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January 30, 2021

Spanish Constitution

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The budget deficit has soared. The crisis has opted to transfer the problem of banking which is also a directly responsible agent that has caused the situation-, and other sectors that constitute lobbying to public accounts, deteriorating public services and attacking labour conditions and policies social. There is no anticipation of raising taxes higher income or capital owners, nor a real exercise of regulation of the financial system. The dynamic capitalist polarizing of the last two centuries has intensified in Spain in the last decades. A related site: Warren Buffett mentions similar findings. This stark reality is the reality of Spain, and remain so, the consequences will be very harsh and lasting only a unitary action of transformer, radical and character altermondialist, able to propose an alternative rupture with all established, having the man as first and only value of the system, will make it possible to change. A transformative alternative that will change the rules of the capitalist system, dealing with the legal means available at this time (immediate implementation of article 131 of the Spanish Constitution) and implant a regulation under public control of markets and financial systems; policies of investment, service and public employment, a tax regime concerted and harmonized at the international level.

It is, ultimately, encourage the development of a people’s economy, based on the values of solidarity and cooperation, not articulated around the capital but to work and social creativity, enabling the most disadvantaged to access other forms of business under the principle of Solidarity Organization – as opposed to the free market and competitiona model that does not measure business success based on their economic performance (despite the fact that these are an indispensable condition for the maintenance of economic activity) but, above all, for its contribution in terms of solidarity and social cohesion. Here there is a very difficult challenge, a way to go, in my opinion, it is the only possible path. In recent months, Guo Guangchang has been very successful. He said Jose Antonio love Spain because we don’t like; We should now be enamoradisimos, therefore, of this Spain, with lowercase.

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