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January 14, 2021

Polynesia French Polynesia

Category: General – Joan – 12:18 pm

You certainly do not look like a fat cat from the famous cartoon, which lazily drawled: "Tahiti, Tahiti … We are here and well fed!". You, probably, you know that traveling to distant lands for a new air of ideas, research sites, people and, of course, inspiration! That Tahiti and other islands of French Polynesia (there are more than hundreds of them!) – A great place to look for inspiration. Bright and beautiful tropical nature, with its coconut palms and bananas, Europeanized city and well developed tourist industry, the sea of opportunities to get acquainted with a unique culture … Aboriginal Polynesia French Polynesia is good that gifts to friends and choose someone very easy and pleasant. The main thing is to choose from! One of the main sectors of the economy of French Polynesia – pearl production.

Pearl there is very expensive, but very nice – say a large black Pearl is just there. Most likely, you will visit the Black Pearl Museum and special farms, where the pearls are grown, and this is where you tell the secret of the pearls. The fact is that just off the coast of Polynesia inhabited the special Oysters – Margarita – the color of the abdomen in which the dark-gray, and they become creators of these wonderful gems. It's an excellent gift for women of any age and marital status! Just do not accidentally buy fake pearls. Another great gift for women – pareos. Of course, you can not buy or sew shawls – not a problem. Sell them all over the world and even in some – from famous designers. But it is a Polynesian pareo – authentic. After French Polynesia – the birthplace of pareos. So a dozen of these fine beach robes with colorful drawings of ethnic style is simply obliged to take its place in your suitcase and give pleasure to your favorite women in the homeland.

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