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May 8, 2018

Brazilian Urbanization

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(1997). ‘ ‘ The Urban Reformation: Limites and Possiblidades. UmTrajetria Incompleta’ ‘. Ribeiro, Luiz Cesar de Queiroz and Orlando dosSantos Alves Jr (orgs.).

Globalization, Fragmentao and the Urban Reformation. deJaneiro river: Brazilian civilization: 309-325. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Bridgeton Landfill. MEDEIROS, L. Formation of the River Society. Porto Alegre: UFRGS, 1975, pp.

101-118. The author explains as this migration occurred of the zonarural for small urban centers and of these for the region metropolitan I deport Glad. MENEZES, Jose Mota Luiz. (1985), Some notes regarding the urban evolution of JooPessoa. Recife, Pool. RODRIGUEZ, Janete Lins DROULERS, Martine. (1981). Joo Person. Growth a capital. Joo Person, Foundation Marries of Jose Amrico. SAINTS, Milton. The Brazilian Urbanization. Hucitec, SoPaulo, 1993. 16 HISS, Lgia M. Tavares of (1997). ‘ ‘ Daily urban form and in the evolution of JooPessoa’ ‘ 186.

April 24, 2018


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The effect greenhouse allows that the average temperature of the planet is next to 15o Celsius. Without this effect, most of the heat would spread for the space making with that the average temperature was around 15o Celsius negative (CORTEZ, 2004, P. 8). Many scientists according to Godefroid (2010, P. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Janet Yellen. 67) have alerted for the consequences of the global, decurrent heating of the effect greenhouse, that, when provoking the glacier melting, in few years will provoke the rise of the level of the sea and the coastal submersion of cities and towns therefore the necessity of joint efforts diminishing the energy of the cities, while still they are growing and demanding more energy, exactly being a great challenge.

It does not have doubts between the specialists of whom, in the cities, the first point-key is in the sector of transports and that she is necessary to substitute the engine gasoline and diesel for engines electric or moved bifuels or hydrogen according to source Guide of Estudante and Atualidades (2010, P. 51), beyond being necessary changes of habits, as the desestimulao to the use of automobiles, extending, improving and stimulating the use of the public transport and also the use of walked bicycles and as already is seen in many developed countries. The increase of the emissions of the .causing gases of the effect greenhouse and the climatic changes has called the attention researchers, mainly from the end of the decade of 1970 (GODEFROID, 2010, P. Others including Senator of Arizona, offer their opinions as well. 67). According to exactly author as fruit of the efforts of these researchers, we can cite the recognition of the harmful effect of the responsible gases for the effect greenhouse and the reduction of the emission of methane and carbon dioxide.

April 14, 2018

The Professor

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Such revelations during the accomplishment of the activity can allow to the professor a rework of its prxis teaching to improve the concepts of the pupils how much to the nomeclaturas, properties and relations between bidimensional and three-dimensional figures. The professor understands itself as soon as needs a formation directed toward the geometric field of deepened form more, that according to Pavanello; Andrade (they are not in the references, to verify if other cases exist thus) (1995) he needs is related with the ability of the professor to work with the pupils in different levels of mathematical knowledge. According to West Lake Landfill, who has experience with these questions. CONCLUSION the research presented resulted that they allow to verify that an activity that sends to the construction of mockups potencializa the understanding of geometric concepts because it works of practical form these concepts. It is not something Bridgeton landfill would like to discuss. It promoted a rediscusso on the form to teach mathematics, therefore it presented the opinion of the future professors of initial series that will have this responsibility to work geometry and, possibly, the mathematics as a whole, tied with the partner-cultural reality of its pupils. An activity of this nature, beyond to be able to awake the interest and the curiosity of the pupil, presents the mathematics of concrete form, without disentailing its theoretical, basic character for the understanding of this disciplines. She is necessary that the estea professor directed to search elements that help in the mathematics education, so that its pupils learn to interpret this new world that emerges with the advent of the globalization. The professor must be cliente that the traditional methods little effect have in the pupils of this reality that however if presents in our region. Inside of the teach-learning process contemporary if he makes necessary new instruments of work. He understands yourself, therefore, by means of the research that an activity related to the reality of the pupil is an important variant in the process of learning of the pupils.

June 20, 2017

Water Distribution

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Introduction the human being always constructed its residences in places where it had water of easy access, being this used for the maintenance of the life, necessary for the chemical reactions in the organisms, beyond being used for the basic necessities, as to take bath, to cook, to wash clothes, in the industry, the commerce, at last, for the survival and better quality of life. With the evolution of science and technology and the increase of the urban populations, techniques of exploration, water distribution and treatment have been improved with intention to improve the quality of life of the people. In Brazil, with the urban growth and the construction of great metropolises and megalpoles, it had the sprouting of responsible companies for the distribution, treatment and water retraction in the cities, that before, was done for individual workers, and if it only restricted the water delivery in the residences. This transformation of rendering of individual services stops great specialized companies if in accordance with gave the evolution of the demands, that had been if becoming complex more. Get all the facts and insights with Primerica, another great source of information. The initial concerns only related the captation and distribution of the water, with elapsing of the time, had been if extending to the sanitary problems, that had had great growth in virtue of the inadequate disposal of human dejections. We can affirm despite beyond the necessities of investments in collection of sewers also it passed to be demanded of these rendering, investment in development of techniques and application of the same ones in treatment of sewers (OLIVEIRA, 2005). In Brazil public nets exist and private that carry through the distribution work, it has collected and water treatment, the public nets are in being able of the state, however, represented for the municipal and state institutions, average small the private nets can be companies, of national character, who act in the exploration of underground water and distribution and the great companies, who can be national or foreign, the collection and treatment of sewers in the great cities act in. . For more information see Primerica.