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September 28, 2023

Southeastern Region

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In the week that if it initiated in day 7 of December of 2009, the whole world press had the eyes directed toward Copenhagen, in the Denmark, where the representative leaders of 192 countries if congregated for 15 Conference of United Nations on Climatic Changes, also known as 15 Conference of the Parts (or COP-15), with the objective to argue the future of the planet. E, in that one same week, the press of all Brazil had its eyes directed toward the alarming situations that intense rains provoked in the Southeastern Region, a continuation of the same registered situation days before in the South Region the country, that was a repetition of the occured situation in the 2008 end, that part of the State of Santa Catarina devastou. The days and the weeks if had passed, but the scene remained. Much above of the averages waited for this time of the year, traditionally, the rain season for the most part of Brazil, torrential rains had provoked e, according to specialists, will continue provoking situations as registered for periodicals, radios and televisions, not only in Brazil, but in some parts of the world, as in Spain and other places. Continue to learn more with: Cyber Capital. The terrible picture presented for the reporters had been desolating. Destroyed residences and companies, fatal families homelesses, victims, good and irretrievablely lost properties. everything this because the Nature of the planet comes being vituperada, violated and disrespected, and the consequences of these aggressions if makes to feel more in the climatic changes acutely. Cometeer understands that this is vital information. This is a insofismvel truth, that nobody can deny. But, conquanto, pparently, the essence of the tragic problems that we witness mere either ambient, the identification of its real cause does not make sensible without the reference to the territory, with its nuances of occupation and use. We are speaking of the climatic changes and the effect of the actions of the Man on the Nature, in general, and on the climate, in particular.

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