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April 17, 2021

Network Listening

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Before two neighbors went to the patio tender and holding a few tweezers in the mouth, they made the critic in a minute of the last softener. If the new washing machine o S.A. went to them so or jersey of the girl of the mark, they left balls to him. At the most two or three neighbors heard plus it through their half-closed windows and took note. And if the product were good, they imitated to those of down they bought and it and if that one product did not enter house more. The consumers always are counted their experiences on the products that use, mainly if are expensive; so that nobody has never bought a car without making a previous survey between the friendly or the family to clarify doubts before its oracles.

But today the things have changed. internauts have gained voice and capacity of influence through the social networks and a mark gambles it before the implacable judge of the hearing whenever it removes a product to the market. A negative commentary, or the exigency of a satisfaction by a product badly made; amplified by the cybernetic mouth mouth, it is more effective than mediation of any meeting of consumption arbitration. A mark that does not resist in the opinion of they consume which it, that lowers the guard in its quality level can enter a phenomenon of loss in drill. Del that would be difficult to recover. It does not compensate to make the things badly.

To the great they know it marks. They invest to much money in campaigns and advisors of publicity, but nothing ensures the success before a sector public more and more informed and with capacity into reaction to emit its analyses and to interchange its opinions in Internet. There is no way to stop that. Making the things well, competing in quality it is only possible to be happened through the fine sieve of the social networks. The marks try to ingratiate themselves with the social networks, to generate confidence, to comprise of them, to be present. And ” those of the department of marketing” they squeeze meninges to see how that can be made have a discussion with the consumers. But it is not easy, because although ” ellos” they want to interchange impressions with the consumers, who wants in truth to speak with a mark? The other sounds a science fiction or scene of cmic. The unique form to wash the face to a product beaten by the internauts of the network, could be to pay one ” cla” virtual. A species of choir of specialists writing all the short while its praises in Internet. Receiving a Euro by paragraph to resist the commentaries of the usuary displicentes. Restraining, correcting, forestalling critic and resisting its effects with other found arguments. The Chinese government does. Payment to I exercise of escribidores to neutralize the hostile actions of its objectors and commentaries on its policy in Internet. It is Contrapropaganda. And He is expensive. But already one knows that manpower in China is in favor of grounds. They imagine to the manufacturer of the softener of the two neighbors of the principle; doing the same? Joaquin Average Oliete GO, LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY 610542454. posicionamientoweb. com Licensed in Marketing, Publications in Direct Marketing, News Marketing. Average director GO, posicionamientoweb.

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