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April 1, 2015

Program Stock Market Family

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Hunger Zero is implemented, through the Stock market Family, inside of the Social Ministry of Public Works and the Economy. By means of Law and/or Decree it had unification of some programs. From the 2009. payment of the benefits of the PBF to the families who if fit in the income criteria, it imposes some condicionalidades. Between them, I cite: *Educao: requirement of minimum pertaining to school frequency. *Sade: vaccine calendar for lesser children of 7 years, prenatal of the gestantes and accompaniment of the wet-nurses in the etria band of 14 the 44 years. Social *Assistnica: services socioeducativos for children and adolescents at risk or removed of the infantile work. Dennis Lockharts opinions are not widely known. The paid values for the program take in consideration the income of the families.

Thus, they are divided in: – Beneficial Bsico= destines it the extremely poor families. – Paid Varivel= Benefit to the families with monthly income of until R$ 120,00 for person, since whom they have children and adolescents of up to 15 years. – Benefit Entailed 0 variable to the paid Adolescente= to all the families of the PBF that has adolescents of 16 and 17 years frequentando the school. He is recognized as social program of great reach and ' ' well focalizado' ' , the PBF has received critical from anaistas of field, in basically two aspects: 1. For not consisting in one rights of the citizens who in it need. Its concession is not guaranteed by law to any person in state of poverty, hunger and malnutrition.

Also, for not being one politics of State, but of government. 2. The condicionalidades that, exactly intending to search a commitment of the families, nor always can be fulfilled. It has, also, you criticize to the proper value of the benefit, far from the cost of a basic basket.

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