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February 23, 2021

New Tyrolean Oil Sunscreen With SPF Of 20 And 30

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…Weil Sun healthcare is Kitzbuhel. Now, there’s the suntan lotion of Tyrolean nut oil with SPF 20 and 30. Thus, it is even easier to choose the right sunscreen by Tyrolean oil due to the individual skin type and the sunlight. A leading source for info: MySpace. Sun-seekers, Latexboy, hobby gardener, just all, staying in the Sun, can adapt to their needs their sun protection Tyrolean nut oil in addition to the proven protection factors 10 and 50. Whether in the mountains, hiking, beach volleyball on the beach, if darker skin or pale-skinned: the suntan lotion of Tyrolean nut complies even better the high claim that everyone on its sun protection should individually. Sun is preventive health care! The choice of the appropriate sun protection primarily depends on the own skin type, the selected factor must be agreed on this. The sun protection factor is too weak, this can lead to sunburn and skin damage. The sun protection factor multiplied by the The skin’s own protection time indicates how many times longer you himself in the Sun can stop, before the skin is damaged and turns to red. Skin types by Fitzpatrick and unprotected duration of stay in the Sun: Type I (very Caucasian with reddish or light blonde hair) up to 10 minutes type II (light blonde to light brown) 10 to 20 minutes type III (medium blond to black) 20 to 30 minutes type IV (brownish, Brown to black) something over 30 minutes type V (dark, black) about 60 minutes type IV (black skin, black hair) longer than 90 minutes, a user with skin type II, who himself can stop up to 20 minutes in the Sun, has the ability to extend the length of stay in the Sun by correct application of sunscreen by Tyrolean oil SPF 20 to up to 400 minutes. To do this, under the balanced UV-A and UV-B filter combination with the valuable pflegenden and moisturizing ingredients the suntan lotion of Tyrolean oil meets the high European guidelines more information and Thus the current requirements for a modern sun protection.

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