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March 5, 2021

Soviet Union

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The main Russian-speaking lawyer defending the rights of foreign nationals, which exempts from deportation and imprisonment is simply legal counsel consisting Bar of the City of Prague and St. Petersburg Beata Samorodova. Law office of Beata Somorodovoy includes both bar unit in the group of companies Prague Lion, providing its services in Prague. Migration lawyer in Prague who knows all the procedures for emigration, and protects the interest of Russian migrants is a salvation for many of the doomed. Our immigration lawyer learns all the history and the case when considering new customers and a clear account of the migration of climate change and migration legislation Czech Republic. And what's different about immigration climate Czech colleagues from their countries in the European Union? Well, firstly a simplified version entry into the country through business visa.

Joined the firm in the Czech Republic grants the right of a foreigner who became the founder and director of the Company to obtain long-term status and a visa with a residence permit. Second low cost of expenses for visa Czech Republic. Level of value available to the average foreigner living in one of the countries of the former Soviet Union. Lack of migration issues to the applicants and the main origin of his money that the foreigner brings in the Czech Republic. To date, the important aspect is the readiness of the applicant for an interview at the Czech consulate. In – the third a short period of registration from the beginning of registration to obtain long-term residence permit the Czech Republic.

Delays in obtaining and reviewing documents take up to six months. Less restrictive immigration laws Czech attract people from different countries with the desire to to get to Western Europe. An important advantage of the migration in the Czech Republic is the lack of a "police state" and it gives the right for an alien immigrant movement in the country, a free decision-making in business and its plans, the right religion, the right to work, training, insurance, childbearing and the use of many rights equal to Czech citizens. Czech migration and residence permit entitles you to continue to receive permanent residence residence and citizenship of the Czech Republic. Our attorneys will provide you with visa advice in Prague on the registration procedure of emigration and prepare all documents for the consulate the Czech Republic. Legal services attorney granted in matters of granting a visa denials from the Czech consulate. Our experts offer a complete service to adapt in the Czech Republic after the move, looking for a job in Prague, rent and offices, insurance, training, services to police and the Czech banks. Legal aid in Prague, escort procedures included in the cost of our services. Migration of ordinary people and citizens of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, our specificity.

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