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November 27, 2019


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OBSCURE FACE In some place, somebody wakes up scared, is the effect of the terror, necessarily, the urban violence. The reporters get depressed, because they disclose to the living creature the obscure face of the problem. He is not rare to die in the esquinas of the streets, to come across with an unhappy soul. Forcene children, physics and morally inside of its proper houses, dispute of being able, wars, terrorism, everything on behalf of the faith (or the lack). Each one for itself reigns and the spaces are restricted for the men of good heart. The money, so longed for, contributes for the degradation human being, for money lives and dreams die. The blackout in itself does not scare; it is pleasant to observe the stars, pleasant a night of party between friends, the birth of a child in the been silent one of the night. Frightful it is the sound of shots, the blood in asphalt, the traffic of drugs. Lamentably, we are victims of the shady side: I, you, somebody.

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