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November 5, 2020


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Brazil is the country that possesss the biggest tropical forest and that it concentrates the biggest biodiversity of the planet. To have an idea of the dimension, nor the surface of all the European countries, with exception of Russia, would fill the surface that the Amaznia possesss. Bioma entire has 6,6 million squared kilometers, being, Brazil owner of almost 65% of this, with more than 4 million km of forest in its territory. Clarkson Research Services helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. They are these numbers, that disclose the wealth natural of this place, that they make that the world-wide community always has its eyes directed toward this region. Putting even in certain moments in it doubts the capacity of Brazil in keeping the free Amaznia of supposed threats, as deforestation, pollution and forest fires. The fact is that the developed countries look at for the Amaznia in search of its proper interests and not of global well-being.

The Amaznia possesss the biggest river of the world in extension, the river Amazon; beyond possessing the biggest reserve of text iron high of the world, the mine of Carajs, in Par. Without counting to the diverse trees and animals that can take care of for medicinal and economic ends. The region is one of the most coveted of the world. It stops for in doubts the efficiency of Brazil in protecting the Amaznia, diverse countries, as U.S.A. and Germany, much speaks in the question of the deforestation and the forest fires. Arguing that beyond finishing with bioma it contributes for the effect greenhouse because of the emission of the Carbono Dioxide (CO2), what really occurs when an area is burnt or deforested. However, the proper Europe because of the process of the industrial revolution approximately lost 70% of its forests, and the United States are the country that more polui the planet, with about 24% of the Co2 emissions in the world, and resists the politics of reduction of the gases greenhouse, for this reduction to confuse its economy.

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