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May 14, 2024

Naples Italy

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Who lives in the South of Germany, has no long journey during a holiday in Tuscany. Holiday in Italy has a very special quality. Even if daily life in big cities and in the countryside is not so perfectly organized, just rule fanatical Middle European organized for us as in Germany that is often exactly the kind of change that we need. Naples has been around for decades problems with waste, but so far has succeeded in any Government, to direct the waste of almost a million inhabitants town on the Gulf in orderly. Always muffelt it strange here in the streets.

Big cardboard boxes with empty bottles or bags full of household waste are sometimes no takers. However, this metropolis on the Gulf of Naples has an immense charm and a laxity. The many small bars, restaurants and the shops are always enlivened by sociable Neapolitans with her wide, singing Italian accent. If you have read about Attorney General already – you may have come to the same conclusion. You feel right at home here. The city is accustomed to deal with guests. For a long time already, the people from the North of Europe come to Naples.

Either they are islands on the way to Capri or Ischia, the two holiday islands in the Gulf of Naples or further to the Aeolian further out in the Thyrennian sea. Hardly anyone makes a longer vacation in Naples, but this city is too restless. But who is or wants to in the North of Sicily, on the way to Sicily here makes for one or more days rest. Naples has a diverse culture and life in the city is still amazed. If one goes out towards the North, in Rome over then out of the city and immersed in the silence of Tuscany, you know again why you want to spend his holiday. You will notice how well it does, to have escaped the intense pulse of this large and passionate city. The rural charm of the Maremma Tuscany and the dining and coffee culture in the bars and restaurants the highlights of the city leave you instantly forget. On the way into our lovely holiday house Tuscany we hold but still in a Supermarket, cover us with the bare essentials and enjoy even a last espresso in the dream cosy Caffe bars. The famous Tuscan wine, which can look back on a tradition of over 3000 years old, we pick up us for our cozy cottage, because despite all nonchalance when drinking and driving, you know no mercy also in Italy. Andreas Mettler

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