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January 14, 2015

Steps To Success

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Today to share with you helpful tips that I got at a recent seminar billionaire and business coach number 1 in the world, Brian Tracy. Never try to change what can not, concentrate on what you can. And so on truth, the truth, now tell you a story: In the world of tennis has been a very strong tennis player, unfortunately I do not remember her name but she was a powerful presentation, right arm, she was a very strong player and did not leave his opponents chances, they were all afraid of its filing. But eventually she decided it was time to do exercise filing with the left hand, and started playing with his left hand. Playing tournament after tournament, she could not understand what is going on, but she was lucky that it was a wise coach who told her that concentrate their power is necessary in those areas where you have the advantage, rather than trying to improve the ones where you're weak. And again she began playing with his right hand, her opponent once again become fear her powerful delivery and she had never taken the racket in his left hand, using their full potential is a top priority side. We live in an information, rather than in the industrial age and work here need brains, not your hands. While those who worked the brains and in the industrial age were the most successful. Everyone is a unique intelligent being, the probability that there will be people with the same mindset that you have is 1 in 50 billion.

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