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March 23, 2014

Social Revolts

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After some social revolts, the tenement houses had been demolidos and these people had been if dislocating port hillsides of the mounts and zones. These povoamentos had grown in disordered way in what the favelizao process was initiated. At the time this process of favelizao was not so preoccupying. In 2002 with a project that the fire aimed at combat fire had the biggest index of deaths for firearms, today these amounts have fallen had a bigger fiscalization and incentives of the not governmental organizations with implanted social projects inside of the Carioca mounts. It has an mistake in querumo had taken the forces and its agent chief executives military, to go in a contrary direction, that is, instead of fighting fire with fire a more cautious measure would be necessary, it is not fighting and yes preventing that this is the way of survival them members of these harmed societies partner. When it was that a member of these communities had respect before the society that dominates the parts low of Rio De Janeiro? To say that they exist good people in the slum quarter is to say that bad people exist, consequentemente erram, because NOBODY wants to be bad, the question this in inquiring what they become them people with such positions. The beginning of rules that the Dealers judge its guilty ones nothing more it is that a hierarchy, one proper cut, with principles that only function there, because they only know this way, the law of the sobrivncia of strongest. Beccaria teaches in them in its workmanship Of the Delicts and the Penalties, that is not the penalty of death or the beginning of any privation of the life will make that them to act of another skill. We are condemning they for making death justice, but the military are acting in the same way, wanting to always kill who only wanted to have a space in the society.

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