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December 13, 2019

Photos Reproductions Posters

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Since time immemorial, people have resorted to using a brush and paints to reflect your favorite moments on canvas and decorate them their interior. And then came photography, and art show really has become available millions of people. Modern technologies allow to combine the art of painting and photography. We offer you the canvas! For printing, we use only natural linen canvas. The technology used is capable of applying to the canvas almost any image.

This may be a good quality picture, portrait, reproduction paintings by famous artists, the abstract picture. This creates a the illusion of this oil painting. Large format prints on canvas allows you to decorate your apartment, office, study this picture. Canvas – a dense material with a textured surface simulating Art canvas. Canvas is made of natural materials basis (linen or cotton), covered with a special layer that allows to implement high-quality large-format printing. Images made by large format printing, giving the effect of oil painting technique displayed at exhibitions. Even experts are not immediately able to distinguish the copies from originals exhibited next. The image printed on canvas pull on the stretcher and covered with a protective lacquer that protects the paint from fading and moisture.

Depending on the task of art prints on canvas can be subjected to various kinds of processing. Combination modern technologies of printing on canvas with the subsequent processing provides a reproduction of the painting, the most similar to the original. We will help you find the most suitable for the painting prints, printed on canvas. Framed in a beautiful frame, it will be the most original and meaningful gift for you or those you love. Especially because we all probably at least once in their lives would become the owner of a worthy masterpiece. Since the quality of Printing on canvas is directly dependent on the quality of the original photo, use the maximum possible size. You can order by sending an e-mail address and attaching to the letter of photographic material. In a letter price. Order is carried out from three to five business days, depending on the size and complexity of the work required. Perhaps an emergency order fulfillment within 1-2 days.

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