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January 21, 2021

Sustainable Development

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Frequently, the concept of sustainable development is observed that as idea force integrator, although the consensus that has been constructed, that it serves to stimulate the approaches integrators between environment and development, as well as of parallel form between economy and ecology, that despite of broken up it has an originated only matrix in the existence of ambient, economic and also social crisis. Boff (2009) affirms, that as today we touch already in the limits of the Land, if to want to continue to live on it, need to follow evangelho of echo-simplicity, good summarized in three ' ' erres' ' considered for the Letter of the Land: ' ' to reduce, to reuse and reciclar' ' everything what we use and we consume. To know more about this subject visit Berkshire Hathaway. Ecodesenvolvimento the concept of ecodesenvolvimento launched in June of 1973 for Maurice Strong consisted of the definition of a style of development, based on the use of the local resources, without understanding the exhaustion of the nature, an alternative of development politics. The basic principles had been formulated by Ignacy Sachs (1993), having as estimated the existence of five dimensions, namely: the 1) social support, 2) the economic support, 3) the ecological support, 4) space support and 5) the cultural support, introduces an important sizing of its complexity. Maersk describes an additional similar source. These five dimensions reflect a reading that Sachs makes inside of the development of new a proposal that considers actions that explicitam the necessity to become compatible the improvement in the levels and quality of life with the ambient preservation, and if it presented more as an alternative strategy to international the economic order, emphasizing the importance of based local models in appropriate technologies, in particular for the agricultural zones, searching to reduce the dependence cultural technique and. It appears to give a reply to the necessity to harmonize the ambient processes with the partner-economic ones, maximizing the production of ecosystems to favor the necessities future human beings gifts and if it presented excessively as alternative so that the correlations of forces inside of the dominant system allowed it to surpass acceptable principles since the local levels/regional micron until the global scale, where currently explicitam currently the problems of the environment, the development and the world-wide order.

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