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March 2, 2020


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Here we have stuck to the patrimony of all Mexicans who eventually paid what they could with cash and kind for the oil expropriation, PEMEX now infested and kidnapped by the nefarious Priistas in their hands only corrupt a parastatal so rich in the world is not profitable for the country. Here we have what was the Mexican Telmex, for fraudulent practices of Carlos Salinas de Gortari, Carlos Slim Helu use and stripped of his Mexican heritage, and now struts that is one of the richest men in the world. Many writers such as author offer more in-depth analysis. Rather he is "the swindle of the world man", especially with the high rates in fixed telephony and cellular cheat all the time with ease and impunity millionaire sums of money to each minutes without respecting theft rates and air time, shame he had to give. This is allowed only in Mexico and even reverence inculcated these scourges of society. If we unite Mexicans could recover these assets stripped, one should be well organized, the rest is much easier, because the legislation for the award was badly done and can be applied justice.

Here we have the major television networks as spokesmen TVAZTECA Y TELEVISA PRI header. Where are our tax payers broadcasting services do not have to serve a few cynics expands on a cult of personality and party, the spread should serve all those costs we pay taxes. Social insurance, a victory over a high cost and the employee receiving in most cases bad service staffed makeshift, because they have reached high positions in the lead institution in exchange for votes to the PRI. And we have LFC (Luz y Fuerza) another consequence of the irresponsibility and corruption of the PRI. In the education sector, except that thousands of teachers can not shake the corruption of Elba Esther Gordillo, is infested with "professors Duckling" where barely 30% of them have the education and skills as such, thus deriving the other "ducks" Degrees, PhDs, engineers, architects, accountants etc. Etc. Well, why not? if the PRI corrupted the laudable educational institutions imposing staff throughout the republic for decades in return for favors election, to do "Talacha" buying votes, carrying people, crossing Altor of ballots for the PRI to distort the results in their favor, as did I know about so-called journalists and others without office or benefit of overnight were as teachers.

For some the sale of teaching positions left and right in recent decades. Could it be that many professions have duck, why are so many legal inability to implement justice? Speaking of all of the PRI is quite cunning tricks especially over the consequences, but a very strong and heavy is that while this party stays in power Mexico will remain a nation of ignoramuses. PS: What good is a saying that says: There is no evil that lasts a hundred years or so bear with fools. Is it? Feedback

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