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June 2, 2020

Hyunday Accent. Hyundai Sonata

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The company 'AvtoGERMES' is selling and servicing cars in their showrooms Korean brand hyunday accent. Hyundai Accent car production was initiated by Hyundai Motors Corp, the largest automaker in South Korea – in 1994. Original appearance design, the large number of additional options and ease of handling, comfortable cabin, low fuel consumption and attractive price deservedly brought glory Hyundai Accent convenient and practical family vehicle and secured large sales volume worldwide. The fall of 1999 at the Geneva Motor Show was announced Hyundai Accent second generation. Immediately after the appearance, he began seriously to press on the market of the recognized leaders of the class C a Nissan Almera, Opel Astra and Toyota Corolla, and in many ways, the emergence of this particular model has allowed the leadership of Hyundai Motors has ambitious plans to make public to enter the top five global automotive industry. The new Accent is noticeably wider and longer than 13 cm predecessor. Almost completely replaced by the body, in the style of recent achievements of automotive design, with low sloping hood and large angle of inclination of the windscreen, which ensured a minimum drag coefficient and the almost complete absence of wind noise at high speed.

Updated interior and Hyundai Accent, received new front panel design and new finishing materials. Kenneth Feinberg oftentimes addresses this issue. Updated interior became more comfortable and functional. The main differences between new and old car while driving are significantly reduced noise, lower fuel consumption and better controllability. The highlight of the design can be call the new system, helps prevent back into the tank of fuel, had time to warm up in the area of the engine when you release the driver's accelerator. .

February 19, 2020

The Historical Date In The Automotive Industry

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July 4, 2009 was a historical date in the history of the automotive industry. Go to author for more information. On this day, Japanese automotive concern Mitsubishi launches world’s first electric car in mass production. The first mass electric vehicles that can be recharged from a home outlet, has minicar right-hand drive models of i MiEV. Mitsubishi ahead of many other automakers operating in the creation of electric. Production has not yet large, by 2012 the figure will reach about 15 000 pieces of 4-seater electric cars a year.

Here are some characteristics of the first production electric vehicle: Weight – 1080 kg Dimensions – length 3,395 cm, width 1.600 cm, 1.475 cm Maximum height Speed – Mileage 130km/chas without recharging – 160km full charge voltage of 220 volts – 7:00 (With a special battery charger can be filled to 80% in just half an hour.) Power – 47 kW (64 hp) Cost – about $ 30,000 (but note that the electric operating costs by 9 times less than the cost of an ordinary car on petrol and oil), gear selector Mitsubishi i-MiEV electric transmission has three modes: D – normal, Eco – economical and B – recovery mode. Electric car i MiEV electric equipped with climate control with air conditioning, LED headlamps, navigation system with 7-inch display and storage device for storing road maps. i-MiEV has a regenerative braking system, ie battery is recharged during braking. The first new electric cars will test the Japanese traffic cops. The Japanese government plans to pay extra for every citizen about $ 1200 for the disposal of an old car and buy a new environmentally friendly electric. Concern is also ready to begin exporting the i MiEV in other countries. The first foreign country to which the markets will serial electric, should be the United Kingdom and Hong Kong. In late 2010, concern Mitsubishi ready to release an electric version and left-hand drive in Europe.

August 25, 2019

Global Positioning System

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Modern technology – Global Positioning System (GPS), allows you to use satellite communications to locate an object anywhere in the world. In addition to location, modern GPS-navigators are able to calculate the size and speed motion. Most users of GPS-navigators are tourists, motorists, and are used in aviation and navigation, which is quite reasonable in view of all the benefits offered by this system. Chief of Staff shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. GPS-navigators can be divided into two types, the ones that depend on a PC or PDA, while the latter work independently. GPS-module differs from the independent devices that do not have their own screen, displaying data on display device that connects to, as well as its power supply also comes from the head unit. GPS-ins before losing much independent navigators in terms of reliability, since the junction, more often, unprotected for bumps and exterior damage. Leading companies that produce GPS-navigators, to date, are JJ-Connect, GlobalSat, Garmin and others.

August 1, 2017

Transportation Company Edaya

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St. Petersburg Transportation Company Edaya passenger services in Russia and abroad. Transportation of passengers carried in cars and buses with a capacity of up to 140 people. Park transport companies are domestic and foreign coaches, such as ESD-Aurora, Golden Dragon, Ford Transit, Gazelle. Bus passenger transportation in Russia and passenger transport by road outside Russia – is not the only service company Edaya. Posed on the flow of mass bus transport over long distances at high speeds and requiring accountability, and as a result of excellent technical condition of vehicles. So company also manufactures automotive repair.

We offer services such as repair of buses, imported and domestic, truck repair domestic and foreign origin, and also provides car service trucks and buses. Unfolding the complex activities of the company for transportation of passengers, car repair and Automotive Service trucks and buses has shown impressive results, and to date stock company there are a large number of spare parts and accessories for motor vehicles. In this regard, Edaya sells spare parts and components on the basis of the optimal price and quality. Permanent replenishment of spare parts in stock and associated company to a stock purchase and sale of buses, both new and used. Bus fleet transport companies, already numbering in the general account 60 units of rolling stock composition, owing to the increasing demand for passenger transportation companies, requires the active expansion.

And by using only the most modern and hi-tech equipment, high quality skilled and experienced workers Edaya company purchased buses be restored and used successfully as a vehicle for passenger transportation, or are useful in a car repair and service centers. As part of providing such services as transportation of passengers, offer a wide range of services including the monitoring of goods throughout the transportation time, the possibility of contact with the performer in time of order execution, exit right on schedule, the delivery door to door within the city and region, moving across Russia as the possibility of departure from the center to the regions and the regions – in central regions of Russia. Our principle – safety and reliability. We are ready to consider your individual conditions for passengers, along with the mandatory package of services.

August 20, 2014

Service Parts Repair

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Spare parts, repair and service company SsangYong ‘Autocentre Semenovskaya’ (ACS) is one of the leading cities of Moscow technical center for servicing cars SsangYong. The company SsangYong / Sang Yong was founded in 1954 and since then over already five decades of manufacturing automobiles. It began its business with a manufacturer of commercial vehicles such as trucks, buses and special purpose vehicles – mixers and fire trucks. ‘Autocentre on Semyonov ‘(ACS) offers a thorough overhaul SsangYong and carries out service Sang Yong in Moscow. Experts of our company completed the full course of study and have extensive experience in automotive repair SsangYong, as well as other brands cars such as Land Rover, Fiat, Subaru, Hyundai, Daewoo and Chevrolet. The Company has all necessary equipment, spare parts, technical documentation, and special tools for repair and maintenance of vehicles Sang Yong.

Specialists have a high qualifications and experience with this brand of car – it allows you to troubleshoot and carry out high quality maintenance service for vehicles SsangYong.Professionalny SsangYong in Moscow Our experts companies are highly skilled in conducting service SsangYong and extensive experience with the cars brand Sang Yong. Autocentre Semenovskaya equipped with modern equipment and tools from leading manufacturers. In the presence of all necessary parts for a quality repair Sang Yong. All this makes it possible to troubleshoot any difficulties and carry out professional services in SsangYong Moskve.Nedorogie SsangYong parts in stock companies ‘Autocentre Semenovskaya’ (ACSAVTO) are both original and high quality aftermarket parts SsangYong (Sang-yong). Wide choice of cheap auto parts for the entire range of Sang Jong. Spare parts for cars for sale in SsangYong car center ACSAVTO Semenovskaya the best prices in Moscow.

Detailed price list for spare parts SsangYong you can look at the official website: For your convenience, there is a system cumulative discounts for work performed, as well as the purchase of spare repair chastey.Kachestvenny SsangYong Our company offers high-quality repair and maintenance SsangYong Sang Yong in Autocentre ACSAVTO Semenovskaya. Cost norms – hours ranging from 800 to 1,300 rubles. The number of norm-hours required to carry out repairs is determined SsangYong models in the catalog of the manufacturer. Special offers for corporate clients.

February 2, 2014

Strong Link Transport Company

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What is needed for proper transportation of goods? It all depends on the driver, what experience he has behind the wheel, done that obviously not all can be professional drivers. Work as a driver in the field of international transport road, honor and responsibility. A very important part of the launch of the cargo transportation by truck is the choice of the driver. It is necessary to choose smart and motivated people because they are the face of transport company. And not only that care must be taken, because theirs tasks to carry goods from one place to another, and for this you need to know the convention of SMR, traffic regulations in all countries where he will go, and valid axle load weight. When will a truck inspection immediately after the driver returned to the course of transportation, then we can learn some interesting facts about what we have assigned to the driver work.

If the machine is clean and tidy, not only inside but also outside, then it is a fact of good quality driver, but if the opposite is true, then it is necessary to warn him because the car is the hallmark of transport company. Absolutely essential in the process is clear communication with the driver of the transport company's office. Commands to the driver should be short and precise. Assessment of the situation must be understood. There will be no fail if all this is accompanied with extra courtesy. The driver must follow before the flight and during the voyage of the technical condition of the truck. Yes, the truck can happen different, but in practice 70-80% breakdown truck travel occurs on the full or partial fault of the driver.

When an accident caused by car driver and he admits it's at, it pays part or all of the damage caused by his fault. Before leaving for the road the driver must look for the presence of all necessary documents for the smooth delivery of the goods and check validity of the resulting set of documents, as well as to check the weight of the goods, he must the same as specified in the documents. Otherwise, it will do for you at the border customs, and transportation company that can be a big problem. The ideal relationship with the drivers are text messages. Calls to phone only when problems occur. And if the driver's personal life interfere during the process of working through phone calls from home, then the driver must be held with the sum of these private conversations. Only recognized service calls.

August 22, 2013

Car Salesmen

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" In general, always surprised by the ease with which people believe what they said salesman touting their wares. Even if the car you buy offers the physician, saying that he went to work and back, then it is worth considering, because he has a wife and children are also exploited by the machine. (Not advisable to buy a car from a young cab) had a telephone conversation. Necessary to clarify the following points: – The number of car owners since its purchase – Was the car in any accidents, which were essential repairs. – Where the car serviced and are there any service records? – Availability dents, scratches and rust. – The general condition of the car (in terms of the seller).

– Why is such a small quantity run for a certain period if specified in the announcement incredibly low mileage (this question is to some extent demoralizes the seller). – Availability checkup for next year. – Complete machine (optional). – The cost of insurance. – Ability to get acquainted with the insurance contract 'Polis' (it helps to know some the number of drivers and whether young drivers to help reduce the price) – Offer the seller to take the costs for a vehicle inspection station inspection in case of failure.

(this issue will also help you decide whether to spend the time). Here at last reached agreement on the inspection and you're ready to go to a meeting with the seller. Preparation for examination. In order to proceed with the examination of candidates for the role of your future car needs a little pre-psychological podgotovka.Kak know, under the influence of emotions (both negative and positive) person can make a lot of reckless postupkov.Takim way decide that the purchase takes place, unless you are sure that he is in good condition, no serious problems with the engine, transmission, is not listed in the hijacking, etc.