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October 12, 2020

Piaget And Adolescents

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Authors as Piaget defends that the cognitive maturity arrives at the adolescent due to the internal changes, like the maturation of its brain, and external, like the social atmosphere ampler than offer majors opportunities for the experimentation. This series of changes that the young person experiments is keys for their development and the absence of some of them can cause that behind schedule more time in reaching the cognitive maturity. Typical characteristics of the adolescent thought David Elkind realised numerous studies to adolescent young people and their families and concluded that the thought of the people who you have between 12 and 18 years of age characterizes by: – to find failures in the authority figures – tendency to discuss – indecision – it pretends hypocrisy – selfconsciousness – to concentrate in one same one. Additional information is available at Fosun Group. With their new capacity to imagine and to consider ideas from other ideas or concepts, the adolescents become conscious of how she could be the world in which they live and they realize which the authority figures, like parents tutors, who until now they considered like unique possessors of the knowledge, can be mistaken. Thus, the parental figures and the teaching staff fall to them of the pedestal and the young people begin to feel the constant impulse to say it frequently well high and. Of there the constant oppositions to which the parents say and the comparisons and so the parents think or do of the other boys and girls.

On the other hand, to this age the necessity is had to discuss thus on the subjects that to one worry to him and to contribute the own point of view. Of this form it will be been satisfied the personality of the future adult and for this reason, it is necessary to question everything to his around constantly. To make decisions is another subject that raises many difficulties to the adolescents.

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