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January 22, 2021


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Simply unavoidable and inevitable! Sales – this proposal. Proper supply creates demand, not vice versa. Fools, no, I have already spoken. There is a lot to say about this, but I think the main idea well understood. Smoothly and gently begin to dessert. For dessert we have the action and here is especially important algorithm. I will try to give that their sequential order, violation of which is unwise and dangerous.

In fact it is almost Code to follow which is essential for victory. As told in such a case, a good friend of mine and very clever, Oksana, we are on it already kissed! They say that any experience is valuable. Agreed. If only from it draw the correct conclusions, which will ensure success in the future. But the negative experiences, first, optional, and secondly, can be fatal.

And generally falls to the level of fear and apprehension that any constructive ideas just deadly and kills her in the bud. If you consult on this matter with svom lawyer or an accountant, especially when it's good people, you never do not create anything new. They are not sellers, they have directly opposite functions and their natural working condition – "as if something happens!", as, incidentally, and security services. They were even blamed for it can not but rely on the opinion of such people in constructive ideas – naivete obscene. It will always be – no! do not! Implicitly or explicitly. Watch at your leisure. Well, the promised main course of action.

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