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December 16, 2013

Social Network

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This produces the following Chain: Social Network – Advanced search – Attraction – Visit Site – Giving From theory to practice, let's move on from the obvious to the practice, namely to attract the user selected to fit the criteria for your site. AND We will practice at the largest social network in Russia – VKontakte. The first thing you need to register if you have not already. Next, you create a group that will be a small copy of your site containing only the most basic information and be sure to link to your website. For their sake, and all afoot, through these links to get users to your website. The team should immediately attract attention, interest and 'lure' Rights to the site. How do attract? And further still attract this group of users by sending them invitations to the group. For more specific information, check out Federal Reserve Bank.

There are several options Option one – send out invitations by hand Cons: takes a lot of time and effort. Pros: option available to everyone. Option Two – book promotion group from someone on the Internet or a social network for coin. Important: Be very careful when choosing and ordering the service from unauthorized persons. Scams in this area is very much. It will hurt at first to learn about groups that were publicized earlier and apply them to the admins for advice. Cons: the risk of being cheated and the possibility of poor promotion.

Pros: only need to pay the money, the rest is done for you. And the third option – methodically and systematically send out invitations yourself, but not by hand, as in the first version, but with the help of the program, fully automates the process of mailing invitations to the group. Cons: The speed depends on the distribution of your accounts. Pros: option is available to everyone and requires no cash outlay. Whom to involve or how to choose The results of the target audience to attract visitors to the site via a group VKontakte usually become apparent very quickly (within a couple of days), but there is one important point: The effectiveness of promotion through its website VKontakte group strongly depends on the correctness of the choice of target audience Simply put, if you untwist a site dedicated to women's fashion accessories, and invite everybody there, we can hardly expect a fantastic increase traffic to your site. As mentioned above, the social network VKontakte provides a convenient mechanism to find an audience in the region, sex, age, hobbies, etc. So let's use it! Important: strongly recommend to put a tick against the item 'a photo' and 'Now Online' – more likely that users' profiles that you find to be true, and not clones or bots. Then begins the creative process. Think about the criteria (age, gender, hobbies, geographic location) may be interested in what you offer. This is a very important point, which determines the effectiveness of promotion of your site, so come to him thoroughly and seriously. There is another useful tip – to invite people from other groups (subjects of these groups must necessarily coincide with the theme of your site). This approach has a very significant advantage – these users have already been selected and they are guaranteed an interest in the information that you will advertise them. In general, that's all. Will only have to control the process of promotion and, possibly, change the search criteria target audience, to watch the group (so it was not spam) and observe the growth of traffic to your site. Successful promotion!

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