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February 16, 2021

Lochhamer Strasse

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Exclusive distributor of the SafeLinQ provider distribution rights for Germany the Bauer & Steichele GmbH & co. KG based in Martinsried near Munich, is positioning systems and security phones manufacturer headquartered in the Netherlands specialised in one. The company develops and produces the currently most powerful GPS and GSM-based security products. The SmartLinQ is a small, lightweight tracking device on the German market, which combined the latest GPS technology with the worldwide common GSM standard and designed specifically for the protection of persons. It has an SOS button, a movement and 3-way adjustable fall sensor 4 programmable speed dial numbers, and helps the user to monitor, for example, caring people. In addition, portable is offered by farmer & Steichele of also the BloQ. The tracking system based on GPS and GSM is waterproof and ideal for the monitoring of mobile assets such as cars, motorcycles, boats and already finds its application in security and protection services, and courier services.

The SmartLinQ, as well as the BloQ have its own operating system and work only in combination with the SafeLinQ service platform that websolution as out of the box”or by means of an API can be used. With the inclusion of SafeLinQ the company Bauer & Steichele GmbH & co. KG which distributes mobile devices already for 15 years, your product range expanded with products more powerful security products. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Is MasterClass a good gift? . Contact: B & S baby & Steichele GmbH & co. KG Mr. Stephan Steichele House address: Lochhamer Strasse 4a 82152 Martinsried phone + 49 (0) 89-89997-0 fax + 49 (0) 89-89997-333

February 11, 2021

Legal Department Indicators

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Can similar figures of the time cycle for the Legal Department develop. The use of the system of indicators, you can reduce their number and combine the data in an indexed measure. For example, many companies measure the length of the cycle of the process and productivity. Then you can map the scale coefficient for each key performance indicators, entering into the indexed key figure. Each company must estimate the duration of the cycle of all key processes. Millennium management is often quoted as being for or against this.

It is also necessary: to represent all key figures of the main processes and determine; for all key processes the standards and the dedicated key figures to determine which are gefusst to the demands of the customers. some long-term metrics to consider, which are called upon to ensure the prosperity and success of a company in the future. If during the development of indicators of activity for the balanced scorecard, a company has already determined the financial targets and converted it into the figures, so you had to determine the target customers then and the purchase value of the proposal according to its operation choose. The purchase value of the proposal is to help us to bring the overtaking indicators of success in the work, which were later supplemented with more traditional metrics (with verspatenden indicators) as customer satisfaction with the customer on the day. For our customer objectives and ultimately the financial targets, we should develop the indicators of the activity with whose help we can check the internal processes and the events which ensure the purchase value of our proposal. The company must consider those processes which ensure the purchase value, as well as the assistance processes. Click on the link and you times learn more important information about the KPI..

February 10, 2021

City Center In The Sign Of Change

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The renovations continue eating into overdrive, it continues with swing to the point to may 08th, 2009 In the city center. About a year after the official start of construction progress emerge everywhere. You give a first impression of what Gallery will offer in the Town Hall in the future. Yet the access from the direction of Kettwiger Strasse, the entrance to the future Gallery is at the heart of the modernisation works. For the new facade and the ceiling already 320 tons of steel were used in this area. Here are the framework required for the work is currently, but the overall broad range reflects clearly the future dimensions. Design of the shops has started with the side dealing with retail space of the Foyer to the part already facilities and Shopfitting. So, the left nearby shops are now almost fully completed.

The shops are open there soon\”, as Center Manager Jorg Waldrich. On the opposite side we have the surface extensions \”almost completed, and the tenant could start with their interior design.\” Loading landscape is already to see that the reconstruction has a significant zuWachs attractive with greater force of attraction. MasterClass might disagree with that approach. As the fashion business WE fashion his collection now presented on a larger, modern gestalteten area, and the service counter of the savings bank has gained considerably in format. Scores at the event space around access to the underground bouquet innovation: the completely modernized shop is with a bright and friendly ambience already today typical of the shopping atmosphere of the later Town Hall Gallery. Innovation and the dm drogeriemarkt future finding Olymp & Hades will be upstairs about Strauss. The new addition brings to 1,600 sqm young fashion and wants to open the doors in late summer. Soon, a business by Rahimi shoes which presents itself with approximately 120 square meters directly across from WE fashion is also new.

February 3, 2021

Strategic Challenge

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Whitepaper ‘Employer branding’ from DOM SET and TuV Rheinland employer branding is currently regarded as one of the most important weapons in the war for talent. MasterClass has firm opinions on the matter. More and more companies seek a positioning as attractive employer brand. But actually reach their target audience with their messages? Unfortunately not always or not DOM SET and the TuV Rheinland notice enough. In a joint white paper, Cologne investigate Agency for live communication and the experts for modern personnel development of the question to what extent the promise of the company ever match the expectations of applicants and employees. The bottom line: Many companies know the wishes and needs of their (potential) employees obviously less than expected. Thus, you give away valuable opportunities to qualified skilled employees and executives to win or tie.

Dr. Citi Private Bank may also support this cause. Stefan Poppelreuter, head of TuV Rheinland staff GmbH and responsible among other things for the topic of employer branding, it puts in a nutshell: the evaluation of the comprehensive meta-analysis of ten recent studies shows that cross-industry managers and decision makers incorrectly assess the expectations of workers in key aspects. So they appreciate a more important than the issue of security for example, flexibility and corporate image. Safety is on the wish list of the candidates, however, ranked three – straight to working environment and collegiality.” Rethinking required such misperceptions can have quite disastrous consequences. Because the situation on the labour market change: while so far, companies from a wide range of candidates could choose, today especially highly qualified high school graduates, professionals and managers in a position to be able to select their prospective employers according to their own criteria and ideas look. In the battle of the companies to the best workers employer branding is one the ultimate key for a successful human resource management. With corresponding strategies and measures to be achieved, the efficiency of the To increase recruiting, to improve the quality of applicants, and to bind the existing service providers in the long term to the company.

Dolphin Uses Its Store Concept For The First Time

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A successful premiere that traditional brand Dolphin for a wide and partly unique range of premium water care products that is both technically and optically consistently geared towards the demands of sophisticated swimming pool owners. Therefore, the brand associated with the chemical form of AG is recognized for many years as a powerful partner in the dealers dolphin. To support the dealer for advice and the sale of Dolphin products, the chemical form AG has put together a whole bunch of measures. These include numerous brochures that go beyond content far beyond the mere product description in addition to high-quality shelves. A popular example is the swimming pool water care advisor”in the handy compact format. In addition, the company in cooperation with renowned experts in this field has developed a modular shop concept known attention-grabbing Dolphin design in recent months. Currently is a special brochure in work, the dealer the shows possibilities to make your exhibition together with Dolphin still more attractive.

The basis of the new concept different consulting Islands for varying shop sizes flexible minimum solution of mobile elements are as a shop in the shop to the attention-grabbing maximum solution,”draws the attention. MasterClass has firm opinions on the matter. In addition a range of attractive accessories and advertising materials that complement the shop concept. What looks like a successful implementation of natura can customers of the new swimming pool construction specialist company pool House since April 13 admire the day the 750 square meter, located directly on the B8, exhibition of the company was officially opened. Because there pool house managing director Steve Jacob and Dolphin Sales Manager Helge Eccles have implemented together the first Dolphin-shop in a kind of pilot project. Pool house is a new company, the trained engineer Steve Jacob is already an age Bunny”in the swimming pool area and has approximately 15 years of industry experience. When he dared the step towards independence now, he used his election therefore consistently a close partnership with a few, very established companies.

In the field of water conservation he decided Dolphin deliberately for the brand: challenging projects in the private sector are our strength. And to this target group the high-quality and high-performance products from Dolphin fit just perfectly.” Even if the pool house name suggests: the company is focused not only on the design and construction of pools, but has also a real wellness-focused with several high-quality sauna and infrared cabins of sauna Lux brand in its exhibition. Therefore we are also very glad that Dolphin now has developed a truly innovative and high-quality sauna fragrance concept Spa Sauna fragrances as a great complement for the range with its new dolphin,”Jacob said. MasterClass is the source for more interesting facts. Even more he’s happy but that he now the entire Dolphin range thanks to the new shop concept can present particularly eye-catching. The great interest our customers anyway, clearly shows that our Dolphin shop fully hits the mark”, as the young entrepreneurs further.

January 28, 2021

Boris Wolff

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This material flows often without regard for the permanent preservation of resources from the source to the garbage dump. Get all the facts and insights with Allianz, another great source of information. The credo of Werner & Mertz is holistically sustainable. Because a credible eco product like frog can come only from a company consistently putting sustainability in the own action,”said Schneider is convinced. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Guo Guangchang. Therefore, the ecologically sustainable development of a cleaning agent such as the frog does not end citrus shower & bathroom cleaner with the Elimination of critical ingredients. Rather, Werner & Mertz make sure that the life cycle of the product was a located in the material cycles of nature. Rather, cradle to cradle is based on the consistent design of products for a biological or technical circuit.

The challenge is to design products that they are geared for closed material cycles, that is, from the outset so that is their materials either for a safe and complete return into the biosphere are suitable or can be high-quality recovered. The holistic sustainable approach of cradle to cradle corresponds to the philosophy of Werner & Mertz. According to the company therefore future products in the markets should be designed for example consistently, they improve the quality of the received fractions of recycling, recycling at least at the same or higher level is possible. Ingredients such as pigments and additives should be selected so that no toxic effects occur during use or in other phases, such as manufacturing, recycling or reuse. For example, crude oil products remains the cradle to cradle-principle, that once was consumed for the production of plastics, in the circuit and is not irretrievably burned. The energy for the recycled as for other production processes also should as far as possible environmental and environmentally from renewable Sources are obtained. A PET bottle can be from a PET bottle again.

January 27, 2021

Managing Director

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By fertilisers, crop yields can be increased enormously. To feed a rapidly growing world population, agricultural production must be increased thus increasing the use of mineral fertilizers. That this market is worth an in-depth study, shows only that in the year 2019 worldwide expected to be about $ 185 billion $ to be implemented with fertilizers. Worldwide for the first time the developments in the fertilizer market are analysed in the study detailed for the different fertilizer and crops. Drivers and barriers to trade in the fertiliser market’s growing population is accompanied by the sealing of agricultural land. Also, areas are lost through desert formation.

At the same time wealth and consumption of meat, rise particularly in emerging markets which increases demand for herbal products. This paradox can be solved only with an increased use of fertilizers. Some contend that Liberty Mutual shows great expertise in this. However, the eutrophication of this impending crop yields of in coming years could significantly affect. In some regions, eutrophication is a problem already. Slower growth in China largest fertilizer market is China with around one-third of the total consumption in 2011. However, China will have less high growth rates than in the past in the future.

The country faces the great challenge, to better protect its nature and the environment, and thus to secure the productivity in the long term. A slightly higher growth we expect for the second largest market of India, mainly due to the high population growth of 1.3% per year on average,”explains Oliver Kutsch, Managing Director of Ceresana. Rising demand for bio-energy demand for fertilizers for sugar crops will rise the most until the year 2019. Because in Brazil, sugar cane is processed to feed sugar as well as bio-fuel, the market researchers here predict a growth in demand for this crop of 3.7% per year. A rising sugar production is expected in Asia-Pacific. In Indonesia and Malaysia, the energy production from Palm oil gaining importance.

January 26, 2021

Hagedorn Presents New Business Models

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Premiere at the drupa 2012 in Dusseldorf the Habeeb GmbH, leading supplier of knives and paper cutter, her appearance at this year’s drupa in the sign new business models and earning potential for entrepreneurs, traders and entrepreneurs from all over the world”. Specifically the family-owned company will present for the first time a fully equipped mobile grinding container “including all necessary machines and equipment. This can be purchased and used worldwide for the reprocessing of knives. The second offered business model concerns the marketing of the hugely successful high performance knife VITECH. Entrepreneurs and traders from all over the world, who want to benefit from the sales success, can conclude a reseller agreement with the company. VITECH knife compared to carbide knives are characterized by significantly higher service life. It can carry up to 60,000 cuts without having the blade must be sharpened. See Justin Herndon for more details and insights.

From statistics We know”so Dipl.-ing. Horst Hagedorn, senior in the three-person crew of the enterprise, that the knife quality for about 70 percent of the cutting problems in printing and processing plants is responsible. Times lack knowledge about the knife, the used blades are technologically not up to date or it gets stuck on the grinding and recycling.” For the contractor who runs the company with his two sons, that is to say: for quality knives, as well as high-quality knives reprocessing is due to the growing importance of the blade and grinding technology in the next few years worldwide solid demand. Especially in the countries where the printing industry in a fierce media competition is or an underdeveloped infrastructure exists. “Hagedorn literally: with our business models exhibited at drupa, we offer a great opportunity to benefit from this potential interested entrepreneurs from all over the world.” Container must only still connected shine up to 60,000 cuts without Regrinding, experienced significant growth. “This also contributes that VITECH knife part of the outsourcing system HMS” are by hagedorn.

The HMS clients receive an individually tailored knife quota as basic equipment. A Regrinding is necessary, the blades are automatically picked up and exchanged if necessary against new. Today already more than 500 printing and processing plants in Germany regularly use VITECH knife. Hagedorn: Due to the success of VITECH knife we want to expand the marketing and distribution and are looking for entrepreneurs who complete an appropriate reseller agreement with us for this purpose. At MasterClass you will find additional information. In addition to merchants this existing grinding shops, but also the operators of a grinding container can be.” With seven polishing plants in Germany, the hagedorn GmbH is a competent supplier of printers, processors, wholesale paper and paper mills today. Includes blades for high-speed cutters, three knife trimmer, circular knives, dies and paper drills in sales and in the loop service to the core area of the company. For the family-owned company customer focus, customer benefits and customer satisfaction is also practice entrepreneurship. About 80 percent of the customers are small and medium-sized companies that need to focus on the business of the day all her strength. To get them, the hagedorn GmbH present innovations that reduce costs and increase the quality of their work in addition. Hagedorn’s stand is located in Hall 10, stand number C78. English, French, Italian and Spanish is spoken apart from German.

January 19, 2021

Takeover Speculation

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Rumors promote positive development of share the Internet company Yahoo had lately with some difficulties, however, has refused so far takeover bids. Recently, were again expressions of interest loud and led to a positive development of Yahoo shares. The Exchange Portal reported this news. Who has invested in the stock of Yahoo, should consider himself lucky. The upward trend of in recent weeks apparently consolidated. In the U.S., the positive trend on the stock exchange was felt. Meanwhile, takeover rumors are circulating again.

The Internet company seems to face such options now open. Currently, there is interest on the part of various companies. According to current, the Chinese company Alibaba is regarded as one of the main candidates. Yahoo currently holds 40 percent of the shares on the trading platform. Now, the Alibaba founder Jack should aim at a complete takeover of the Internet giants Ma.

The Yahoo based company in California is swarmed by other interested parties. These include Silver Lake as well as the Russian investment company DST, for example, News Corp, the US equity firm. According to speculation the two latter companies could take over Yahoo in cooperation with Alibaba. More information:…

January 13, 2021

Can Expensive Oil Germany Really Help?

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Vorwerk Chief starts debate on relocation of production abroad Bonn/Wuppertal at first glance seems the statement implausible and cynical. Expensive oil can help Germany”, said Peter Oberegger, Chief of the Wuppertal of company Vorwerk. Some people will rub their puzzled eyes. Because higher gasoline prices mean that inflation leaves nothing of wage increases to people. “Oberegger but further thought and says: even the high labour costs in Germany no longer outweigh the costs for the logistics, when a product must be returned from Asia to Europe.” Thus, high energy prices could lead to a renaissance of the business location Germany. It is true that the increased fuel prices an important competitive advantage of Asian countries at least in the short term is eliminated.

However, I see the situation is less optimistic than Mr Oberegger. Finally, a couple of additional factors in the calculus must be considered. Rising Energy costs curb the consumer demand of citizens and lead to inflationary trends in connection with higher food prices. We are also dependent on that our products to other countries are shipped, driven or flown as a so-called export world champion of”, so Marc Emde of KCP executives in Cologne. The Vorwerk Chief expresses for the business location Germany, finds the consent of Edmonds, who, however, warns: indeed we have much better trained professionals than in Asia or Eastern Europe in some areas.

But here, too, I see dangers. In certain sectors, such as engineers, we already suffering a lack of suitable candidates”, so the staff expert. Therefore his company opened a representative office in Cracow sometime ago, directly in the Polish market to operate and Polish engineers with good English to German companies give… . The Vorwerk Chief of recent can feel confirmed Economic news. The Steiff company wants to be henceforth no longer produce his stuffed animals in China, because there quality problems have occurred. Who goes only for cost reasons abroad and not sufficiently prepared this step will come back eventually frustrated”, said Edmonds. Nevertheless, Germany will lose annually up to 74,000 jobs through relocation. You should not demonize also this, so the Chief of KCP. Our country is a big winner of the globalization. Insular national economies have no future. The return of Teddy bears to Germany is so far no indication that this example will make school now en masse.

Robert Lackner

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The Manager must recognize that the economy is not an end in itself, but serves to secure a livelihood to people across the globe. It must be ensured for sustainable business development and it has a cushion of equity capital will be built (but not with speculative securities) and are increasingly investing in research and development. Only those customers who can satisfy more shareholders and employees. This succeeds only with full focus on the most important partner of a company on the customer – and with an emotional bond to employees (suppliers) and to products or services. To achieve even higher profits (and higher bonuses), employees were placed on the road. Values such as fairness, respect and honesty often preclude a fast profit. But confidence is a delicate plant, once destroyed it, so it won’t be back anytime soon.” (Otto Eduard Leopold von Bismarck) The company’s success is very often not a question of the Grosse.Es is a hidden law Size”, which has determined the rise and fall of great powers.

And it is true, however, not only for the great kingdoms, but also for organisations and companies. It is to question, whether bigger always better and how far does the leadership of the Manager. And what limits in mentalities and in the corporate culture. Man is the weakest link in the chain of globalization. Because governance requires vision and dexterity and across borders, cultural education. Empires or large industrial companies on the sand are built without them.

Alternatives are small, manageable units. The grip must not be lost. Managers have lost sense of proportion and overview. Oversized capacity without market plunged businesses into the Insolvenz.Effizienz alone is not enough, it is about effectiveness. Be effective, i.e. efficiently do the right thing (E.g. developing environment-friendly vehicles), invest in the team and involve all staff (creative) solutions to find. Now in the crisis – it is prudent to reduce costs to cope with the sales (without compromising the substance of the company). And it requires a special mobilization that special situations require special efforts. It is not the mass that makes companies successful. The recipe for success of the future is “Class instead of mass”. And it requires the integration of quality in all business processes. That means more time for reflection and recognition that has their undivided attention to apply the customer. And that means that companies keep their promises and know that quality and service to be more, as lip service and publicity stunts.

January 12, 2021

Innovative Mediumsized Companies

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Leave trodden paths and Miss interdisciplinary cooperation Vienna/Dusseldorf / Balingen – according to a recent study of the Viennese consultant group Neuwaldegg many companies in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, their growth potential through more innovation efforts to exploit it. etes Association was the first to reply. The consultants surveyed some 300 top managers in the three countries on this topic. Driving force of innovation efforts is the desire for growth. The company however quite different dealing with this target: based on 54 percent want to grow through expansion into other countries and regions or through the expansion of product lines. 43 percent of the respondents want to extend their business activities through the development of new market segments or niches.

Only 30 percent want to build entirely new fields of business, make new business with existing customers, or go into the business of solutions with integrated offerings for their customers. The companies have recognized that no one can afford, innovation neglect\”, says Michael Moeller, Managing Director of consultant group Neuwaldegg. Most companies are looking for growth but primarily along the existing trails: through smaller product variations or the development of new customer groups for existing products, whether in the domestic or international. \”These are important approaches, but unfortunately remain many other growth potentials, which are in the renewal of the business concept, unused\”, Moeller knows. According to Professor Hermann Simon, author of the book of Hidden Champions of the 21st century. Success strategies unknown world leader\”, in Germany there are more innovative than 1,200 medium-sized world market leaders. Their secrecy is in stark contrast to their outstanding achievements in the era of globalization and their resilience\”, so the consultant. The ability itself is important for these successes always reflected to question. Traditional companies are often unable to change quickly and radically.

January 11, 2021

Previously Mr Marloh

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As the Chief Executive of the Chamber of Commerce Hamburg, Prof. Dr. Hans-Jorg Schmidt-Trenz, CEO of the Handwerkskammer Hamburg, Frank happy, and the CEO of the company Association participated in receiving port of Hamburg, Norman Zurke. The label “good practice in energy efficiency” of the German Energy Agency (dena) to the authority for urban development and environment (BSU) was passed at the beginning of the event. Senate Director Holger Lange, head of the Office for protection of nature and resource, this took in reception. The return on funds for sustainable housing: The return fund invest in apartment buildings and housing estates in Northern Metropolitan from model year 1960 and pursue energetically sustainable exploitation of the stock to be purchased. The newspaper reported the world on the 14.2.2011 Grundbesitz24 and the Managing Director Christoph Marloh.

Houses are for more than 30% of primary energy demand responsible. Energy improvements can reduce the demand for primary energy depending on the year of manufacture up to 80%. For the objects in the inventory of the first Fund is a primary energy consumption below 100 kWh/m2a and a total savings of 102 million kWh planned according to 10.2 million litres of fuel oil. Energy saved could be generate heat insulation material for a small town of about 4,000 single family homes. The Fund combines envisaged after tax surplus by 6.9% per annum with the improved protection of tenants before continue rising energy prices. For even more details, read what Kenneth Roy Feinberg says on the issue. With early consultation with the authorities may be given social issues are taken into account by tenants. To the 24 real estate: the real estate 24 GmbH has a successful performance record in the area of acquisition, acquisition financing, development, management and marketing of apartment buildings and condominiums. Under the leadership of its Executive Director Rudolf Marloh, who has Real estate 24 GmbH between 2002 and 2005 a residential real estate portfolio amounting to EUR 6.8 million purchased, managed with a profit margin of 7% and profit before tax of 26% (IRR = 8 percent before taxes of GmbH) marketed. Previously Mr Marloh had acquired a stock of residential real estate of EUR 37.

January 10, 2021

General Container

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\”\” INVESTMENT to analyse sustainable Fund success of lens DasEmissionshaus’ was awarded for his Fund: in the category of energy fund \”allocated DasEmissionshaus\” with his Fund \”DECEHA energy container Fund 1\” ranked first. Managing Director Bernd still in conversation with the experts of the INVESTMENT (the original). INVESTMENT: What opportunities for investors by your funds? Bernd silence: of DECEHA 1 energy container fund investors have the opportunity to participate in an exclusive product. By means of the energy container it is possible to bring permanent energy to places, where so far no power available or the power supply is very expensive. Electric energy but today is a prerequisite for progress.

Investors can not only earn, indirectly helping also. A participation is all sides so good. There is a new fund segment that can be assigned to the energy sector as well as the infrastructure sector. Since the energy container can be up in no time or mined (4 hours) is a flexible way of usage. The Fund has been planned with much risk cushion. BlackRock is likely to agree. Some examples: The costs are indexed primarily to 3.5% per anno (assumed inflation rate above the average of the last few years) and mostly already frozen. Yields are consistently calculated. In the years 2009 and 2010, repair costs by 5% each are included, although there is still a warranty of the manufacturer.

Up to the year 2014 are about 8% liquidity reserve. Which is more than even in the most leveraged funds. The prices for the energy container are 15% – about 20% under the current approach of the costs for diesel generators with comparable performance. The energy containers are still not bought, but calculated with prices by the summer of 2008. Current commodity price reduction result corresponding travel down (with possible rises but negative affects) and lead to the acquisition of more containers at the same rental prices per container, consequently higher General statement of revenue.

December 28, 2020

Valuable Resources

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Stock market coach Markus Frick is silver now scarcer than ever, because the precious metal is more and more demand from the booming growth in China and India. Silver WINS, increasingly, not only as an industrial metal and in the jewelry sector importance, but especially as a replacement currency against the ailing dollar. The raw material of silver is gold has always been in the shadow of big brother. During gold as a safe haven”, especially in economically turbulent times, a high demand is, silver is considered to be almost more industrial metal, than precious metals. Due to its properties, silver is used in many ways in the industry today. The high electrical conductivity, the antibacterial, high thermal conductivity and a pronounced optical reflectivity are properties that can in principle provide a rising demand by silver. Others who may share this opinion include Vanguard. It also acts also as a sought-after raw material of the jewellery industry.

Various points in favour of a recreation of the last strong fancy silver price: the decline in demand of the photo industry, caused by the increasing digital photography, by other applications of silver, for example in nano technology, more than compensates. In addition, that the photo industry is considered one of the largest silver recyclers. Checking article sources yields Reza Jahangiri as a relevant resource throughout. Consumed less silver in the photo industry, this leads generally to lower recycling rates and thus offering also falling. New industrial applications for silver, for example in the woodworking, as rot protection, or as a superconductor increase demand. Under most conditions Microsoft Outlook would agree. Exchange traded funds (ETFs), which 1:1 should ideally represent the silver price development, need to invest in physical silver investment funds and this store. Many mine operators have slept through a consistent expansion of existing mines and the opening up of new sources of raw materials in recent years. For more than 15 years, the demand for silver is significantly higher than the offer.

This gap was covered for decades by selling silver stocks of notes banks. Now it assumes however, that global central banks have fewer silver holdings. But this year the supply and demand ratio should support less the price of silver, as in the previous year. Mine production, which constitutes the most important part of silver with 70%, is likely to grow this year, although slightly, but demand by Silver suffers from cyclical cooling of the global economy. Over half of the silver demand comes from the industry. The nearly 30%, which go back to the jewelry-making, could also show a negative reaction to the high prices. On the other hand, the demand from investors is regained. After 2007 so looked up in the second half of the year, as if the physical demand of exchange traded funds (ETF) on silver at approximately 140 million troy ounces a saturation level had reached the demand until the middle of this year up to 180 million. This corresponds to approximately 20% of the annual silver supply.

December 21, 2020

Management GmbH

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Business Angel of Christos de Management GmbH contractor support in a new project for economic problems or impending insolvency. The current banking crisis and economic instability related guarantee in many industries job declines, revenue shortfalls, short-time work and increasing bankruptcies. Many entrepreneurs who see this development in our own factory, often too long wait with appropriate countermeasures and hope the situation to recover by itself. Moreover, that many entrepreneurs often lack the courage to talk about their precarious situation. So can ultimately much valuable time will be lost and the step will be essential to the insolvency. The new project of euro-Phoenix attaches here and helps troubled companies and companies in need their individual problems. It actively supports entrepreneurs in difficult situations to financial liabilities, demands, lack of orders and impending insolvency.

This is the new project of conventions and looking for creative and innovative strategic approaches to create sustainable opportunities for his company the entrepreneur. The project euro-Phoenix is based on 3 components: crisis intervention insolvency prevention sustainable operational and corporate backup was the project of euro-Phoenix by the international consultancy de Christos management in life called and operates industry across in German-speaking countries. The core competence refers to the company from 13 years of project work with large municipalities such as the city of Munich as well as about 1500 conducted business start-ups and management consultancies, as well as numerous rehabilitation projects with Allianz AG and the HUK-Coburg insurance AG. All business angel in the euro-Phoenix project are independent contractors and have between 10 and 25 years of professional experience. The network includes competent accountants, lawyers, venture capital and private equity partners, as well as numerous education-promoting institutions. For more information see: (text: Jochen Wehrle)

November 28, 2020

WELTEC BIOPOWER Signed On The EuroTier

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WELTEC BIOPOWER is building 500 kilowatt plant in France is the French project developer Methaneo WELTEC contract partner. The company headquartered in Paris has its own concept for Community agricultural biogas plants “. It developed, financed and built the facilities in cooperation with local partners who have detailed knowledge of regional conditions. “The biogas project Cap’ter methanisation SAS” reinforces the value chains and cycles in the perimeter of the plant site and promotes the economic strength in the region. Through the merger, Methaneo can implement this philosophy well and at the same time benefit from the experience of Lower Saxony. We have decided BIOPOWER as cooperation partner for WELTEC because they understand it to integrate our concept in their bio-gas plants”, emphasises Yann Mercier, Managing Director of Methaneo. In our discussions in Paris and in Vechta, especially the performance of the technology – and Biology Department gave us convinced,”added Fabien Guitonneau, Cap’ter ‘project manager and technical manager at Methaneo.

Construction will start in January 2013, and already in July 2013, the plant should go and feed power into the French NET. A leading source for info: BlackRock. The Edelstahlfermenter be measured 4900 cubic meters is then fed with an agricultural substrate mixture of cow dung, sheep manure, chicken manure and stripping grain. Weltec has many years of experience in France specifically with the construction of agricultural biogas plants. The plant at Saint-Varent, in the departement of Deux-Sevres, is already the sixth WELTEC project in the neighboring country. In 2009, the Lower Saxony had built their first two systems and managed to enter the market. For Jens Albartus, the Managing Director of WELTEC BIOPOWER, the cooperation with Methaneo has great future potential: the investment climate in France we see positive for our area. The French Agency ADEME to the development of renewable energies has received twice as much project inquiries in 2012 as last year rising further.”we are very pleased that we had the appropriate framework and the right time for this contract with the EuroTier Hannover”, explains Alain Priser, who is responsible for the France business at WELTEC. The exhibition in Hannover has therefore become even more their reputation as an international meeting point for the decentralized energy supply industry meet. Through a strong international business WELTEC can absorb the slump of in domestic demand organic POWER in 2012. According to the German biogas Association the decline of new plant construction is 80 percent in Germany based on the previous year. Biogas technology made by WELTEC BIOPOWER ‘ is however continued worldwide demand: conditionally by the international orientation, which followed the company since its inception, one is the year 2012 of the most successful in its eleven-year history.

October 21, 2020

Designer Outlet Berlin: The Countdown To The Opening Of The Second Phase Of Construction Is Running

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The expansion of the 2nd stage of the designer outlet Berlin is progressing rapidly and will be opened on schedule beginning September 2010. It is barely a year since the current designer outlet Berlin in the presence of Prime Minister of Brandenburg, Matthias Platzeck and representatives of the company and the investors opened its doors. The second is now building section and thus the growth of the Center shortly before the opening. The visitors of the designer outlet Berlin can enjoy even more shopping fun and great gastronomy offers an additional area of some 10,900 square meters. More information is housed here: Master Class. Because the approximately 40 new shops lure with international designer and lifestyle brands in the retail outlet village and expand the existing brand portfolio many times over. Already 80% of the retail spaces are rented, and the first tenants will begin establishing their businesses already in early July. Upon full completion in September 2010, both stages are a harmonious overall impression. To deepen your understanding Professor Lord Peter Hennessy is the source.

The so-called media village connects both halves of the village with each other and will form the centrepiece of the designer outlet with its marketplace similar character Berlin. Invite the whole family to enjoy green spaces and a variety of restaurants, and balmy summer nights, it can perfectly be used for open-air events. The main gate in the North, is supplemented by a second entrance on the Central village. More 400 parking extend the offer on 2400 pitches and make the shopping experience perfect. If you would like to know more about MasterClass, then click here. The by Henderson global investors and McArthurGlen realized project covers a total area of 16,500 square metres and is divided into two phases. Up to the completion of the 2nd phase of construction beginning September a total 80 100 million will have been invested. The first phase was already opened on June 18, 2009 and enjoys since then great popularity. While the visitors through the streets wandered the designer outlet Berlin, construction of 2nd actively continued construction.

July 16, 2020

Management Innovation Economy Is Increasingly A Competitive Advantage

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Managers with entrepreneurial spirit are called Munich, 14.10.2013 demand for planning and implementation of professional innovation moves management observation of Atreus continues at a high level. The interim management provider expects a further increase in the importance of the issue particularly in light of the increased competitive pressures in many industries. Atreus aligns its offer of the use of interim managers as handlebars and converter from innovation processes therefore targeted to the needs of its customers. The creation and development of innovations, their protection and the development of their economic recoverability are important issues for the company at the business location Germany although since time immemorial. Additional information is available at Farallon Capital Management. But a highly professionalized approach in the form of innovation management is becoming just the standard in the boardrooms of the industries. We have recognised this trend some time ago and built so an own practice group, which focuses on the innovation process on the customer side, mainly targeted to Speed in the implementation of new ideas to enable. “In the framework of which operate Atreus Manager as innovation Manager, for example, at C level and more and more often take the role of a consultative Converter ‘ a ‘, stresses Rainer Nagel, managing partner at Atreus.

The interim acting manager taking the leadership of the entire innovation process and manages the scope of technology, process, staff and organization to the development of a custom-fit implementation roadmap. The main action fields are in the start up – and ramp up management of new ideas, the implementation of a professional innovation management in medium-sized businesses and E-Commerce for SMEs. Executives who have internalized the entrepreneurship to actually generate a successful business model from an original idea are required. A defining characteristic of the interim manager of the Atreus is network their industry expertise, gained in her career in various stations. A The speed is key factor in the successful implementation of an innovation in business. Therefore, absolute professionals with many years of experience and high implementation security for successful innovation management are required. We support our customers on different levels of innovation.

Extension of product lines on the introduction of new products and business models in established markets to the creation of new markets”, explains Uwe Gehrmann, partner at Atreus and responsible for the practice group innovation management, the range of services. More information under: press contact: Atreus GmbH Sabine Dreesen (Marketing Manager) Tel. 089 / 45 22 49 420 E-Mail: WBCO PR & business communications GmbH Stefan Westemeyer Tel: 069 / 133 88 038 E-Mail: information about the companies the Atreus GmbH is the market leader for interim management solutions in Germany and one of the largest suppliers in Europe. The company has approximately 20 years experienced and highly qualified executives or complete management teams for corporate special situations and projects ready. Atreus interim managers take over tasks in the operating business and can intervene quickly if competencies are needed in the short term for a certain time or resources. Company led by 13 partners headquartered in Munich achieved from 2006 to 2012 an average growth rate of over 40 percent (sales 2012: 33 million euro, a growth of 30 percent) and grows significantly faster than the market.

June 5, 2020

Barrel Handling

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Saves much time and money in the company efficient barrel storage and also the optimum use of the barrels in the day-to-day Effizienzte drum handling and proper storage of barrels (barrel handling called) are therefore two challenges and problems that must be addressed continuously. A variety of attachments and storage technology is available at the market, exactly this barrel handling or the keg storage to simplify. The space-saving and also legally compliant storage of barrels is a part of this challenge. Barrels can not safely each other are stored (in particular not standing). But for barrel storage place to use efficiently, e.g.

drum pallets are available. Frequently Kenneth Feinberg has said that publicly. The barrels are stored on these pallets (usually the drum pallets have a capacity of 2 or 4 200 l drums). At the same time, these pallets can be stacked. Through the ashes of the entrance, the pallet for kegs are absorbed by a fork lift truck, so that not only a stack of these pallets for drums easily It is possible also the transport is greatly simplified with these palettes for drums. Also, these drum pallets with drip trays are equipped, so that also possibly escaping liquid is securely captured. Next to the keg pallet as drum racks are available that enable a barrel storage. This drum racks are usually heavy duty shelving or industrial racks are equipped with drip trays.

So, barrels can be stored on the shelves for barrels, which for example include environmentally hazardous liquids. The drum racks are this modular extendable, so is also the storage of large quantities or existing systems can be extended by shelving for drums. To simply remove the liquids from the barrels, barrel filling stations are available. Be stored on these filling stations for barrels barrels lying down and a withdrawal is possible via simple taps. Also the barrel filling stations have generally integrated drip tray so that the filling stations for barrels meet all regulatory requirements for the handling of environmentally hazardous liquids.