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January 30, 2021

North America

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Oil is the main fuel of our times, Americans import oil for consumption, they buy copper for the manufacture of bullets that kill Vietnamese, zinc, aluminium, iron, manganese, tungsten and others, who are brought in from Latin America, which makes North America has an interest in mineral resources of South America. In some Latin American countries the story their bad governments delivered these riches to North America, as in Brazil Castelo Branco give iron Hanna Mining in Bolivia Rene Barrientos surrender mine Matilda of zinc to the Philips Brothers, in Venezuela in the Lake of petroleum the largest American military mission of the continent, Chile took possession of the Chuquicamata copper. Also in the Amazon found gold, silver, diamonds, titanium, uranium, and USA.UU. embark on a strategy to seize these territories, buy those territories fraudulently and to eliminate the community creates a birth control to avoid the demographic competition. Another chapter talks about how European ships carrying guano and saltpeter to fertilize their lands, this exploitation came to Antofagasta (Chile), the Bolivian Government sought to put a tax of 10 CTS. companies chileno-inglesas what caused the war of the Pacific (1879-1883), in which Bolivia lost its outlet to the sea and without even realising it has copper reserve most important worldwide: Chuquicamata. Chile a chemist went 90% of its exports to England, later German invented the organic fertilizer which caused the fall of the economy of Chile. At that time the largest deposits of copper were in domains from the United States, but Salvador Allende nacionalizo these mines in response to this right begins a dirty propaganda campaign but turned out useless, now Chile copper is sold in broader markets. Note that Mariano Melgarejo once forced an Ambassador English to take a barrel of chocolate and was walked by Donkey, mounted upside down by a glass of chicha to despise and why Queen Victoria on a map of the world said: Bolivia does not exist, and indeed Bolivia in the eyes of the world didn’t exist after the sacking of Potosi but returned to exist once Simon.

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