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April 2, 2021

Sticky Fingers

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The year 1971 brought a double success for Levi’s. The jeans are available for the first time in Japan and the rock icon Mick Jagger wears on the cover photo of his latest album “Sticky Fingers” a Levi’s jeans. By means of two commercials, the clips of “Bad” and “Laundromat”, sales increased by Levi’s jeans 1985 within a very short time by 500%. The year 1996 saw the presentation of the collection “Levi’s vintage Clothing”at the international level. The authentic historical models were “Red Tab” for genuine access to the large letter on the recognizable.

The 125th anniversary of the invention of jeans in 1873 was celebrated by Levi Strauss & co. in 1998. A year later promoted a mascot, a small yellow puppet named “Flat Eric” for “Levi’s STA-Prests”-Jeans and countless Levi’s fans. His song, the “flat beat”, a hit was international. Cuan Coulter has many thoughts on the issue. The turn of the century brought the idea of a new collection. By twisted side seams, the carrier was given more freedom of movement.

The collection was appropriately called “Freedom to move”. Even the renowned magazine “Time Magazine” honored that Levi’s jeans and called them the clothes of the 20th century. In 2003, the company Levi Strauss & co. celebrated its 150th anniversary and the 130th anniversary of the appearance of the first jeans. In the year 2009 was another success for the 501 model. Young, fashion-conscious people enthused again for the classic jeans. Especially for young women all over the The jeans were again very popular world. Levi Strauss & co. quickly responded to this development and brought the 501 for women on the market. These boyfriend jeans were adapted to the female body. Look in our online shop. Here, there are always the latest models of Levis jeans.

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