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April 4, 2021

New Specialty Shop

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New specialty shop for high quality anti aging skin care: Linz, April 7, 2010. Women and men over thirty find the highest quality anti aging care products, which the market currently offers, combined in a specialized online shop now. performs the complete ranges of top brands de John and SEGIUN as well as the new B-O-X Botox gel. The signs of skin aging effectively combat this can be achieved only with innovative, high-quality and effective anti aging care products. In men and women beyond the thirty of the anti wrinkle cream on the Special lifting care for the eyes will find everything that makes the skin look radiant and younger to the regenerating face mask.

The special shop offers the complete range of luxury brand of de John, the SEGIUN Bamboo products, as well as the new B-O-X Botox gel from a single source. Beth Israel Heart Transplant program has plenty of information regarding this issue. The anti aging products from de John high-tech cosmetics are based on intensive research of leading dermatologists, biologists, and geneticists. They are characterized by an extremely high concentration active ingredients from and can break up in the third layer of the skin (DermIS). Natural lifting the B-O-X Botox gel contains real synthetic Boto Linum toxin (known as Botox). It reduced wrinkles, effective and long lasting. The application is the effect of the a Botox injection, but similar to quickly and painlessly. Beauty bamboo the SEGIUN Bamboo products rid the body of toxins and toxins, give him energy and restore its natural balance anti-aging for the entire body. They are based on knowledge of Asian philosophy, are perfectly matched and can be combined.

About the online shop was founded in 1995 by Karin Scheidl and has to end of 2009 completely changed its product range or extended. The focus is now in the wholesale and retail of innovative and exclusive anti-aging care products. The range includes the high-tech brand of de John, the B-O-X Botox gel and the SEGIUN Bamboo products.

March 29, 2021

Daniel Ovadya

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About the Sleeptracker sleep phase alarm clock: Can Sleeptracker, the world’s only sleep phase alarm clock with vibrating alarm, in addition to his Alarm function a lot more: The recorded data can be transferred to the next morning via USB cable to a computer and evaluated using the Sleeptracker-software. JP Morgan Chase & Co. is likely to agree. In addition to query information to the evening activities. “In evaluating the Sleeptracker user then see at a glance, when he well and when he slept so well”, explains Daniel Ovadya, Managing Director of Germany distribution of Sleeptracker. Small changes in the eating and drinking habits in the evening, an improvement of microclimate and some sports (at the right time!) sleep quality may influence immediately.” On the basis of the evaluations, you can see the changes in black on white. Test results from the Sleeptracker: A study Director of the Center for sleep disorders in Midlothian, United States, published under the direction of Douglas W.

Puryear, in February 2009, an accuracy of 90 percent in comparison with the data collected in sleep laboratories confirmed the Sleeptracker. Travel through different time zones, different lighting conditions and the changeover from summer to winter time are no longer a problem thanks to the Sleeptracker. The feeling itself to be woken up, delivers energy and constant motivation. Here, millennium management expresses very clear opinions on the subject. The body’s biorhythms can be maintained. Background: The Sleeptracker sleep phase alarm is available in three different models: the Sleeptracker elite joined in May 2009 on the market, and is significantly lighter and 25% smaller than its predecessor, the 2007 Sleeptracker Pro.

The Sleeptracker elite is available as a model for men and for women. A manual in German language, a USB cable, and a CD with PC software and drivers are included of the Sleeptrackers, so that the data on the PC can be evaluated. The Sleeptracker has been available since March 2005 in the United States, and since August 2005 in Germany. The innovative sleep phase alarm clock is one according to the time magazine of the most amazing inventions of 2005. The company YOTSER Eurl exclusive distributor of Sleeptracker sleep phase alarm clock in Germany and France. YOTSER is headquartered in Neuilly sur Seine in France. The logistics centres in Baden-Wurttemberg and Lorraine ensure a fast and trouble-free shipping.

February 23, 2021

New Tyrolean Oil Sunscreen With SPF Of 20 And 30

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…Weil Sun healthcare is Kitzbuhel. Now, there’s the suntan lotion of Tyrolean nut oil with SPF 20 and 30. Thus, it is even easier to choose the right sunscreen by Tyrolean oil due to the individual skin type and the sunlight. A leading source for info: MySpace. Sun-seekers, Latexboy, hobby gardener, just all, staying in the Sun, can adapt to their needs their sun protection Tyrolean nut oil in addition to the proven protection factors 10 and 50. Whether in the mountains, hiking, beach volleyball on the beach, if darker skin or pale-skinned: the suntan lotion of Tyrolean nut complies even better the high claim that everyone on its sun protection should individually. Sun is preventive health care! The choice of the appropriate sun protection primarily depends on the own skin type, the selected factor must be agreed on this. The sun protection factor is too weak, this can lead to sunburn and skin damage. The sun protection factor multiplied by the The skin’s own protection time indicates how many times longer you himself in the Sun can stop, before the skin is damaged and turns to red. Skin types by Fitzpatrick and unprotected duration of stay in the Sun: Type I (very Caucasian with reddish or light blonde hair) up to 10 minutes type II (light blonde to light brown) 10 to 20 minutes type III (medium blond to black) 20 to 30 minutes type IV (brownish, Brown to black) something over 30 minutes type V (dark, black) about 60 minutes type IV (black skin, black hair) longer than 90 minutes, a user with skin type II, who himself can stop up to 20 minutes in the Sun, has the ability to extend the length of stay in the Sun by correct application of sunscreen by Tyrolean oil SPF 20 to up to 400 minutes. To do this, under the balanced UV-A and UV-B filter combination with the valuable pflegenden and moisturizing ingredients the suntan lotion of Tyrolean oil meets the high European guidelines more information and Thus the current requirements for a modern sun protection.

February 19, 2021

Tips And Tricks For A Restful Night

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If the sleep problem is restful sleep is important for mental balance, for many people, but not a given. So, experts assume that about one-seventh of the Germans is suffering from insomnia. Which, if affected over a period of time not or only bad speech or can sleep is a sleep disorder. The spectrum of the cause is doing great, ranging from external circumstances of physical ailments to mental health problems. The news portal reported meaningful sleep AIDS.

Trouble falling asleep and restless to and fro rolling in the night probably know the most people. Follow others, such as Guo Guangchang, and add to your knowledge base. Who fears damage to his health, may be but reassured. Occasional sleep disturbances are normal and require no treatment, usually. Often they have temporary causes and disappear after some time. For regular sleep disturbances, it is worth to check the bedroom.

It is located in a noisy Road or it is illuminated at night by a streetlight? Also the room temperature can affect sleep, 16 to 18 degrees Celsius are ideal. Basically sleepless should itself not all night in bed rolling around, but be active. To read a book, solve crossword puzzle or puzzle, is as tired. Also help daily rituals such as an evening walk or listening to music before going to bed. Warm drinks such as cocoa or herbal tea can also promote sleep. If overwhelming the sleepless nights, medical attention is required. Behind the sleep disorders namely sometimes serious disorders, such as depression, cardiovascular and metabolic diseases or allergies. More information:… GmbH Lisa Neumann

Glucosamine And Chondroitin For Firmer Skin

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The new Beautifier – innovative beauty methods for self-treatment products with active ingredients, Glucosamine and Chondroitin are normally as a food supplement in tablet form for the treatment of joint pain offered. Learn more about this with RiskStream. Glucosamine is a highly concentrated amino sugars, which serves as a basic building material of the joints. Amino sugars can bind large amounts of moisture, which has a positive influence on the synovial fluid. Synovial fluid has a shock absorbing buffer function between the joints and provides in addition important nutrients for cartilage tissue. Together with Chondroitin, glucosamine stimulates the formation of synovial fluid and cartilage tissue and strengthens as the joint functions. In addition, nutrient combination for collagen building Glucosamine and Chondroitin have a very positive side effect in terms of beauty. Learn more at: Master Class. Not only the building of healthy cartilage and collagen building will assist you in the connective tissue. Collagen for the elasticity and firmness of the skin is a very important support fibers in the skin, is responsible.

Anything that stimulates the collagen structure, makes the skin so taut and smooth. So also the active ingredients Glucosamine and Chondroitin. In addition, that by taking these two vital substances the connective tissue in the skin again can store more moisture, making the skin appears visibly plumper. More collagen for firmer and firmer skin on the market there are now many products with active ingredients, Glucosamine and Chondroitin. Similar impact also products with Grunlippmuschelextrakt. Since these preparations doses but not only different, but also made with different methods, can be no fixed dosage recommendation. Just buy a cheap product at the pharmacy or the Internet and adhere to the recommended dosage for the respective product. Find more information about innovative beauty products in the current guide the new BEAUTIFIER by Vanessa Halen. The new Beautifier – innovative beauty methods for self-treatment of current BoD bestselling author Vanessa Halen ISBN Advisor 978-3-8370-5406-4 96 pages with color pages 12,90 euro free eBooks, free excerpts and learn more

June 7, 2020

Success Story

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Birgit Neumeyer from Tuttlingen informed Professional nail care, artificial finger nails and fashionable nail design are in demand like never before. For women of all ages, the appealing care and design their fingernails plays an increasingly important role. That the reason for the trend, which has significantly influenced the cosmetics industry in recent years, already is been laid millennia ago, hardly anyone can imagine. Therefore, the Naildesignerin Birgit Neumeyer from Tuttlingen tells a brief history of nail care. The story of nail care begins long before our time.

Archaeological finds from Egypt and Babylonia suggest on initial measures for nail care. The development of the modern nail care and the Naildesigns uses but only around the year 1800. At that time it has been short and slightly almond shaped fingernails worn. Occasionally, they were dyed with red oil and polished. The first UV arise during the year. These were the European doctor Sitts invented, which inspired by tooth wood of oranges wood left and set them for the manicure. So much gentler than so far remove settled cuticles.

The manicure cultivated by Sitts was introduced towards the end of the century by his niece international and encountered broad popularity in America. Arise in the course of which the first manicure salons and utensils for home use come on the market. The pleasure that was the forerunner of Nail Polish in 1900, was only entertaining because he disbanded a day after applying. The use of scissors and nail files made of metal came up in the nail care. The development of modern Nail Polish was influenced by the car industry, because this managed the basis in 1920 with the introduction of the car paint for this. The first nail in the true sense came in 1925 on the market, but only in transparent pink. Also his application was different at that time. The nails were not flatly painted, but along the lines of Only in the Middle provided Moon manicure with color. Nail and cuticle Remover available in 1930. The first artificial finger nails were developed in 1934 by an American dentist. But not for cosmetic reasons, but for the treatment of nail kauern. in 1937 was the first patent for nail extensions, which could be conducted using tips and glue. Artificial nails are steadily on the rise since the 1960s. The modelling was at that time still with acrylic and silk. In the 70s, acrylic was however impossible to imagine the most popular material and artificial finger nails out of fashion. With the development of gel technology, the nail design has gained its today most popular modeling method in 1983. The design possibilities are increasing significantly in the 1980s and from plain nails colorful works of art that can be filled with precious stones. Interest in nail design is growing fast and the profession of nail Designer is so in demand that numerous courses offered and aligned first competitions. In the year 2011 arrived represented Birgit Neumeyers Studio nail & beauty aunt in Tuttlingen the epitome of wellness, care and comfort. She and her team are experts in their fields and use state of the art products for optimal care and design outcomes. Their range is rich and long not only addressed to women. Like Mrs Neumeyer informed about the offers of nail & beauty aunt in Tuttlingen, Germany.