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August 10, 2018

Belarusian Projects

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However, all these figures are reduced to zero incidents of fraud. For example, mention may be made at least two cases in which large investors who put money into projects, "threw" their Belarusian partners. In the first case, the company Fieldyard and Pamir, registered in Cyprus, have invested nearly half a million dollars to the company 'Daklas'. However, co-founder of the citizens of Belarus, falsifying documents, actually skimmed the money. Total planned to attract about 2.8 million U.S.

dollars for implementation of such projects as the construction of the enterprise for utilization of silica gel with harmful impurities (fluoride), as well as development of oil and the installation of enrichment resonant-wave technology. Investors argue that the director of the firm, Eugene Kupchin intentionally prolonged the duration of projects, and listed the money used to pay inflated salaries approximate subordinates including his wife and son. You may find Primerica Jobs to be a useful source of information. At the expense of investors Kupchin also repay old loans. When he was fired, he and former employees "Daklasa, sued, demanding compensation. However, as it turned out, Kupchin faked press acts round-trip work performed, as well as the employment contract, under which he assumed payment of $ 36 monthly salaries (1 salary – around 1000 euros). In addition, it appears that even before the dismissal Kupchin with 'Cut' staff have created a company 'Daklastehproekt', where they intended to withdraw the above-mentioned projects have 'Daklasa'. Investors, in turn, also went to court in late 2010, accusing Kupchina and 'Cut' employees in the conspiracy, as well as misusing investment funds. At the same time representatives of the investors suspect that Kupchin has "connections" in law enforcement that can help in solving case.

In another case, an international holding company took part in the privatization and bought the Belarusian state-run, and then was still in debt. Thus, the holding company Future Group in 2008 bought for investment projects Belarusian state-owned enterprise – a construction company BelOMO Story. " Special inspection Acquires Holding conduct did not, because the company has sold at auction the state on behalf of SPC. However, soon became clear that the company has a debt amounting to 1.6 million dollars. Further, it became clear that BelOMO-Story admit multiple violations, while in the public domain. In 2008-2009, representatives of the Future Group have been involved in dozens of lawsuits. The works of the investor in the territory of Belarus was paralyzed. A reference to the senior officials of the state have failed. For further involvement Investment legitimate rights of foreign investors should be protected effectively, not just on paper or in words. Recall that in last year's "Message of the President of the Republic of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko and the Belarusian people and National Assembly, "the president said:" I warn that any signal on unresolved an issue for investors is perceived to me as a sabotage! ". Moreover, we note that now investors have created new concerns. In particular, in March, was adopted by presidential decree 107, which retroactively spelled out rate, which effectively paralyzed the operations with securities, investors fear resulting prosecutions and confiscation of property. For example, if an investor in early 2011 bought shares in the company, but now it gets the list of strategically important, the State will be entitled to withdraw such shares in its favor.

April 8, 2018

What Is The Secret Of A Successful Internet Business From Home ?

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For more than 12 months, I've been immersed in issues having to do with the Internet, I find a fascinating world and every day there is something new learner. At first I was stuck thinking about how to implement all the information that I could, such as digital books, seminars, Web sites specializing in the subject. Many facts in my head but little action. What you try to do when he wants to go into an unknown sector is to seek as much information, surely you will feel the same, but after much searching and searching I have managed to establish a clear outline for a business on the Internet works. I think that before going to start a business on the Internet, we must first know if we have wood entrepreneur. If you have decided to enter this sector, very happy and I hope I give you good advice so you can start your business from scratch.

Main elements of an online business: When starting a business project, we must be clear what we will need to run: "Product or Service that we sell. -Technology. -Traffic. -Conversion. Product or Service: The first element is the product or service that we offer. Euro Pacific Precious Metals shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. We offer two types of products themselves or others.

In the initial stage of a virtual business it is best to start with a third product, allowing us to start the business immediately. These products are marketed through affiliate programs. To find the affiliate product we should consider the following: Quality of product: it is a product that truly meets a need or desire.

December 13, 2017

National Institute

Association of entrepreneurs of Ibi (IBIAE) has signed an agreement with Beeztel, a telephone operator of new generation which will reduce the rate of phone up to 98%. Through this agreement, the Association will available to its partners a series of very advantageous rates in their calls, which will have a minimum expenditure, without roaming and call set-up. According to the latest data provided by the National Institute of statistics (INE), this agreement may be a relief for entrepreneurs in the area, because the expense of Spanish companies in phone and fax is 10.844.701,98 euros. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out author. Of special interest may be for those companies engaged in the manufacturing industry, extractive and construction which are the worst hit by the phone bill with spending that exceeds 1.6 million euros, and that gives the chance that there are companies which enjoy greater presence in the polygon of the city. At a time where the Spanish market passes serious trouble is a good solution to offer the services in foreign markets which are out of the crisis. Emerging countries such as Latin America or Asia, which today enjoy good economic growth, will be somewhat closer, since this new Convention of IBAE ensures that international calls pass to have price of local rates. This action IBIAE is intended to improve the conditions of their companies, reducing communication costs and improving competitiveness to open avenues of Commerce until now little affordable.

July 31, 2017


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Law subconscious beliefs. The first law of wealth as follows: "You will have everything you deserve according to your beliefs!" Limiting beliefs: "Do not stand out!" On all sides we impose on conviction: "Poor people – it Most of the good, patient, conscientious, and law-abiding people. And rich – greedy and indifferent to the fate of the country and not too honest. " You wonder who benefit, so we thought so? In order not to be sought rich? Talking about money is considered bad manners. In fact, money does not make people poor. They just show our quality. Good people, they give the energy of creation, evil people they destroy. Learn more about this with US Treasury Secretart. When a person becomes famous or rich, have become acquainted with him again.

The biggest difference between rich and poor is not the amount of property and accounts that they have, but in their own beliefs. Law honesty. Our words, deeds, thoughts like a boomerang, they always come back. Create wealth through deception and fraud would be like to build a house on sand. Insanely rich on earth is not so much. Much of Finance on the planet rotates in the hands of people, whose number amounts to about 500 people. Almost every one of them, talking about the components of success, allocate honesty.

Money does not tolerate lies, betrayal and theft. Or work and trust, or trust, but then did not Work. Can not be minutely inspect and control the people: "Do not steal Do you have something." Then it does not work with these people.

March 21, 2017

Business and Strangers

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It's no secret that the success of any business or a business – it's sale, the goods or services we offer to customers. Therefore, those engaged in the business often have to talk to strangers, promoting their goods. Of course gradually over time to do it get better and better, but hardly anyone can say that at the beginning of this path did not feel any fear of owl calls, or simply communicating with potential buyers. Let's talk about this fear, and borrow the experience of those people who have coped with it. Here is a saying from our forum, "I had experience as a sales manager sites, it was very difficult to muster the courage and call to the company and invite them to make a site. Filed under: Jeff Sessions. Every time the thought over a long time, what I say, therefore, calls on the day I had a little bit:) She's gone from there, decided that making the site itself – earn more, so what happened …

And experience communication – invaluable! But the fear of phone calls is still preserved, and sometimes because of this, even losing customers "I can confidently say that any fear is if you overcome it. In such cases, psychologists usually advised "that's what fear, then do it. To step over ourselves and make up until the fear disappears. " I can tell you an episode of his working career when I had to call, but has not anyone else, but unfamiliar Japanese (!!!) And communicate with them on technical equipment.

September 22, 2016

Effective Presentation

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Make a presentation of your business or product effectively is one of the most important things for the development of the same, you should prepare in advance to find strengths and be able to captivate your audience, that will not be monotonous or boring and give you the opportunity of developing your qualities as expert will be one of your best tricks to get satisfied customers. The resulting effective is based on getting the attention of your audience from the beginning, no hables technical data of the product, speaks of the benefits that you will provide its use or consumption, improvements that you can find, the good results that will get .esto is what arouses the desire to purchase on the client. Another way to get their attention is solving problems, people look for solutions, even your you can pose a problem and how to fix it, you have to learn how to detect in your customers needs that they would meet with your products, listen, question, you interact with your customers and remember that each presentation is unique and there is that adapt it to the audience to which it is addressed. Here are my tips for a productive presentation. Here, Dennis Lockhart expresses very clear opinions on the subject. -Enthusiasm always think that confidence is what gives you the security to the present, is good, but the enthusiasm that you transmit is what does generate empathy, is a contagious feeling and will be difficult for your audience to resist to the. -Tells a captivating story in presentations, tell a story related to the topic that you are going to be treated, makes people relax and here is your golden opportunity to involve your audience emotionally, the more effective is to tell anecdotes or success story. -Don’t be a seller of products recalls that you do not sell products or services but sensations that your client will be setting in your mind while you are enumerating them, you have to get your client mentally reaches a situation that craves short-term, look better, take care of your health, benefit… These keys will be very valuable in preparing for a successful meeting..

September 21, 2016

Hepatic Transplantation

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One step from the transplant already we were in emergency, the guards already knew of the liver transplant even already knew us, Rupert was one of them. We passed and we sat down to wait for the second call of Shirley, the nurse was a cloudy, cold night, could not talk, wasn’t the Moon, nor the luceros where there will be gone? I do not know! we only expected, so many memories raced in mind, many dreams could become a reality or turned into nightmares, only we had hoped! Anguish, beating in each pulse of our arteries already it was on the last rung of the ladder, from there there was only silence and solitude, above only was God, equal that in Hamlet, the rest is silence! The chilly, unpleasant and desabrido silence of solitude as he used to say Ingmar Bergman the leaden grey sky of solitude and while diving between quotes and metaphors, between dreams and oasis ringing of the fono, returned me to life cruel was already close to midnight, began on October 15, 2009! If? – I said – Mr Pedro enter emergency! If Shirley, I know that according to the Protocol! Smiled step by step, according to the Protocol of transplant, I went to admission I admitted, I went to topic of surgery I Historiaron, then came Dr. Felix Carrasco and Cecilia Yeren Hello doctor! – greeted me-

I’m doctor. Replied Les with happiness, optimistic, quiet sounded with the transplant God and if it is for me? I operate today, and in a few hours would already be with new liver! Dios Mio! – repeated – while he caressed my icy fingers I examined, saw my old scar, looked and then running A radiography for chest, then to electrocardiography, A laboratory, plate for all analytics. A cliche for the AGA how it hurts this test!, Inter consultation with cardiologist, vital signs with nursing, rest in camilla, media time, a time, a century until alert you that they go to the floor of hospitalization the finalists!, came Dr. Martin Padilla, they were already the 1 and 30 am spoke with doctors, to nurses in emergency coordinated with the floor, talked, coordinated, looked at us, we looked then approached Carlos and me, were the two finalists will both rise! – said -, outlining a smile do I doctor? me? – asked incredulous, surprised, anxious if and repeated if Miguel, you!!! Heart climbed of sanity and I threatened to climb out of the chest you like it reassures I obeyed!, Carlitos was in a wheelchair and it went I was in camilla and without shoes climbed on hospitalization walking without shoes and shoes?.

April 4, 2015

New Business

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The potential risks of operating businesses is less because it is already time-tested. Robotics has much experience in this field. 2. Fixed price. You know the exact cost of the finished business before the deal. A competent inspection of documents and properly executed a contract for its purchase, would avoid an additional, unaccounted expenses.

Opening a new business, as a rule, worth more than you have planned. Really likes to adjust any calculations in the big party, guided, apparently, 'the law Tricks'. 3. Saves time. Creating a new business is often associated with search facilities, repair, purchase of equipment, registration of licenses, business promotion, networking with suppliers. All of this can be avoided by buying ready-made business. And do not refer to the fact that the cost of this work is included in the purchase price.

Is your time is worth less and you do not what to spend it more usefully? 4. Existing customers businesses already providing cash flow, and hence return on your investment will start from day one. 5. Smaller the need for working capital. Business already has a history of working with suppliers and, hence, probably, trade credits (ie, the external financing), which has no new business. 6. Obtain business financing there are a few years a lot easier than the new. Lenders and investors know the statistics (see first paragraph). 7. Return on investment. Most businesses for sale priced relatively fair, but it can be find a ready-made business, which for various reasons, sold much cheaper than its real value. Return on investment within two to three years under the force is not every new business.

January 14, 2015

Steps To Success

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Today to share with you helpful tips that I got at a recent seminar billionaire and business coach number 1 in the world, Brian Tracy. Never try to change what can not, concentrate on what you can. And so on truth, the truth, now tell you a story: In the world of tennis has been a very strong tennis player, unfortunately I do not remember her name but she was a powerful presentation, right arm, she was a very strong player and did not leave his opponents chances, they were all afraid of its filing. But eventually she decided it was time to do exercise filing with the left hand, and started playing with his left hand. Playing tournament after tournament, she could not understand what is going on, but she was lucky that it was a wise coach who told her that concentrate their power is necessary in those areas where you have the advantage, rather than trying to improve the ones where you're weak. And again she began playing with his right hand, her opponent once again become fear her powerful delivery and she had never taken the racket in his left hand, using their full potential is a top priority side. We live in an information, rather than in the industrial age and work here need brains, not your hands. While those who worked the brains and in the industrial age were the most successful. Everyone is a unique intelligent being, the probability that there will be people with the same mindset that you have is 1 in 50 billion.

January 10, 2015

American Express

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Corporate services involves the provision of services, taking into account all possible customer needs: greetings employees of the company, its subsidiaries and representatives, key customers, partners and colleagues with the most significant dates and holidays, to assist in the design of presentations, offices and exhibition stands, making bouquets and compositions in color corporate identity, etc. For corporate clients, is of great importance professionalism and high quality service, speed and ease of ordering, the lack of payment, an individual approach, discounts and warranty orders. That's why reputable reputable firms prefer to use the services of well-known flower companies with great experience, excellent reputation and the ability to quickly make and deliver the order to anywhere in the world. One such company is Fleurop-Interflora, Established in Europe in 1926. It was the first in the world to propose and implement the idea of flower delivery over long distances. Learn more about this with Peter Asaro. Today the company has more than 58,000 flower outlets in 160 countries.

The use of advanced telecommunication technologies, constant updating and improvement of systems allow the World Service Delivery Interflora carry 25 million orders per year. Among the company's clients are such famous companies as DresdnerBank, broadcaster NTV, a radio station "Silver rain", the system American Express, the company Ernst and Yong and others. Company slogan – "Flowers in a few hours to anywhere in the world" – confirmed because clearly built up a system of execution of each order and modern communication technologies. As part of corporate service to its customers the company not only provides services for compiling and delivery of bouquets, the decoration of offices, exhibitions and presentations, but also provides exclusive orders. As a result, the client receives excellent service, professionally drawn flowers, ease of ordering, the individual approach, a guarantee on every order, and work without payment, and discounts. The new company's customers are able to ensure quality of its work without risk to themselves, give 50% discount on the test delivery of flowers. Thus, program of corporate customer service can make a new step in the development of business and expand the range of possibilities. Execute the contract on corporate cooperation, the customer saves time, effort and their own means, instead of getting guaranteed quality and reliability.

May 21, 2014

VIP Services

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The decline in these businesses will last, or not at all. – The second category we include businesses that produce goods and services that are luxury goods and in no way connected with the provision of regular life. Products and services are now in the VIP-segment consumption: edible delicacies, the first line of fashion clothing and footwear, other goods and services VIP-oriented consumer. This is the realm of business, where revenues are determined by high profit margins and relatively low volumes of sales. By and large, are goods and services for those who benefit by playing in a crisis. At Erin Callan you will find additional information. So These businesses may experience a slight decline in revenues beginning of the crisis, but then their income may even increase. – The third category includes businesses that manufacture products and services targeted at the so-called middle class; are goods and services of mass consumption, without which you can do.

This category includes household appliances, cars, cafes and restaurants of the middle class, clothes and shoes mid-priced, mass recreation and entertainment, and other goods (services), forming a style of life and creating a comfort of modern man. Even today there is a decrease of consumption. However, if you take advantage of the crisis properly and develop optimal strategy, we can not only withstand the crisis, but the "bite" from its many competitors a serious piece. "Business to business" and divide into three categories: – The first category includes, for example, activities financial institutions at the operational and settlement services, the necessary logistics services, production of agricultural products.

November 8, 2012

Industrial Relations, The Importance At Work, Or Undertaking

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We’ve all been exposed or had any employment relationship at some point in our lives when that man was social by nature to perform work activities looked in the need to work in teams or working groups to able to develop, the world’s greatest cultures have been developed through excellent coordination of work (or subordination being controlled by their form of government) and good organization. (Greeks, Egyptians, Romans, etc. .) Today, developed countries are no exception, and the good teamwork in business and government makes the difference, and that will be reflected positively or negatively in various activities. Relations (when referring to these as the set of activities, tasks, forms of socialization, or treatment for workers, employees or partners in an organization with common goals and objectives of work) are the essence in the organization, the foundation of all good teamwork, a good and harmonious working environment in these.

A company or a social entity that has problems in their labor relations will fail in the medium or long-term competitiveness, productivity and performance, speaking in the general sense of it, may not meet all its goals and objectives outlined in the individual sense the worker that develops in a work environment difficult and tense, you can not keep pace with work and have difficulty making everyday tasks. To refer to the sense of the word from the personal relations we take a work environment, work with others, but what can be done to make working relationships with peers, subordinates, bosses are nice every day? And How to create suitable working environments?, well, would think that having the same objectives and common goals we would work together, but unfortunately is more complex. Human resource management, psychology, anthropology, sociology, industrial psychology and other sciences that study human behavior in work environments, are aware that the human being by their complex individuality and what makes us so different to each one of us, become a workplace equally complex in its structure, organization and administration, and the need to create more new jobs that make more advisable organization.

Grow to maintain good labor relations in enterprises is being attentive to the needs each member of the organization have job analysis, evaluation, performance indicators and behavior at any given time we may indicate a failure in these relationships, that is to have continuous monitoring of the organization throughout the whole, recognizing that the worker is a key element in the companies for their productivity.

December 25, 2011

Resolution Of The Government Of St. Petersburg 1813

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30 December 2010 was signed, and February 11, 2011 came into force on Resolution of the Government of Saint Petersburg of 30.12.2010 1813 defining the rules of interaction between the executive authorities of St. Petersburg construction complex. Stage of exploration work be abolished, "tselevka" remains in the form of land with preliminary approval of placement; the fate of the projects will be solve the investment expertise. Document conceived and designed to simplify the procedure for granting land for the construction. The previous order – 1592 – was adopted in 2004.

The new order is fully consistent federal laws and regulations of the Land Code. The first and second section addresses the provision of sites for auction, without the prior approval of the locations of objects. To prepare documentation for the auction, put on the need to include in the address list. He agreed in a meeting with the governor and approved by the Construction Committee. The third section concerns the procedures for preliminary approval placement of the object – the so-called tselevka. Here significant changes: thing of the past that stage, as survey work. Goal – to eliminate barriers, redundant steps in obtaining land Decree Government of St. Petersburg from 30.12.2010 1813 is determined by the order of the interaction of executive authorities of St.

Petersburg in the preparation and adoption of decisions on granting of real estate for construction and renovation of state-owned St. Petersburg. Published in the urban section of the legislation: Decree of the Government of St. Petersburg from 30.12.2010 1813 "On Approval Provision on the procedure of interaction of executive bodies of state power St. Petersburg in the preparation and adoption of decisions on granting of real estate. In St. Petersburg, is a law St. Petersburg from 17.06.2004 282-43 On the order granting real property owned by St. Petersburg for the construction and reconstruction." In accordance with the decree, be abrogated By Order in force before the adoption of decisions on granting of real estate construction and renovation, approved by the Government of St. Petersburg from 21.09.04 1592. Source: St. Petersburg State University, Office of Investment

November 25, 2011

Internet Auctions

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Who does not want to have good and neat things? But sometimes our desire to become an impossible dream: a good product costs money. In addition, popular brands, using their name quality products, appointed to goods rather high price, forcing buyers to pay extra for the name. Therefore, people often spend time on the heavy shopping trips, looking for places to buy vending thing at the lowest price, and often deny themselves the pleasure to buy a product immediately, waiting for discounts or sales. But with the development of the Internet, the question – where are all the same to buy the right thing at an affordable price – gradually began to lose its relevance. Firstly, Huge range of products provide online stores, where prices are always lower than in the ‘real’ shops. But there is another way to buy quality goods on the Internet, thus saving quite a decent amount. That – participate in online auctions. And if in real life, few people can afford to participate in the auction in order to become an owner of television, the Internet provides an opportunity to participate as a buyer with a passion offering a price for the coveted prize.

Thus, consider the types of auctions. They come in traditional and nontraditional. Traditional auctions operate on the principles of the world-famous auction, eBay (for information: there companies that provide intermediary services for purchase and delivery of goods from the auction). At the auctions, built on traditional principles, the seller puts the goods, the participants are bidding.

November 15, 2011

Biogas Plants For Processing Organic Residues

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One of the main problems of agriculture has always been recycling organic waste. To solve this problem have a large agricultural complexes, and private farms. How to recycle manure of cattle, how to benefit from waste organic material? Experts in the field of biotechnology provide the answer to this question: "Organic wastes can be disposed of and benefit from stable income. " What biotechnology offer us the experts? Biotechnology in the modern world of science, economy and agriculture is given considerable importance. A fundamental principle of biotechnology is use of biological organisms, bacteria, microorganisms, cellular structures for the production of valuable products. Biotechnology is closely interwoven with the genetic engineering, genetics, microbiology, biochemistry, and many other disciplines. Developments in the processing of organic waste showed that the waste can receive high-organic fertilizers and gaseous combustible material – biogas. Plants for processing liquid organic wastes are composed of bioreactor and gas-holders.

The essence of the process is as follows. In bioreactors – special sealed units – is fermented, organic elements subject to disposal under anaerobic conditions, ie without oxygen at high temperatures. The continuous process is a prerequisite for the formation of biogas and liquid organic fertilizer. Biogas, the main elements of which are carbon dioxide and methane, is sent to the gas tank. Received an environmentally friendly organic fertilizers are readily absorbed by crops, they free from pathogenic organisms and weed seeds. Organic fertilizers include macro-and micronutrients, amino acids and plant hormones that stimulate plant growth. Gaseous fuels – biogas can operate domestic gas appliances, gas water heaters, air heaters and gas generators.

Liquid organic fertilizer is used on all types of soils for fruit, vegetables, forage crops, flowers, ornamental shrubs and others particularly productive use of liquid organic fertilizer as top dressing for vegetables and other crops. Scientists, biotechnologists claim that organic fertilizer, fermented in bioreactors up to 100 times more productive than manure. The most promising technology for processing liquid organic wastes is a technology using bioreactors and biogas plants. This technology is suitable for cattle farms, pig farms, chicken farms, private farms.

September 3, 2011

Franchise Business Plan

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Prior to the acquisition of franchise businesses one should conduct a thorough analysis of choosing a franchise. The following considerations should be considered in order: Implementation of introspection. Select a product or service. Search the likely candidates to purchase a franchise. Analysis of the checklist. Get full information about the activity. Hire a lawyer Compare deductibles and choose the best of them. Drafting business plan. One of the most important steps towards creating your own business is a business plan to budding entrepreneurs.

Business plan to evaluate possible costs. Difficulties and requirements to ensure who decided to start their own business, a business and ensure its functioning. In essence, a business plan forces the entrepreneur to build its first plant on the paper. Writing a business plan has of great importance to the entrepreneur, since it forces to think about how and what to do, to lenders and investors because it helps them decide whether to finance this venture. In order to compile business plan the entrepreneur must gather information.

The plan will be successful or unsuccessful, depending on the completeness of the information collected by the company. But first of all, the entrepreneur should obtain information from which making depends for its business operational plans related to the production, marketing, organizational structure and legal form. Operational plans, in turn, are the basis for the financial plan. Assistance in preparing a business plan can be obtained from accounting firms, banks, local Chamber of Commerce and trade associations.

September 2, 2011

Feng Shui

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Their are components of harmony and happiness, which give peace of mind and confidence. Therefore, it is not surprising that attention and respect with which they include the occult. There are many real ways to get rich writing books about successful billionaire and business theorists, but our human nature always strives for easy money. Because so popular to this day plots for success in business, the magic of attraction to money and wealth. May we live in an age of technological progress and the triumph of reason over nature, but faith in the unknown and otherworldly unlikely ever to have run out. As far ancestors, many believe in the power of conspiracy and ceremonies, and no matter what forces have to ask for help, dark or light, the main thing – the end result. Of course, and you and I – complete realists, but the magic in honor of today, despite the fact that most witches prove to be lucky dealers or charlatans.

Also, incidentally, give effect to the enrichment program. Just do not take things literally, as if passing ritual you went out of his own parade, immediately run into a suitcase, scored a convertible currency. He does not act at once, and rarely lets his head fall to the lucky ones, or put a huge inheritance. All the same, own well-being have cobble together their own hands. By the way, but there’s still caught us and loved by all the ancient Chinese practice of “Feng Shui”. If you remember, she proposes to divide your home into zones, according to the square of the bagua, which will be responsible for various aspects of your life.