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January 11, 2018

Russian Cuisine

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Russian cuisine has always been a varied and tasty. There are lots of ancient Russian dishes such as pancakes. Already, no one knows when they first appeared on the table. Know exactly the one that the pancakes were known to the pagan Slavonic peoples. Remember Pancake Day, when before Lent all week in the homes of baked pancakes and eaten with fish, eggs, meat or fungi. And who does not know Russian pies? ..

In Russia for centuries baked pies with various fillings: meat, fish, eggs, cheese, mushrooms, cabbage, with berries and fruits. Pies so far – one of the favorite Russian dishes. And our National feature Russian cuisine – soups. Liquid meals were always present at the table. So far, no soup for lunch Russian – this is not dinner, as well – easy zakuson. Soups are hot and cold.

In the first category includes soup, rassolnik, ear, soups, borscht. Cold soups are especially popular in summer. Who does not love delicious okroshka with kvass hunger or good beetroot! Since the XIX century in Russia have become popular salads. The idea of their Cooking was borrowed from France. Over the past hundred years Russian salad won the hearts of not only Russians, but also people from other countries, such as vinaigrette (or Russian salad). Another popular salad – "Olivier" without which it is now virtually no cost, no feast. The author of this salad is the owner of a tavern in Moscow "Hermitage", a native of France, Lucien Olivier. Unfortunately, the traditional salad "Olivier" has nothing in common with the original. Initially, the "Olivier" consisted of the following ingredients: veal tongue, pressed caviar, grouse, crabs, pickles and other exotic delicacies. A cake "Napoleon"? In 1912 in Russia marks the centenary of exile Napoleon from Moscow. For this event the audience was invited to a new pastry: puff pastry, with cream, in a triangle to symbolize the three-cornered hat of Napoleon. Naturally, the cake became known as "Napoleon." Under this name it kept until now, but in the form of a rectangle. We can not ignore the Russian "veselitelnye" drinks. Until the XV century in Russia were able to produce mead, Braga and beer was brewed. At the beginning of the XV century from Italy to Russia was imported vodka. But only Peter, lyubivshem good drink and tasty snack, vodka has become the most popular drink. In those days the notion of "vodka" was very vague, because there was no single standard strength for this drink. Only in the XIX century, DI Mendeleev created the theoretical basis for the modern vodka. His vision he laid out very succinctly: "Vodka – a product which is used for the manufacture of grain alcohol, diluted by weight of spring water to 40 degrees. In 1894, "Mendeleev Vodka" was patented. Since then, we can assume that the vodka – it is the main Russian national goryachitelny drink. Almost at all times, Russians can cook various dishes from a limited set of products. And we are pleased to offer a variety of recipes culinary dishes of Russian cuisine.

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