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August 12, 2015

Paying For Good Health

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We are completely embedded in virtual system based on technology, conceiving it as natural that the issue of health is subject to medical appliances. While it is possible to see that advances in knowledge of the human body are subject to the utilitarian quality electronics, it has been encrypted within the conventional science of all possible solutions, excluding the non-existent history of development and not true . Contemporary is really amazing, was studied in a short time almost the entire spectrum of variants that afflict man, finding the most immediate solution to them, so that restoring organ function and its usual natural compliance. This chemical manipulation brought about social confusion about the concept of health and wellness category. It is conceived as essential to membership in a pre-paid medical protection and security, ignoring the origins of disease, but based on their heals people walking quietly in the earth’s surface.

This contribution gives customization not healthy in itself, but its absence exacerbates the user not to worry him painfully on their need, generating simulations pathologies that close the circle of urgency. Nothing and no one’s good health, the responsibility lies with the prospective patient, which must maintain a competitive balance and food to level statistical averages of values to quantify, but every so often by a control to confirm that you are in the correct path. If this utility also makes it the responsibility falls on clinical topics for when spring fever is submitted to the individual under emotional pressure of guilt, where the verdict is delivered with the punishment of drug use, again by depositing a bond in the pharmacy associated. This track money and health, drugs and guilt, responsibility and professional ethics, resulted in a concept of health operations related to economic opportunities, enhancing the quantity and quality receiver, which ensures that time is doubtful pain until neutralization.

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