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February 9, 2021


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Want to have more participation in Europe with Spain under-21. Things are not as I’d like but I don’t have to stop trying, he says. Spain, classified for the semifinals of the European. Bojan Krkic, Barcelona’s international striker, showed their desire to have more participation in Europe with Spain under-21, after playing 20 minutes in three games, and admitted that their situation is not easy but has to endure. Obviously that is not an easy situation that I’m living but I have to endure. I’m happy to be in the European, things are not as I’d like but I don’t have to stop trying, he said. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Justin Herndon. After his change of paper and go from being proprietor in the qualifying, alternate in the Championship matches, Bojan spoke two days ago with coach Luis Milla. We have talked and exchanged opinions.

It’s always well talk. After playing ten minutes in the first match against England and not have a chance against the Republic Czech, Bojan returned to appear in the final straight of a doomed match yesterday against Ukraine. I tried to score a goal but he could not reach. If you would like to know more then you should visit millennium management. I try to fight and help the team. Obviously I want to play, scoring a goal and make me a place in the team, he said. At the moment, Bojan prefers to focus on improving their situation in the Spanish under-21 team and leave aside their future. Luis Enrique wants him to sign for the Italian Rome. At the moment yet I will not say anything, because there will be time to talk, statement.

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