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March 9, 2014


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Trichet has hinted it might even raise interest rates if inflation does not drop. SPAIN WILL “IN RECESSION? They say no, it is very difficult for a growing economy, the overnight decline. But they also say the U.S. GDP growth was 4.9% in the third quarter of 2007 and fell to 0.6% in the fourth. By the same author: Nickolas Carr . So we are not in the best time. BUT Wal Mart, which is like the English Court but way, has sold in the last quarter of its fiscal year 2007, 9.5% more than in 2006. It has gained 4% more. This is not the only good news that appears in newspapers.

What happens is that you set. And each day are enough. For example: On February 28, Cesar Alierta, President of Telefonica, made a profit of EUR 8.906 million, becoming the operator with the most wins in the world, ahead of ATT (8733), France Telecom (6300), Verizon (4038) and Deutsche Telekom (3165). He announced that distribute a dividend of 1 euro per share, and since there are many people who have shares in Telefonica, each will have multiplied the number of shares for 1 euro, deductions will be deducted and must have thought: “Man, is not wrong. ” SPANISH ELECTIONS Apart from the politicians who throw candies for people to pick them up, it is seen that the situation is serious enough to make nonsense. Yesterday I heard that politicians should be required to think long, to which a person of great economic and political experience, he replied: “Politicians are paid to think short.” That same person (Alfredo Pastor), in a February 24 article, said: “As should be … in a rich society like ours, what distinguishes a political program of another is not so much the economic proposal as the concept of society. That should focus the debate that will decide the election result.

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