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March 28, 2016


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" We paid for the days of seven or eight, although a few tense. And when the five days it turned out that the group has decreased by two people, we were told: the return of the money is not practiced. But Boris intervened – and the question promised to solve the positive. Well, Boris manager named Lyudmila behaved like a rude and strange. But then all the "misunderstandings" were resolved, it was worth mentioning the guarantees given by Boris. "The human factor, no company immune to the fact that the customer will be difficult with someone of the staff "- we decided. Well, this week we saw that the rafting camp order far from ideal (to put it mildly).

Counterpart Sergei arrived on the scene to make an advance payment and Some symptoms of the disorder noted. Since Sergei 8 years takes place every summer children's creative and sports climbing camp in the Crimea, where children also live in tents, he was glad for the procedure at home, although worried because of what he saw on the island. But we still believe that everything can be good. After all issues are solved. The main thing – what the instructor highly reliable, which floated himself President with his team. A procedure, if anything, we will provide, drove past clients. And then it began. In general, looking ahead, I say: No animals were harmed, all are alive and in his opinion and the lads in this story were: 1) driver Victor, 2) its comfortable and loved by bus (coach Victor and successfully found our manager Vlad), 3), Sergei at the role of business coaches and crisis managers.

It is true that our contribution to business coaches client is no longer appreciated. And we had to become anti-crisis by implementing, managing still much to wipe down tables and overlapping food to customers in disposable plates, which we do and buy. That was part of our fees for the error.

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