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October 22, 2015

Neoliberal Globalization

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In the threshold of the neoliberal globalization, groups that exert the power, mainly those that concentrate most of the capital that circulates in the market can come to be in few years, as in fiction films, the living detainers of the power on the planet land and souls that in it cohabit. In a time where the fusing of great corporations is part of day-by-day of our reporters, with the most dangerous certainty it inhabits in the creation of great conglomerates of the medias. With a free anarchical market, the pressure in favor of an ample and unrestricted deregulation is what it is seen in the speech of the great estadudinenses groups of communication reflecting in our country directly. Nor the world-wide net of computers, proclaimed to the four cantos as bastion of the liberty of speech obtained to escape of the cruel strategy of monopoly of the great groups that currently control this way. With the control of the communications at the hands of few companies, what dumb it is alone? packing? of the products for them produced, its content little is modified and is stuffed of dangerous objectives, unifying habits, customs and values with only one intention: the profit and the continuation of a perverse capitalist system.

Beyond the standardization of the notice, the journalists lose the freedom to criticize the groups detainers of the miditico power, if transforming into? dismissable objects. The depreciation of the professionals of communication for the monopoly appears from the moment where notice leave to have sensible while information, entertainment and info-diversion and start to be mere merchandises, suppressing the inquiry work, that is only practised aiming at the particular interests of some. With this, what it was to be information starts to configure as active common of definitive groups, where the practical one of? to cut and glue? articles of a periodical or vehicle for others, if became current. You are welcome liberty of speech advances if the people not to know to think and if to express. The ways of communication alone will be release tools when the community will have more education and critical capacity in the analysis of its contents, in contrast, the shout of the oppressed ones does not have rhetorical force and the pseudo-information start to be the fetters of the modern slavery.

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