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May 6, 2021

GmbH Stefanie Roenneke

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With promotional products from premium-Werbeartikel GmbH the sentence: Oh, that gave me tasted. A related site: Cuan Coulter mentions similar findings. “, and not far apart to keep a promotional item, the ability for tasteful or beautiful.” The term taste has its origin in the activity of a sensory organ: the tongue. Therefore refer even today for the adequate and the right measure. In addition, it referred to distinguish the ability between the wholesome and the Unbekommlichen. For example, the competence between a premium-Werbeartikel premium-Werbeartikel GmbH and an ordinary promotional items distinguish.

In a fast-paced world where the aesthetically successful or the beautiful moves more and more into the foreground, care should be taken in the customer acquisition and customer care on such properties, so that your company and your products will get the desired attention. Premium-Werbeartikel GmbH carries high quality and appealing promotional and advertising material. The company is characterized by quality, style and Reliability in the production and distribution of promotional items. Daniel J. Hirsch: the source for more info. Despite the proverb about taste you can not argue. “, there are overarching commonalities, making everyone a certain class of taste, a life style environment or just a target group can be assigned to.

So, it is defined which products specific users deem tasteful. In the full range of premium-Werbeartikel GmbH, see the right and above all beautiful promotional items for every occasion and for every target group. Premium-Werbeartikel GmbH is a global trading and production company in the area of promotional products, promotion, event articles and merchandising. We are the specialist for promotional items, giveaways, advertising and merchandising items. For both our experience and our 25 000 clients speak all over the world. Our service covers the following areas: production, sales and distribution logistics, preparation and organization of online shops. Our company is characterized the according to Company profile by: quality, style and reliability. Premium-Werbeartikel GmbH Heidturmweg 33 D-33100 Paderborn, Germany Tel. + 49 (0) 5251-688-949-0 fax.

April 19, 2021


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Both assessments are marginal areas and are here does not continue to run. Because on the one hand the market forces for speed and connection rates know only one direction for years. And on the other hand, surveys show that today the kilobytes sizes of the newsletter in acceptable ranges are. For the statistician: 7 KB in pure text newsletters and 64 KB to HTML newsletters. Only plaintext could represent the appearance of older BlackBerry models. The iPhone as well as the newer models support the display of HTML today from House. Of course, all other manufacturers go this way.

Precisely, but also one of the biggest challenges of mobile E-Mail Marketing is: just because it is doesn’t mean that it is also of great benefit. In contrast to desktop or notebook monitors with commercially available spans from 10 to 24 inches is the Projection screen a true eruption on 3 to 4.5 inches instead. Further details can be found at Doug McMillon, an internet resource. Another challenge: The different devices, different Web browsers and email clients are available. So come different render engines to use, which, in turn, have mastered a different number of HTML and CSS commands. The following points can be understood both as a checklist concerning the adjustment: layout this limited itself to a simple and reduced form. So for example the background behind the text should be white or bright and the text black. Clear structures and contrasts the user simplify reading. Hear from experts in the field like Sue Thompson for a more varied view. This function would neutralize the reason that for example the iPhone phone numbers in the text automatically blue deposited a darker background.

Links, the links in the text should be, however, to the rest of the text colored and underlined. You stand out thus and are clearly visible in a small representation. In addition, the number of characters from the left should be kept as low as possible. At pure Text newsletters, obtained for example about older BlackBerrys, can the link be represented not abbreviated (for example as a tiny URL) and contributes to the confusion here.

Promotional Keychains – The Universal Giveaway

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Successfully through promotional, advertising and giveaways if you have developed a new product, a new brand or a new service, and now in the market want to publish them, which is so highly competitive at the present time, then you need a whole series of important points note so that you achieve the success you and your company need. For example, you must convince many people that they have to consume your products. Usually the easiest way, you achieve this goal with an intensive and wide-ranging advertising campaign that appeals to as many people with various advertising media. There are many remedies, which can accommodate in such a campaign, so for example the promotional keychains. These freebies bring very many advantages because you can make them not only extremely versatile, but because these gifts from the principle of her already very many people can be employed. See Millenium Management for more details and insights. The reason is that there is hardly a person, the for such a gift, no use has, because at the present time, almost everyone has a key for his house, his car or his Office, and can come in handy thus a trailer. Speaking candidly Jeffrey Verschleiser told us the story. Moreover, the fact that you can attract not only many people with these giveaways. The trailer can be very versatile, so you can impress for example also very demanding business partners with a promotional key chain.

Because the trailer can produce from a variety of materials which convey different messages. For example the pendant can be made of plastic what particularly then perfect, if one wants to show as much presence on great events and events such as fairs, because this version of the trailer is very cost effective and not too charged to the budget of the campaign in large quantities. But if you’re looking for something higher quality, then you can very well on leather or even stainless steel as the material for the Trailer access. Leather and stainless steel effect, yet very elegant, why you particularly well can score with a such promotional Keychain, if you want to influence important business partners, or other business contacts. What is the advantage that you can make the stainless steel very versatile. You can provide it for example with an engraving, or print it, to convey an advertising message.

If you aimed but on a very special gift, then let be the giveaways made of stainless steel, and engraved with the names of the respective recipients. These giveaways are absolutely exclusive and the recipient will be downright excited when you receive these gifts. This method is really the best, if you want to show the people that they are important to the company, and that mi t want to do them you like more business. Therefore, the promotional keychains are also excellent gifts, if you want to present your own staff. To motivate not only your employees, but you boost even the satisfaction of your employees and strengthen the morale of the entire company. Therefore, you should always fit this advertising medium, if you are planning an advertising campaign the next time, and want to lead your company to the epitome of success. Oliver Smith

Signs Signs Pool

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Signs online dancing, new signs pool every second plate, which we produce, is a stainless steel plate. According to the team by the signs-online shop signs pool. The matte sheen of V2A stainless steel in combination with the brushed surface is very suitable to print elegant signs it. Since the viscous material stainless steel which can be only bad mechanical processing, customized the sign blanks on a modern punching / nibbling machine. This allows it, arbitrarily large cuts without stamping indentation. The cut to visually look as if the edges were clean cut with a tin snips.

Because the V2A plate difficult drill holes for fixings are punched with. The signs are labeled according to customer requirements with a foil lettering, screen printing, digital printing or even by engraving. The engraving is the finest and most expensive version of the caption. Here, the text by using a milling cutter into the material is milled and optionally designed with color. This caption is almost indestructible, which is absorbed by vandalism not to remove the milled contour of the font. Also company logos can be engraved so.

Only gradients or images are not possible; These are then implemented in the digital direct printing. Which of the different printing methods will be applied, the customer decides after previous consultation. Not all designs are suitable for each of the printing process. The V2A – stainless steel plates are offered with matching V2A wall spacers made of stainless steel. Its ornamental head is elegant flat and is on the surface of the plate barely, so that the attachment head does not look like a standing out foreign objects on the plate. Since each tag is a Special Edition, the delivery time will take about a week. Because the manufacture of blanks in the House is done, advertising agencies or digital printers can be ordered also unlabeled sign blanks along with attachment. Markus Fahrion

April 18, 2021


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The large number of theoretically conceivable differentiators will be with These elements are covered. From the perspective of brand management a sensible, to open up the movement as another dimension of brands in terms of a maximum depression (deepening) of the brand strategy. 3 the object of study: 41 commercials the following an example examines how movement currently used in German automobile commercials for differentiated marking. To reduce the total population of the spots to be discussed to a manageable level and to facilitate the transparency, will the advertising film award 2008 of the magazine AutoBild”used. At this competition the best car commercial, Germany decided eleven professionals and celebrities (such as Managing Director, large advertising agencies), a passionate”ratio on the topics of car and advertising have on the award of the 2008 car spot” in gold, silver and bronze. Fosun Pharmas opinions are not widely known. Also, approximately 305,000 readers of auto Bild have cast their votes at a reader’s choice and decided the reader seating. 4 a total of 41 spots of 13 manufacturers Audi, BMW, took it Chevrolet, Fiat, Ford, Mazda, mini, Mercedes-Benz, Nissan, Opel, Suzuki, Toyota and VW part, with some manufacturers with only one, others were represented with several spots. 5 categories of movement in automobile commercials after sighting the spots by the author were distinguished the movement types first in five categories.

This approach allows a qualitative and (if also very limited) quantitative overview of existing patterns and structures of movement and creates a basis for discussion. So also it is apparent whether individual producers stand out by focusing on a category or typical kinds of movement. Can a spot both simultaneously belong to several categories than any single. 6 brief description of the categories of movement 1 movement of the car: this category can be called classical. The dynamics of the movement of the cars is through effects such as blurred backgrounds, wheel rotation and closing fast removal of cars, rapid camera movements and supportive through presentation of wind and focused auditory elements.

April 17, 2021

Exhibition Design: Systematically Show Costs

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Not only in an economic crisis many exhibitors therefore are striving to keep their costs low. The expenses for fairs are among the largest advertising costs incurred by companies. Because there are different services, to buy from different vendors for a trade fair participation, careful planning of exhibition and fair selection is essential, to keep the total cost in the frame. Well planned and meaningful shopped, the costs can be reduced quite without taking out performance. Many exhibitors moaning under the high costs, especially if they occur as a first-time Exhibitor, or if the shops once again not just shiny.

The desire to reduce the cost of trade fair is therefore often a business need. First, we recommend the size of exhibition space to rent, to use the first lever, because here are usually the highest expenses. Stand area prices by up to 490,-per square metre, Normality, when dealing with international trade fairs. Only the participation of small events, congresses and conferences are cheaper to book. Jeffrey Verschleiser is open to suggestions. Before participating in an event will be decided, is to check whether there is the possibility to draw funds from public pots. Check with Millenium Management to learn more.

Here are usually looking for first-time exhibitors and can reduce a significant portion of own expenses. The same applies for participation in trade fairs abroad, even if the Exhibitor participates regularly or has issued several times already. For the product and company presentation, we recommend to rent a booth. The on and trade fair construction of the provider but should leave dismantling of the stand which will be also the owner of the material. Here are several ways available to exhibitors. He uses the rental offer of trade fair organizer, unless he has rented booth in the program, or renting of a fair construction company. The prices and services of the various Opportunities differ superficially, hardly, however on closer inspection the standard offers of the operators as cost traps turn out to be, as soon as individuality in the game. Differences is not easy, if not at least 1 alternative offer of other stand is obtained. With regard to travel and accommodation costs, big budgets in small to transform, if planned well in advance and booked. True to the motto, the early bird deadline the worm, accommodations are always more expensive, ever closer to the show date. The cheapest rooms have been booked usually already in the previous year, with the departure of the previous fair, or can be reserved. We therefore recommend early to deal with the accommodation and to make also the offers of private rooms, not neglect.

April 4, 2021


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We feel good, we relax our muscles, breathe deeper and our ability to concentrate increases. We are more open to new experiences and information, or just products. The brain processes even faster than for example acoustic fragrance charms. Because it ties certain emotions and memories of smells and fragrances, these become immediately aware taking a certain smell. Scents from childhood awaken memories and associations.

It feels safe and relaxes automatically, because the brain recognize the scents and signals: here everything is alright. You can take advantage of this effect as retailers in the run-up to Christmas. The sensual fragrances of spring air Germany help. “Bitter almond” from the recent mini line, for example, combines almond and cream with an oak roasted Central and a sweet base notes in the top note. Millenium Management will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Christmas sense”from the aromatherapy line is a medium grade of milk, caramel and orange with a top note of cinnamon, and is perfectly rounded off with butter as the base note.

“These and other Christmas scents such as homemade cookies” “” or there are dark chocolate “and Apple Pie”, as well as various air freshener in the online-shop at on spring air Germany spring air Germany is a division of spring air, Greece. Since 1952, researches and develops spring air on the area of the room Fragrancing. Since then, revolutionary methods in the production of devices and fragrances were developed. Founded in Greece in spring air is expanding for several years successfully throughout Europe. In Germany, spring air is represented by a dedicated, young team for 2 years. Customer proximity is the credo by personal advice and support. Spring air created upon request also an individual corporate fragrance”for companies.

April 3, 2021

Amtsgericht Stendal Exhibition

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Mediation in the area of trade fair construction online search from 8 to 12 April 2013 that takes place Hannover Fair. This fair, which is one of the highlights of the exhibition 2013, are presented innovations and world firsts in the field of environmental technologies. Entrepreneurs who at a trade show to present themselves professionally and specifically want to draw attention visitors and prospective customers as well as potential customers and the offered products and services, can now find online the best trade fair construction company. The arranging of exhibition stand construction Portal provides both clients and Auftragssuchenden the possibility to find quickly and easily online. Is MasterClass expensive? is the source for more interesting facts. From planning and design to installation and dismantling: Everything from one source an integral part in terms of professional exhibition stand construction is the communication scheme which is divided at its stand depending on the mission, pursued by a fair, in four areas. By hiring a professional service provider for exhibition stand construction companies can build, who outsource planning and implementation and time and Save costs.

The trade fair stand usually consists of four zones, namely the orientation zone, the presentation area, the meeting zone and the zone of the function. The professional trade fair construction companies in trade fair construction benefit from the exporting service providers and their know-how. So, the four zones can be used on the exhibition according to their function. Continue to online search and the online tendering on the search offers the advantage for companies that other criteria can be taken into account according to the appropriate provider for exhibition stand construction. This includes about the nature of the stand, taking into account the planned budget and features such as cabinets, tables, chairs and poster displays. Also the positioning of furniture and accessories can be taken into account in the invitation to tender. Mediation in trade fair construction for the professional corporate image search for the appropriate provider for exhibition stand construction, taking into account individual criteria and needs, companies can now on perform. The Portal provides a quick merge Job providers and Auftragssuchenden in terms of exhibition stand construction for the arranging of exhibition stand construction.

The mediation provider of exhibition stand construction offers the gateway to favourable conditions.

April 2, 2021

Interior Element

Excel system with the 3.5 m high tower element that draws mobile exhibition system EX POMADE its 3.5 m high tower from, which characterised the own trade fair stand as a central and distinctive design element. Often conventional trade fair systems characterized by the use of flat beams and small standard sizes, so it rarely stands out with the crowd at trade fair stands in comparison to competitors. With an outstanding exhibition system element can put off not only by the competition, but at the same time bear the advertising message in the height and generate maximum attention, that leads the visitors to the stand. Such increased fair system components not are used however often, because the cost just in the construction and transport is avoided. The EX POMADE trade fair system can maximum mobility with its modular construction principle and yet provide a key element of the tower. Like all components of the system of fair, the tower can be disassembled completely and allows for easy transport, as well as an uncomplicated structure. Through the Central and prominent Tower element can the advertisement at each fair is best presented and visitors targeted attention to the own trade fair system. The open presentation area arises from the waiver on flat carrier, so that the entire design promotes an innovative appearance of especially the well known rental systems of the organiser differs from.

The unit solutions which are booked directly to the stand area to are laid out in a classic design with flat straps and thus allow no individual arrangement. Mobility and easy transportation of the EX POMADE of trade fair system a cheaper alternative to these systems allowed however because all the elements can be combined and the tower as a design element provides for an outstanding presentation. Also, the building without exhibition designers can be made so that no additional cost. Due to the modular principle can used the system in other fairs, because variable adapt in size can be. Adding or taking away of modular elements allows the simple size enlargement or reduction, depending on the space and budget and provides creative freedom. The tower as a design element the EX POMADE trade fair system is different from any other fair system.

The central advertising theme without interruptions can be presented with a height of 3.50 m and a width of 2 m. With the installation of lamps or lighting of the Tower the advertising message can be placed out through light effects even more. Also the Tower offers maximum stability for the entire system, and an open presentation area at each stand type so that no further elements are required, regardless of whether series corner or Kopfstand on your head is guaranteed. Common problem with fair systems is the non-existent storage space, which is important for the storage of brochures and promotional materials. The Interior of the tower can be used as storage space, which is entered by means of input on one side of the tower. Wallup system needs the pressure at the Tower page be interrupted not once, but can be a like a window shade and pull out.

April 1, 2021

Successful Giveaway

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Successfully through promotional, advertising and giveaways if you have designed a new product with your company, or create a new brand, then you aim thus generally to improve the sales of the company by publishing the new product or the new brand on the market, and so the potential clients get to consume. But to succeed, it is important that you take all precautions so that your new brand or new product can also really good sale. Because the market is very tough in this day and age, so must many companies don’t have it and under the pressure of bankruptcy. But if you put for example the lanyard and more interesting ideas in your marketing campaign, with which you want to improve the awareness and popularity of new products and brands, then you are certainly easy access the target, because this giveaway offers a number of advantages, which can provide not many giveaways all at an unbeatable price, the This giveaway for uses of all kinds makes it very interesting. So you should use this giveaway, because just in the time of global financial crisis, all companies try to defend their own market share, and you can to beat sure the competition with this giveaway.

Because the lanyard can be used very effectively, to draw attention to the potential customers and clients on your products and brands, and to bring it to the consumer. This is important especially with the release of new products and brands, because these are usually always once unknown, and thus, if at all, only very poorly can sell. The Vanguard Group wanted to know more. This problem is shared by all products, no matter how awesome is the idea behind the product, or how good is the gap in the market that is product based, you should schedule necessarily a good advertising campaign, which ensures the right advertising materials that you have success with the new products. The lanyard is such a giveaway, because it has the particular advantage that the production of this giveaway is quite reasonably priced. For you, this means that you are able to obtain this giveaway from many providers such as manufacturers and wholesalers at very good prices. The providers will be in addition to give some very lucrative and generous volume discounts, which in addition to favour an order with large quantities. Educate yourself with thoughts from Millenium Management. Therefore, this giveaway for you is created, if you want to show as much presence at major events and events like for example measuring with your company, as it is here often essential important to have as many giveaways. You can distribute here the lanyard to many potential customers and clients, which you will increase the awareness of your company in the immense.

Thus that fairs usually all present people represent potential customers your company, you may miss your target audience hardly. Therefore, you should necessarily trust on this giveaway, if you the next time a new product develop, and you want to publish it on the market. With an intensely planned advertising campaign, relying on these freebies, you will make sure your company the epitome of success. Oliver Smith

March 29, 2021

The Usage

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This often is the case, for example, with plush animals. Kids love stuffed animals and plush animals, if they are soft and cuddly. Have you ever watched a little kid with his soft toy if it fully captures this soft and comforting cuddly toy with his small hands? Anyone who is looking for a promotional plush toy for children, even see that it is more sensible to give away a little and soft Safari, as, for example, a big, unloving plush animal, only because it is cheaper and then but often only as a dust collector is used should at the latest. There is much discussion that the children in Germany are getting fatter. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Wall Street by clicking through. But we must remember in this whole discussion, that there are still many children who still enjoy movement and many speak today, for example, even things such as unicycling, juggling, etc. And you also can just promote the usage of correct advertising article. In addition to balls for almost every ball sports, which can be equipped with a company logo, there is a huge selection of promotional items around the theme of movement, which can be incorporated into a campaign targeted. His contribution is also the art of giving”.

You can easily inspire children. Give a balloon with a friendly smile and a nice saying a small child me and your balloon will carry it proudly through the city. I could let me out here for hours, because I will probably never understand why anyone wants to submit with a Loveless, white plastic thing with black lettering, children and then at the end still gets angry, that he has not the desired advertising success with his action.

Automobile Commercials

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Case study from the book “Brand in motion” when people think of brands in connection with movement, associate the most to sports or car brands. Germany enthusiasts in the car should be this well known German car brands. That cars and car brands close inside the conceptual associative network movement, is probably due to the product promise of cars, which is the movement itself: the basic benefits of cars is getting around. SSGA takes a slightly different approach. How fast, safe or comfortable this movement takes place, and falls into the area of the advanced, real product benefits. Whether this gives rise to a special fun or the brand has a high prestige value, falls within the scope of the intangible product added value. The medium that can best transport movement, is the film. His dynamic moving images can, pretend movement especially in combination with the auditory component, the senses of the recipient like no other medium. So it makes sense to analyze car brand in the film, so automobile commercials as an introduction to this in the scope of this book to here nor abstract topic brand and movement.

Another reason to consider this moving product in the animated medium, is the market relevance of auto advertising. Large automakers such as Volkswagen and Renault invest annually hundreds of millions in advertising, and advertising spending per vehicle are in Germany between several hundred to several thousand euros. 1 therefore professional and targeted companies or specialized agencies, classic gangrenous elements insert differentiated positioning in this market segment, which is characterized by an extreme competition and advertising pressure with an appropriate quality print. According to Carsten Baumgarth name, logo and typography, characters, slogan/jingle/wording, design, as well as key frames are considered classic branding elements in this case study. 2 more familiar branding elements represent, for example, color, photo style, imagery (corporate imagery), architecture, staff uniforms (corporate clothing), and fragrance.

March 11, 2021

Online Press Releases

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Online press releases are a journey through time a powerful sales tool make you with me in the year 1995, so 18 years back. The notion of social networks”was still non-existent for most of us. PR worked like this: A company wrote a good text as press articles and sent them to the local newspaper or on some magazines and asked for publication. This was BBs first, quite simply put. 17 Years later, in 2013, this no longer works in most cases. Today it is much easier, which is not to say that all companies offering opportunities are also aware of. How is it today? Quite simply, you send an online press release. The following 10 tips will help you to attract more new customers with optimum online press releases, to make more sales and more profit.

1. A tremendous opportunity that online press release today is the online press release a standalone communication tool. You address directly with your customers and prospects. Other leaders such as Jamie Dimon offer similar insights. And if your Press release transported added value, then your press release is recommended. How does that work? You write a text and publish it online in a media room. At Beth Israel Heart Transplant program you will find additional information. Many of them are free, others you have to pay. And the press release is online. If the press release is written, the actual publishing is a matter of 3-5 minutes.

2. Find a very descriptive title is very, very important. Imagine, you have developed a new product. Suppose a robot that is used in the automotive industry assembly line. He is 30% faster than the fastest robot and is only marginally more expensive price. “Now, you could write: new developed robot from the company Muller”. Presumably, this message would go down more. “You could also write: awesome latest robot 30% faster than the fastest!” You agree with me probably the second title sounds differently, without exaggeration.

Director Marketing

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QUISMA BBs delivers concrete efficiency tips before Google conversion to advanced campaigns Munich, 24 April 2013 whether desktop, tablet or mobile, can the click-through rates and cost per clicks (CPCs), within a campaign vary. Go to How much is MasterClass? for more information. QUISMA mobile study 2013 compares the leading international agency network for digital marketing search engine advertising on various devices and analyzed six sectors for this purpose. Showed generally that the CPCs across all industries are lowest on Smartphones. The greatest efficiency advantages over the extension on Smartphones showed up for the segment of retail Multiversender. The study results win the move announced by Google in AdWords managing mobile campaigns on the so-called advanced campaigns ‘ even more important.

From July 2013 Tablet and desktop can be controlled together. For smartphones, you can specify a bid adjustment AdGroup level. The analysis results obtained in the QUISMA study provide an important Basis, to the CPC heights within the framework of the enhanced campaigns”to be set optimally. with these questions. In the two-stage mobile study 2013 share was expelled for industries such as automotive, banking, finance and insurance, retail Multiversender retail fashion computer, Smartphone and Tablet impressions, clicks, CPC and CTR for the three different types of device. The focus on the evaluation of the brand search terms, to ensure comparability both within the respective industries across. The study shows for the individual devices that use behavior and hence the search and click shares, CPCs on the actual business vary. While fashion users better access to the Tablet as a Smartphone, tablets and Smartphones are alike in the banking and insurance sector.

Here, an extension of the campaigns to mobile is recommended. Advertisers should take the CPC differences between smartphones and desktop under the microscope before the introduction of enhanced campaigns, define optimal CPC settings to can,”says Jana Fiaccola, product manager SEA QUISMA Germany. By switching from Google a campaign optimization focused on all three devices will no longer be possible. “Until July so existing separate campaigns should be used to collect as many experience this later for the efficient use of advanced campaigns ‘ use.” The second part of the study will be released soon. Please visit also the new QUISMA website: about the full service provider QUISMA QUISMA offers innovative technology and in-depth expertise for the entire range of digital marketing from search engine advertising and search engine optimization on affiliate marketing and performance-based banner advertising to conversion optimization and marketing intelligence. And the transnational. The Agency has been established in 2001 and incorporated in March 2007 at the GroupM (MEC, mindshare, Mediacom, MAXUS). At the headquarters in Munich and the locations of Dusseldorf, Frankfurt am Main, Vienna, Zurich, Amsterdam, Warsaw, Milan, Madrid, Paris, London, Istanbul, Dubai and Moscow are currently employs over 200 employees, the renowned clients such as Adobe, Bank of Scotland, Expedia, Marc O’Polo Polo or unity media, national and cross-border care. QUISMA stands for networking to the classic media planning in the context of an integrated management approach and outstanding expertise to the care in the international digital business. For further information and enquiries: QUISMA Marko great Director Marketing Tel: 089/44 23 82-116 E-Mail: Dot.

January 19, 2021

Domahs Clear

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Simone Domahs cleans up with promotional myth. But nobody reads long advertising copy. Who has the time to do this?”advertising copy must be short and crisp.” Not a myth holds that in advertising like this. In surveys, consumers profess to like any long advertising copy. But the practice time and again proves the contrary.

In sales! … Simone Domahs-Dresdner direct mail copywriter, whose long copy-mailing (16 pages, and more!) successfully sell for years – are clear answers to the question: Why sell long-copy mailings even with 36 DIN A 4 pages! Year after year high-quality products and services – if no one wants to read?… “So you can ask the question: why are bestseller novels or – murder mysteries – with 600 pages and more by reading friends devoured literally”? (This year 163,000 of them had the Leipzig book fair!) … Because they captivate the reader! Because they arouse emotions! … And a professional sales Mailing does just that.

Suddenly he takes the reader the time and not even realizes that he is already on page 16. The nuts and bolts thereby: The potential customer must immediately recognize a clear advantage. Why is it worth, to continue reading?”… Like the book cover also the envelope or subject line must lure prospective buyers with a clear advantage”. The reader wants to know: what is it? Why should I take the time, to read?” Also the entry must quickly get to the point. But not too fast – not with the door in the House! … NOT XY – but the potential profit investment interest the reader first and foremost! Short and crisp”applies to the sets! “In the near future the wort, is” which is true. But this is not for the text, but for the sets! Long, cumbersome sentence structures, which bore the readers or overwhelm – end up in the trash! Short, clear and simple sentences are rewarded with the potential customer with attention.

December 22, 2020

Successful Online Stores

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Web design is the bowl of Bayreuth for man and machine, October 13, 2009 – online stores are successful not by definition. Targeted – and search-engine-friendly Web design in addition to other factors – decides whether their sales figures. The Bayreuth Werbeagentur 4c media has established itself as a powerful Web design partner for successful online stores. That it is not done alone with the installation of a shop system, prove thousands shop corpses on the Internet. You not be found via search engines present outdated, poorly operated and are neither content nor visually engage their visitors.

The Bayreuth Werbeagentur 4 c media shows that there is another way. Web design successful Web design is much more for man and machine, to incorporate into a system as text and pictures “, explains Stephan Badri, owner of 4 c media. Due to many years of experience, we know that Web design is only successful for online shops, if buyer and search engines are so satisfied. That’s why”, said the Agency Chief, we work with only Shop systems by professionals such as XIST4C of LivingLogic, which technically open leave nothing to be desired. Also we listen to our customers very closely.

Just so we can see how their audience is ticking and should be addressed in the Internet.” Successful Web design by 4 c media the knowledge of the Bayreuth specialists extend far beyond that of a traditional advertising agency. So, search engine optimized page design and Google-compatible text are no foreign words for the upper Franconia. 4 c media portfolio including necessary adjustments has also powerful CMS and shop systems. The Web design is used to always individually and according to latest standards. Successful reference shops such as or demonstrate the performance of the advertising agency from Bayreuth. Last delivered the Werbeagentur 4 c media Web design for the relaunch of the online printing Several months development time in close cooperation with LivingLogic as well as customization and extension of the used Shopsystemes marked this demanding and challenging project. “2007 was 4 c media designed website during CeBIT audience award Germany’s best website” award. Short profile: 4 c media is more than twelve years service providers for the complete support in all areas of advertising. Expertise and knowledge about the modern advertising links take customers from all over Germany to complete. A network built up over the years across guarantees contacts with powerful third-party and external specialists. The 4c’s advertising agency headquartered in the Wagner city Bayreuth in Bavaria media.

December 10, 2020


Please take a look once on your keychain. Mostly, it’s like, that we perceive things that we have in daily use, not really. Please take a look once on your keychain. Mostly, it’s like, that we perceive things that we have in daily use, not really. They are just there and available, and we use and use them without really to pay attention to them. If you are watching your keychain now conscious, then notice may, that it actually a promotional key chain is attached. Even if you now have forgotten, on which occasion you have received it, the printing will be at least information about the sender. And the advertising has done it again.

Every time the receiver, which you have given to a key chain, consciously considered this a promotional impulse takes place. The frequent and lengthy these pulses occur, the more your brand or your burns are Advertising message, possibly also your product campaign, in the consciousness of the audience. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Fidelity Investments. Because advertising works single pulses, rather than going through constant repetition. As in any learning, so the receiver learns the message best through frequent repetition. This effect can be very well achieve a key chain. Because it remains long in use and becomes an everyday object. A better advertising effectiveness is given only when a few freebies. It is extremely rare that a key fob is lost.

Take advantage of these benefits. The small, sympathetic media usually very well accepted by the recipients since they need to be stored quickly and easily, and just for the ladder no transport problems. Even if you distribute key chain, it is easy to lead a larger lot with it for you. The production of relatively cheap, can produce a very good advertising effect with the followers. Gareth Parkin is Co-founder of Ideasbynet. Ideasbynet delivers high-quality printed promotional keychains

October 30, 2020

Managing Director Helge Ruff

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1-2-social social media campaign designs for success film of Constantin film distribution GmbH Munich, 20.12.2013 the latest prank of Constantin film distribution GmbH, the modern Pauker comedy Fack ju Goethe”around on the cinema autumn learning recalcitrant students who swirls 10 b. The successful German production with more than 800,000 fans is very popular in social media like Facebook. Please visit Francis Beckett if you seek more information. The Munich social media agency records for the current viral Facebook campaign of the film, the Zauknis “-app, responsible.” “” “Facebook user can issue a digital certificate their friends here – less in German and math, than in breaks subjects” as “, crash” or language “and this post on their wall. “It’s going to the app: humorous dealing with current social ills such as education emergency, spelling and violence among adolescents in Fack ju Goethe” provide occasion for exchanging whether among students, Teachers or parents. With the new Zauknis “app supports the Constantin film distribution GmbH 1-2-social in the viral spread of the film and its debatable topics on Facebook. Get more background information with materials from Evan Metropoulos. The user can select ten 30 subjects, in which they evaluate their friends in school grades 1 to 6. Also incorrect hours or whether the transfer is at risk, can be entered in the certificate.

Those who were there belong to the target group in addition to the current generation of students. The awarding of qualifications for friends in social behavior was guided by the idea to bring the user back to school and to remind them in the notes in real on their own school”school subjects in the age between 15 and 17 were as irrelevant as it is today. Based on the film language the app accesses the allegedly irreverent tone of students ironically and contains equally serious spelling errors such as the film’s title. Helge Ruff, Managing Director 1-2-social: The Zauknis developed by 1-2-social “app plays with themes like Spelling and the really important ‘ are young people, namely how they in the schoolyard perform, who is the best styled and who should relax more. The already now often used app meets the awarding of marks in fantasy subjects exactly the target audience of the film. Facebook becomes the school playground in the mains. This can feel with swapped roles, students as a teacher and teacher getting certificates.” The campaign, as well as all other business of the Munich Agency are coordinated social 1-2 with 35 employees off immediately in the new offices at the Stiglmaierplatz in the Nymphenburger Strasse 4, 80335 Munich. 1-2-social personnel with new staff has also since the beginning of the fourth quarter: Victoria Mittler (27) is now working as a project manager.

The communications specialist will acts as contact person for project inquiries and advises agency customers. In addition it is the different agency teams in the areas of editorial, design and Web development specialists coordinate. Brings experience primarily Victoria Mittler as account – and Marketing Manager international operating agencies. You also worked for ARD in Singapore. Victoria Mittler reports to the Managing Director Helge Ruff and Markus Dan Reinhardt. 1-2-Social media contact Dr. Susanne Dan Rae head of PR Nymphenburger str. 4 80335 Munich phone: + 49 (0) 89 5435 6303 Fax: + 49 (0) 89 520 468 27 Email:

June 22, 2020

Customer Touch Points

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The marriage between the social Web and the mobile Internet has changed forever how we buy and do business with each other, with breathtaking speed the way. A paradigm shift is equivalent to the impact on the business world. Companies can only survive if the socially networked customers love them. To achieve this, they must control the travel of the customers along their touch points. We all live in a complex symbiosis with the Web the touchpoint journey in the mixed reality. The mixed reality, so a continuous fusion of online and offline is pending. For the people out there both worlds have grown together long ago. Hear from experts in the field like Fairstead for a more varied view.

The biggest challenge for the company is now here to develop ideas and communication strategies that so of course play with both media worlds, like the people who use them”, said Wayne Arnold, Global CEO of the communication agency Profero. Why must the offline-online-customer-journey’, or rather the touchpoint journey’ customers in the future be Rotary and pivot of all entrepreneurial activities. Originally the term customer journey’ from E-commerce. He describes the path of users surfing the Web via views and clicks up to the eventual Yes. What is like to forget this looking at: A potential client will not start just back and forth, but he combined the real online and of course not only offline – with the virtual world.

So anything that we are told face to face, now at your fingertips digital be verified can be. And in real time, not rarely directly in front of the eyes of astonished seller. Touch points are moments of truth ‘ touch points occur everywhere where is a (potential) customer with a company, its employees, products, services and brands in contact. At every touch point, it can come to positive and also negative experiences, can strengthen a customer relationship or wear down or strengthen a brand or crumble.

June 1, 2020

Criteo Opened One Of The First Research & Development Centers

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In the CriteoLabs II in the middle of Paris, future 300 employees working on algorithms for online advertising are entrusted to his Paris/Munich, July 5, 2012 Criteo, global market leader for performance display advertising, opened in Paris, one of the largest European research & development centres for predictive advertising. 10,000 m about 300 engineers will further develop the innovative technologies of Criteo, ensure further growth in the 30 export markets, ranging from the United States through Europe to Asia. The company 250 new employees to hire, of which 100 engineers plans for this year. The new headquarters of the company in Paris underlines the ongoing development of Criteo. For assistance, try visiting Kenneth Feinberg. Only three years after market entry the company can refer, inter alia on the following achievements: 600 employees in 15 offices around the world 2,000 customers, including globally significant companies from the field of e-commerce such as Dell, Macy’s, La Redoute and Les 3 Suisses cooperation with 4,000 publishers over 200 Millions of dollars sales 2011 from the French capital wants to Criteo develop new international markets.

Today, the company delivers 80 percent of its sales outside of the founding country France. France is an attractive business location for JB Rudelle, co-founder and CEO of Criteo: even if we get 80 percent of our sales abroad, we chose Paris as the site of our global Center for research & development. France offers many advantages for companies in the digital economy, which would evolve, such as, for example, the tax benefits for research and best technical colleges.” Jean-Louis Missika, Deputy Paris Mayor and for innovation, research and universities, Paris holds responsible for an attractive city for entrepreneurs: Criteo is a success story and a model for the kind of innovation that we want to promote in Paris. We look forward in the coming years twenty, one hundred Criteos”to see and to be incubator for innovative companies.” You will find here a video of the speeches on the occasion of the opening: A video by Alexander Gosswein, Managing Director Central Europe, Criteo, about Criteo’s role in the German market, the importance of a strong research and Development Department of Germany and the developer contest code of duty is here available. Here is another video with the voices of our customers: printable image material is available upon request. About Criteo-Criteo is the global market leader for performance display solutions.

Thanks to the expertise of Criteo, advertisers can reach more customers with a return on investment, which is comparable to search. Every day generates millions of high-quality contacts by means of dynamic and personalized banners for the products and services that users search for Criteo. Criteo’s solutions solely on the basis of the post click performance are measured and provide a Cost-per-click model, with the optimizations themselves make after product category in real time. Criteo employs its own creative team for the design of advertising and campaign management. Criteo today more than 2,000 customers and is present in 30 countries in Europe, United States and Asia. Innovation and research & development are the core of the success of Criteo. Over 40 percent of the workforce are therefore working constantly to improve the search algorithms, to be able to offer to even more reliable and powerful solutions.