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June 14, 2019

Preparing for the Final

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Never, ever suppose “Do not assume. Do not take anything for granted. When in doubt, please specify. If you think, question … This will save you a lot of misunderstandings “This must apply both technical and operational matters as financial and delicate, it is amazing how many misunderstandings that are formed by simply assume that we know what the client needed, wanted or expected not sure to confirm your mouth. Specifies correction cycles to which they are entitled If the client knows from the beginning the number of changes, corrections or modifications to which they are entitled in the process of designing and developing the project, will make better use of each of its sets of comments and corrections. The client should know that you are not here to check your spelling and neither can move efficiently if you provide the contents of disorganized or limited. Exact values defines the cost of the additions is important never to do any meaningful work adding that requires a financial agreement, without agreeing on terms before additional cost will be exact values.

If, for example in the development of the project comes the need for set up a server, install software, add a module to the programming or any other situation that requires an extra fee, you should never do so without specifying what the specific cost, this will avoid any future discrepancies with the customer, thinking it would cost less. Timely reports on the process of completion and delivery of the project often closures and project deliverables become endless stories true, either because the client never ends we deliver the final contents or because we are entering a spiral of endless refinement and tuning , which inexplicably comes in customers in the last stages of project development. Preventing this situation starts from the very beginning of the project, developing a disciplined workflow attached to the project schedule, if you fulfill these days have the moral standing to press (metaphorically speaking) to the client to fulfill their part of responsibility in the scheduled meeting deadlines. Also very effective bring journalists and diplomats mention the scheduled date of completion, this will keep a positive state of alert to the client. What is your specific duty status after delivering the project Once the project delivery, many customers have a habit of asking follow small changes and updates (according to them), not yet decided whether or not to take one of our maintenance plans for Therefore we must “seduce” to take that decision quickly, detailing with “fanfare” the benefits for your project and strategy to have our maintenance services.

Specifies the tasks that covers your maintenance plan is important that details the tasks, number of updates, response times and coverage details of your various plans that include maintenance, so that the client has sufficient clarity and certainty of leeway in programming and design updates that you can make to your site. The key to its implementation by implement each of our forecasts project the client must avoid any feeling or atmosphere of mistrust, ie it formally yet diplomatic. This is achieved by informing the client from the outset and in writing each of our terms of service, into a “practical” service contract that both must sign to formalize the business relationship and the commitments made by both parties, this document may be your own service offerings. I’m sure you follow these tips will save you many headaches and professional disappointments. Furthermore, if in your experience have learned some other estimates that we would share with us.

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