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December 11, 2017

A Little Bit About Hyundai Solaris

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Korean cars have always distinguished the low price and modest equipment, and often unusual design solution. Korean cars is the always-practical at a reasonable price. Euro Pacific Precious Metals recognizes the significance of this. In recent times the world market significantly strengthen the position of the Korean company Hyundai – the leader of the Korean automotive industry. Hyundai loosely translated means a new time, modernity. The company always keeps pace with the times. Hyundai Solaris – very reliable and secure, unpretentious to our roads and easy to use sedan. All the advantages of modern technology were intertwined in this modern and beautiful cars. Cost-effectiveness, ease of management, simplicity in service and impressive comfort – its main advantages. Appearance of the new Solaris stands out from the previous models, if the car is the predecessor was a typical Korean car with the slanted headlights and smooth rounding style biodesign, the new is not averse to demonstrate hints on the verge of a little more rigor, and missing teddy image. Most likely, this looks much like it. To read more click here: Gen. David L. Goldfein. The car appeared something more solid, which of course will increase the number of buyers among men. Specialists Hyundai chose to develop exterior of the car itself, and not to resort to eminent Italian design companies, as is often make their Korean counterparts. Generally speaking, style and elegance of Italian artists in the guise of the new Solaris little lacking, but, nevertheless, the car was very attractive, quite recognizable, and that called, with the character. Now it difficult to confuse with classmates, the same Daewoo or Kia. In front of a Hyundai Solaris attract glaring headlights with clear plastic caps in the style of a small Lexus. Except addition, the hood stands stylish made by none other than to essentially flat hood looks more effectively. A similar solution is found in other "Koreans," but Solaris version – the most attractive and appropriate general style. The radiator grille is probably the most memorable element of the front. She looks a little provocatively, nevertheless emphasizes the line of headlights. By the way, wedge-shaped headlights and the same forms lights reverse lights very well blended. Apparently, the company wanted to create something special. And after the models of previous years such a solution looks very good. Hyundai Solaris has become much more serious, perhaps even too serious for such a small car. Interesting idea was the line that starts in the front headlights and smoothly flows into the plane of the sidewall. Such a small, seemingly, detail significantly improves the lateral line of the car. In general, the new Solaris looks good, although European cars it is necessary to add a little more styling. The body design fits in today, forms smooth and sleek. And, although he did not stands out as extravagant or prestigious car – his appearance, however, is very memorable. Inside Hyundai Solaris sustained in a serious and angular style. The dashboard is attractive enough and functional. Everything in its place: a simple, but convenient combination of instruments with thoughtful design and placement of dials. Hyundai Solaris – a car that combines modern design, powerful engine, a high level safety and comfort, urban compactness. It will appeal to the modern business person.

May 30, 2013

Amateur Rally

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Amateur rally. Rally fall into the rally category 1 (the "professional"), Category 2 (with stellar collection, category 3 (Amateur). Rally 1 category – this is exactly what you often see on tv (world rally cup, for example.) They are carried out on the roads blocked off from outside traffic, with a preview with the track. Amateur Rally (Category 3) are similar to the competitions in orienteering. They are held on public roads, they go "at sight", ie the route can not be opened for preview. The difference between professional and amateur rally is the same as between alpine skiing and biathlon – and that, and another on skis, but the former faster (and more expensive), while the latter still must be able to shoot.

As a "skill shot" offered competition on the accuracy of keeping the average velocity, acceleration – braking, climbing a hill, car slalom. And the audience? – You can not get less fun without spending money on a ticket to Finland, for example, while visiting in Weekend district, for example. Supplies kebab, camera, video camera, a good company – and lots of fun into the bargain. On professional rally (came from the overlapped route) hung a sheet with the audience indication of the most interesting places for spectators and time . That is, you need to arrive at the desired location in advance, before the track closed for the movement of conventional cars. Would you like to spend time not just as a benefit? Then you have to judge. Organizers of competitions from time to time (almost always actually) need to be judges. This is a car and 1-2 people inside.

In this case, you will see competition from the inside, spend a day outside the city, but still earn money at the same time. Usually compensate for the cost of gasoline, and yet something fall to men. If you are going to judge the first time, you will pilot the car, but "walking" the judge. It is desirable to have a good map Moscow region, the stock of sandwiches, a pen and a solid location. Dress should be as warm (winter) and have something from the rain (in summer). As a rule, one judge is working with the papers inside the car, the other on the street. Job line judges actually consists of stamping the arrival of the crew in the protocol and the control card. That is a perfect judge – a "punch" that prints the time of travel. A few times you can get a category judge and go "Up", rising to the level of the judges of All-Russian or international qualifications. Or just find new friends in the world of motorsport.

February 16, 2012

Wedding Car Equipment

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Very obvious is the fact that it was their wedding day – this is one of the most important events in human life, therefore, in preparing for this celebration be thoroughly planned. And in such a momentous day beautiful and festive appearance to be not only the bride and groom, but also a celebration preglashennyh guests. Beautifully decorated wedding tables and decorated the place for weddings create festive mood, each accessory in this festive day, far from playing its important role. And also one of the most important points that require special attention, is the design that is obviously a tuple Suite – is a kind person wedding. Because of them on this day the bride and groom and their guests make numerous trips on the roads of the city: bride, the path to the registry office, visits to traditional attractions. On each of these stages wedding decorations wedding convoy inadvertently assessed as by the guests, as well as bystanders.

Harmonically matched and properly fastened ornaments wedding cars attached to the triumph of high status and pathetic. Beautiful and stylish motorcade stands out in traffic, as well as visible from afar, while somehow issued immediately causes some aesthetic irritation. Unfortunately, this is often forgotten, and often when decorating the wedding kartezha given sufficient amount of time. Most spouses are satisfied with the fact that at present there is a friends – the rest from other wedding bridal accessories. Thus, not enough running clearance of a limousine. But the stylish tuple can immediately give an excellent frame of mind newlyweds and guests, bring a sense of uniqueness of the moment.

September 20, 2011

Processing And Utilization Of Cars In Moscow

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The car has been serving mankind for a long time. But, like any thing it has a limited lifetime. On average in Europe – this term is – is 3-5 years. In Russia this time – in 20 – 30 years. Where do the same for your car? One way – cause a tow truck and take it to somewhere in the village that he would pile metaloloma lay there. But I think that this is not the best way. The car must be processed and become the basis for a new car or become metal for the manufacture of other products. It is no wonder that everything in nature amenable to cycling – whether global water cycle, whether it is life and death or something else.

How did things with disposing of cars in our country, namely in two major cities of our country: Moscow and St. Petersburg. In 2004, active in the media stated on building in Moscow on 6 processing plants and cars open items for the reception and processing (about 72) in Moscow. Unfortunately to date are not available on all these projects in Moscow and continue to operate only two plant for processing scrap metal, abandoned cars, and black metal cities – Volokolamsk , and some factories in the city of Moscow. Much better was the situation with the pads on the Admission of abandoned cars. In St. Petersburg the situation is slightly better – there are several sites with the press, reducing the size of the car twice.

And as the city itself is a large recycling plant vehicles ‘Hetek’. For comparison, the above material can give an example that in the U.S. for 210 million Car – there are 20 plants for utilization of cars in Russia, 25 million accounts for only – 3 plants. But the major development challenges avtoretsiklinga in Russia is certainly not above, and byurokartizm, thereby preventing the natural Development of the processes that are necessary to modern society. Because each of us understands now that the constant increase in imports of cars and their production and their constant wear and tear they will accumulate more and bolshe.Nekotorye understand that this region is a source of income that tomorrow may give many people a job. And the unit understand kakoyvred it causes the environment today. To date, the law on recycling operates in 50 states. In 1995 the recycling industry has provided jobs for more than 1 million people. Profits, which were brought to this industry, are milliard dollars. We have also to date there is no law on recycling, correspond to our time. In connection with the above, I consider it expedient to each of the people who can influence the development of ‘Avtoretsiklinga’ to help the natural process, not slow it down. I think that in the future your kids will tell you for it very much. Lastly I would like to draw your attention to the strategy of European countries on recycling in general: – predostvraschenie waste – activities for the rehabilitation of environment – education of the population in the spirit of sustainable consumption – the inclusion of environmental parameters in the standards of product quality.