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July 31, 2014

Outdoor Advertising

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Harmonization of outdoor advertising in St. Petersburg is not enough to produce an effective outdoor advertising. It is still important and in a suitable location to mount. Taking into account the extent to which today St. Petersburg is filled with different kind of advertising units, it is sufficiently difficult. And even if you managed to find the appropriate place, not in a hurry to rejoice. Towards the realization of design lies Resolution of the Government of St.

Petersburg 904 "On permit the installation of advertising structures ", dated July 25, 2006 and amendments thereto – Decree 1621, from 12. 12. 2007, which is regulated by coordination of outdoor advertising. These regulations are two ways Harmonization: the standard and simplified. Simplified installation defines advertising information. It includes signs on which there is only the business name or type of his work: "The Hours", "Ivanov sons "," Barber ", etc.

In cases where, in addition, there is information of another type, for example: telephone number, address, slogan or website, then in such a case matching the outdoor advertising should follow the standard procedure. Those who want to pass on the simplified procedure should provide the Office of the aesthetics of the Committee on City Planning and Architecture list of documents consisting of: cdr file with the layout of the future of advertising requisites; exact address location, if the submitted documents will not cause complaints, during the period from 2 weeks to 2 months will be granted approval. But the matter does not end, because after a year will require prolong the resolution. Adoption of outdoor advertising in the usual way shall PI "City advertising and Information" of the Committee on Printing of St. Petersburg. On the way in this department will be required to pass five government agencies, receiving, respectively, and five different resolutions. Set of documents will also need a more detailed and will include more than 20 points the statements, information, matching sheets, etc. His examined by the Committee for State Control of the use and protection of monuments of culture and history, the Committee on urban development and architecture, public administration and technical inspection, the Committee on landscaping and road infrastructure and traffic police. The smallest period in which professionals can take all the necessary authority, represents 2, 5-3 months. This is despite the fact that all the papers correctly formed and filed with the the appropriate form. In special cases, approval of installation of outdoor advertising can take many times longer. Unfamiliar with the situation, a person rarely go through the whole chain to the end. Result of the coordination of the regular form serves as a period for which the permit is issued – 5 years. Company 'Stargazer' saves its customers from having to resolve issues associated with obtaining permits for outdoor advertising. Appreciate your money, time and nerves – trust the people who know all the details of the issue.

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