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January 11, 2021

Real Estate. Moscow Has Reached The Level Of The U.S. Mortgage Crisis .

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Moscow strongly enough decrease in the number of buyers of real estate that could afford to buy her own funds. Of the total population in the capital, the number of real estate buyers about 1 percent. Number of proposals at the same time, the real estate market has changed. The experts compared the situation with the situation in the U.S. before the mortgage crisis. Details can be found by clicking BlackRock or emailing the administrator. Almost all realtors suggest that property prices will only grow. In 2008, only 6 percent of the capital’s residents are planning to buy an apartment, according to the opinion poll. One third of these people will use home purchase mortgage credit, and the other half plans to sell the old apartment and the proceeds to buy a new one. Only fourteen percent of the six plan to buy a home at their own expense.

Demand for early 2008 and today about the same and essentially unchanged. Despite the poor credit quality of the population, there is a balance on the capital’s property market, the number of supply and demand in the property market about equally. Prices for apartments can stay and gradually begin to move downwards if the number of apartments will be exhibited greater. Such a balance and can lead to unpredictable problems. Due to the fact that he was exhausted one-time payment demand in individual countries and there is a breakdown of companies engaged in property management. Less than one percent of buyers in the capital – about recalls the same incident. Insolvent demand was overstated due to that market mechanisms operated mortgage lending. In Moscow the situation is similar. Wishing to purchase a house for their own means far less than customers who use other buying mechanisms (state aid, mortgage lending). High rates of demand in the records of Realtors and excitement, were caused by buyers of real estate is the second group. Also continues to decrease the number of speculative Buyers who purchase an apartment for resale. There are fewer and the people who bought housing mortgage Lessors their homes and repay the mortgage loan from these funds. Real estate prices will be to grow until there is a demand (real or speculative). Some experts argue that the price of real estate will grow steadily at a rate of inflation within the 1-1.5 per cent. If we talk about the collapse of the real estate market, it is may be due to the immaturity of the market and how much will be long and deep global financial crisis, which spawned the U.S. mortgage. If the processes occurring in the property market will be occur at more unfavorable scenario than the experts predict, and even fall in oil prices, it will begin a big problem. Real estate prices will fall very low, if all goes to the negative scenario. Than active today will be rising prices, the higher the probability of collapse.

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