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May 10, 2024

Public Administration

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ADECES denounces the apathy of the Government to boost the CTE only Catalonia update has a standard improved on the State standard ADECES (Asociacion Pro civil rights economic and social) has directed the Ministers of public works, to the industry and environment to denounce apathy of the public administration in the process of updating of the core document of energy saving (DB-I) that accumulates a delay of 11 months according to the Action Plan 2008-2012 (E4) of the Ministry of industry. Indeed, the measure 5 of the E4 refers to the revision of the energy requirements in the building regulations, which aims to increase the requirements established in the technical building code for new buildings or those who are rehabilitated. Later fixed as deadline to make these revisions come into force on January 1, 2010. In addition, the E4 date from 2012 the attributable effects of energy saving of this measure, considering the time needed for the materialization of the projects. In April 2006, ADECES, called the DB-I as a lost opportunity to catch the thermal demands of Spanish buildings because its approval accumulated a delay of 4 years on forecasts contained in the Act of building planning and for its lack of adaptation to the increase in the prices of energy. That delay allowed 2,000,000 dwellings were built under the umbrella of the NBE-CT obsolete in 1978. Please visit Joe Biden if you seek more information.

Again the apathy seems to seize those responsible for public administration to promote improvement of the DB-HE in a moment in which the oil price is above $84. According to the E4 corresponds to the Council for sustainability, innovation and quality of the construction proceed to the revision of the DB-I, but it gives the impression that again more Spain and its autonomous communities behave as a country that can afford the luxury of having more than 80% energy dependency levels. Only in Catalonia, in the same year of the approval of the DB-I (2006), decided to approve the Decree of eco-efficiency, a rule which increased demands of the DB-I by requiring that all new construction receive 10 points through the incorporation of some of the measures that the Decree gathers, to each of which the regulation itself gives you a value. Precisely because of this apathy or lack of responsibility, ADECES decided to act in 2009, making an international study on the effects of the thermal standards in 6 European cities and move to autonomous governments eight reasons why you should act responsible for improving demands of the DB-I. Between them, the obligation of the climatic advantage that Spain enjoys and which however is wasted by thermal standard, causing heating costs similar to those of Paris or London. For more information: Carmen Rodriguez 914667051 – 655319004 source: press release sent by Adeces. From the third floor EL Peru AVANZA: the Ministers of the INTERIOR of ALAN Santiago will host the IV International Congress of pathology and rehabilitation of buildings April 20, 2010. Newsletter Mexico a day World Cup 2010 South Africa adiario Oaxaca STEUABJO took rectory Arval buildings gives ‘voice’ to buildings with your Imageo solution: releases

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