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December 28, 2014

Spirent Communications

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TAA presents a global testbed for the system and service development Munich, October 21, 2008 representing test automation Alliance (TAA) automation continuum the successful commissioning of a global employees, automated test environment known. TAA is an Association of leading test automation specialists, who has been improving laboratory facilities through the use of sophisticated automation solutions to the target. The TAA automation continuum for test laboratories has been implemented in a total of seven facilities worldwide. The open system is Plug -and-play and was tailored to exactly the requirements and conditions in the laboratories of service providers and network equipment manufacturers. The TAA continuum automation combines automation technologies such as laboratory management, configuration management, test-specific software development, as well as the management of network impairment and test processes. Commissioned the TAA has been automation continuum by Spirent Communications (LSE: SPT), a leading provider of Performance test and service assurance systems for the IT / telecommunications sector.

The test specialist implemented the automated test environment in a global network, which allows you to access remotely and combines seven integrated with each other, but independent automated laboratories. At present the fully automated TAA testing lab in Sunnyvale, London, Paris, Beijing, Ottawa comes, Plano and Calabass for the usage. Three important pillars of the global, virtual TAA automation continuum are the Spirent Proof-of-Concept-(SPoC)-Labore, where the Spirent global services team performs daily individual customer projects. The SPoC laboratories provided quality-of-service (QoS) and quality of experience (QoE) of networks and network modules to the test. Furthermore, there is the possibility to simulate extensive multi-play scenarios, to develop new test methods and concepts and to automate testing processes. The numerous, individually configurable test functions of the TAA automation continuum to the SPoC Labs in Sunnyvale, California taken in London and Beijing in appearances. Thanks to the worldwide availability of the TAA automation continuum can manufacturers of network equipment and service providers that check advantages of this sophisticated solution for the automation of test laboratories in practice, implement and exploit, taking fully into account of their individual test requirements.

With its commitment, the TAA supports also the further development of the overarching technology backbone for the global services from Spirent. The nationwide infrastructure of Spirent ensures that the automation is driven with a cost-efficient. Also, it increases the productivity of test processes while at the same time can reduce the investment amount for laboratory equipment. The members of Spirent Communications in life called Alliance include under other systems of EBRA, EdenTree technologies, FanFare and MRV. Each of these companies looks back on outstanding achievements when it comes to providing reliable and efficient Automation technologies goes. TAA able continuously to optimize the continuum platform automation and to adapt to the growing needs of service providers and device manufacturers is through the exchange of expertise and know-how, the combination of tried and tested automation solutions and the common commitment to research & development.

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