. The messages, for example, tourism promotion campaigns offered by large cities: Mexico City, Guadalajara and Monterrey, excluding the names of cities, they differ so little between them that may be virtually interchangeable, the same example about the beach destinations such as Acapulco, Cancun, Puerto Vallarta, Huatulco and Los Cabos. As can be seen, a barrier that faces competition is the homogeneity of the promotional messages advertising domestic supply tourist addressed different target audiences. To determine the effectiveness of the messages should be familiar with the different audiences you want to reach these audiences also know, from the point of view of communication about their habits of information, purchase and use. To structure the advertisements, the relationship of communication strategies must be sufficiently detailed to clarify when to use the message when the message positioning and educational / informational in promoting a destination. According Chias says, “In general, a target needs to establish a global message that fits all ages and to transmit the values and the positioning of it. The overall message can integrate communication.The products, over time, change, but the destination is. “(Chias, J.: 2005, 165) Once identified trends which have been more communicative and less efficient advertising campaigns directed at both national and international tourism in recent years can explain the features of its success or failure. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Liberty Mutual Insurance on most websites. The characteristics of the current model of tourism promotion of destinations that do not perform a measurement of the efficiency of their advertising campaigns aimed at target audiences both domestic and international are: unfortunately have a model from the scientific point of view that he suffers from a methodological process that has not allowed them to carry out efficient control of advertising campaigns targeted at different segments of tourism. Have worked with a tourism promotion model static advertising has failed to adapt to new conditions and needs of today’s markets. This model allows the actors responsible for carrying out tourism advertising campaigns as a purely procedural compliance, also justified to the tourist service providers that if they use different forms of promotion to advertise the destination. adverse actions frequently used current model of tourism promotion, include: intuition, improvisation, no control of the testing before, during, and after advertising campaigns. It has no scientific basis for decision making regarding the recruitment of key communication axes tourism advertising campaigns. The results obtained with the current advertising promotion model have the following problems: Less presence and decline in domestic and international markets. Dispersion of authorities responsible for promoting the three levels of government. The economic investment advertising campaigns do not match the number of arrivals of foreign tourists or the economic flow that causes this segment of tourists contrasted with the source data (National Institute of Migration). Disappearance of international flights and domestic airlines. Appearance of both foreign and domestic tourism of lower purchasing power. Current promotional model does not have reliable sources of information regarding the update of resources and fashionable tourist services likely to bid on an advertising campaign nationally and internationally. reviewing the latest proposals on the future of tourism, by (Poon, A.

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