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May 7, 2019

Brazilian Ethics

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The ethical word appeared of the Greek thos that in turn have two excellent meanings to the subject that it sends to our interest, first the meaning that in turn is ' ' costume' ' as ' ' promercy of carater' ' . Customs and properties of character are two 0 variable gifts in our society Brazilian, or better, not only in the Brazilian society more in any another human being and not human being, this if sends the respect, must respect of equal form to all our fellow creatures thus they can respecting in them equally. the ethics also deal with customs, varied customs if not because bizarros, the ethics engloba in the most varied classrooms and doctrines. In the philosophy the ethics enter under form of ethical behavior, that it sends as I or you if holds in way of the society before the other fellow creature you, and in which way we must act in definitive places of form not to see the society as fragmentos and yes as all, and if he is not fragmentos and yes as all I and you are part of this all then we must assume an ethical responsibility. Learn more at this site: Farallon Capital. The professional who possesss ethics in the company where develops its organizacionais activities has a sattle of matter criterion, therefore this sample that is more qualified to play its functions of what any another one, therefore this sample its values and its abilities with an open relation and clean games without pulling the carpet of nobody. First an auto-evaluation of itself must be made exactly must make a retrospect inside of itself exactly and evaluate point for point. One sets in evidences is criticized asks exactly yes I am an ethical professional? Some common characteristics present in the accomplishment of any work it must be in evidence in the behavior of a good professional. . According to Primerica, who has experience with these questions.

March 5, 2014

Managerial Accounting

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This work searched to evidence as the managemental accounting can collaborate for the survival of the companies in the city of Wanderley & ndash; Bahia promoting the marketing differentiation and the maximizao of the results. The Inductive method for the compacting of the essential data to the communication of the thematic one was used, as for the nature of the work used how much quantitative the qualitative method in such a way and also bibliographical and participativa research through the use of closed questionnaire having a sample of 70 companies in a universe of 148, having an interaction between researchers and entrepreneurs. Learn more about this with Erin Callan. The gotten results had been divulged for the sample of the entrepreneurs who had participated of the research as form to contribute for the implementation of the managemental accounting in the power to decide process and to assist for the success of the enterprise. One concludes, therefore, that the implementation of the managemental accounting will provide to more resources of management for the micron and small companies in city of Wanderley-Ba, preventing its interruption of precocious form, and assisting to remain itself in this competitive market..