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September 28, 2023

Seca Scales Give XXL Patients Not On

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Many scales are heavily overweight patients at their borders. But just in the Adipositasdiagnose and therapy, an exact determination of the weight is important. Obesity (obesity) is a global problem that is growing. The World Health Organization WHO speaks of an epidemic. About 20 percent of adults in Europe and about 30 percent of adults in the United States are considered obese. In Germany, every second adult is overweight according to Federal Statistical Office, a fifth of which is considered of whom are obese. Peiter Zatko is open to suggestions. Severely obese patients with a body mass index of more than 35 kg / m2 provide doctors and nurses in clinics with special problems.

Such operations are much more difficult than normal heavy patients. Many medicine-technical products are only up to a body weight of 160 kg. Patients who weigh more, come beds, operating tables and wheelchairs quickly reach their limits. Many scales resign then. Just before surgery, it is important to determine the dose of the anesthetic agent due to the weight of the body.

Also for established Doctors are essential scales with a high load capacity. Their practices are the first stop for obese patients, who suffer from the well-known Comorbidities. It is important, also, that despite high capacity scales have a fine division. Just as first success of a therapy for weight loss are recognized and motivates the patient to continue. Well, that there are precise seca scales, which have a high capacity for fine pitch 635 are similar to the platform and Adipositaswaage seca. The seca 635 (calibrated class III) weighing up to 300 kg. The Division is up to 200 kg 100 g at 200 g. Moreover, the scale characterised by a large, stable platform, on the extremely heavy for a good stand. In addition, the platform is only 45 mm high, so can be accessed by persons with disorders of the locomotor system without any problems. Standing is difficult, a Chair on the weighing platform is provided, which weight easy way is Tared. Is always the same Chair as a tool at the weigh-in the pre TARE function is employed, a large workload for the staff. The weight of the Chair is entered once and automatically deducted at the weigh-in. The scale has a cable remote with integrated display. So, read off the measured value can be conveniently at eye level. You hold will remain even after leaving the scale on the display read the measured weight and facilitates the capture of value. In addition to the conventional determination of weight, the Seca 635 after prior entering of the body size also has also the calculation of body mass index to assess the nutritional status. (seca gmbh & co. kg.)

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