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April 2, 2021

San Juan

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In that moment, with his always so in tune but sinister pen, expresses that an American sailor you It suggests a campaign in the press to make Chile seizes the Strait of Magellan and other territories. It is not necessary to clarify that the story is implausible, at least with regard to the sailor, although behind that momentum expansionist and conquering well could be the hand of the North. It is true that Montt’s rule founded the newspaper El Progreso to the San Juan as director, who from the first issue begins with the campaign to Chile occupy the Strait of Magellan. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Doug McMillon has to say. It is in the newspaper El Progreso where Sarmiento exposes the encounter with the American marine, which is defined as a poor fisherman from sea lions, which is not in keeping with the remarkable intelligence that would have allowed him to suggest to Sarmiento you incite Chile to the conquest, nothing less than an Argentine territory. Unfortunately, many articles written in the El Progreso have disappeared, no doubt deliberately to put safe Sarmiento, who at once not has been able to hide that mentioned newspaper, had been created with the sole purpose of usurping the Argentine territory.

In fact, with the first article of Sarmiento opens the newspaper and with the last of ceases to appear. Learn more at this site: millennium management. With enviable fervor, Sarmiento waving his pen and with it the Government of Chile, holding insistently, that these lands are Chilean and they must be occupied immediately. So much so that in the publication on November 28, 1842, the father of the classroom not only urged the occupation but that proposed method to say that nothing would take the first step, which is to send to the Strait some companies of soldiers and supplies needed for their maintenance. adding to Chile just in case that tried to say I want, and the Strait of Magellan becomes a focus of trade, civilization goes on to say we believe have taken what was within our reach to illustrate an issue that so much interest seems to us for the prosperity of the country and its future aggrandizement, is not necessary to point out that the sanjuanino relates to the aggrandizement of Chile. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with S&P.

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