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April 23, 2018

Rio Grande Do Sul

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do not know thing some, therefore I do not possess scientific criteria technician and to base my information. Other people, blind people for its proper certainties, had criticized my affirmations for having matrix spiritual. As if the superior orientaes were not enough for that they say that> they believe God. If the people really believe the Father, kind and just merciful, as do not believe the manifestations that occur, for Its Ordem Saint, for our good and to try to prevent a catastrophe that undeniably is come close? The fact is that we inform, to the four winds and for all Internet, that the Global Heating will be the event that will compel in them to rethink human and social desires and values. One is about the one badly that we plant, when destroying nature of God with our obviously unsustainable development. Also we do not measure efforts to alert that to the ambient problem much more serious age of what the scientists assumed. A time that they work with data of the past, when in our work, thanks to God, we can count on some data of the future, obviously used in very cautious way. Even though sigilosa. Please visit Army Chief of Staff if you seek more information.

In middle of 2007 we inform that the extreme climatic effect they would enter in an exponential one from 2008. That many events if would occur confirming what we had foreseen. the events had come: deaths in Santa Catarina, droughts in Rio Grande Do Sul and in Argentina, storms in diverse States Brazilian, emptying of methane of deepenings of the Arctic (stored for God in that place, so that we understood that the heating represents our indifference with the nature, and the melting of glaciers represents a change in the ambient standards that propitiate our life), burnt in Australia, forest fires in the United States, storms in England, become, hurricanes, cyclones, at last, all mazelas natural had been intensified of a form never seen.

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