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April 5, 2021

Managing Director

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Sqeez tube drinx launches virtual meeting place for the new online community of sqeez becomes the meeting point of sqeez fans from all over the world. Since the beginning of this month, fans of the cult drink have sqeez the beverage brand launched their new online community a new meeting place, because recently. Accessible under, it offers all known possibilities you know from other online communities and also much more. Arno Aumayr, Managing Director of sqeez tube drinx, about this latest development: “an exceptional product attracts exceptional people. And exactly for this trendsetter, we wanted to create a virtual meeting place. Because there are already around the globe sqeez fans and so they now have an opportunity to meet and have fun.” Still, is located in the start-up phase, but it can be seen that something does. Jamie Dimon has many thoughts on the issue.

Every day, new members sign up and take advantage of the possibilities of creating a profile and a photo and video gallery up to online chat. Additional incentives to the Various contests and sweepstakes offer participating. So, the popular drinks in the tube will be raffled, for example, all new registrations a month both among the most unusual photo contributions. And of course one learns always the latest news about sqeez and is part of it. More info: Newark Beth Israel Heart Transplant. Arno Aumayr added: “We have only started this month, but are surprised what is already going on in the community and how quickly this gets around.” And it is hinted that further actions planned are, where the online community at the Center will be as under other cool sqeez events. In other words, it remains still exciting in the world of sqeez tube drinx. -The CWC ADs & mORE GmbH is part of the CWC Group of companies headquartered in Vienna and in the fields of business consulting, as well as advertising and communication active. In addition to sqeez tube drinx even more innovative products are marketed, including Internet surfing information for hotels and gastronomy.

April 2, 2021

Gas Hotair Balloon Championship

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Austrian State hot air balloon championship venue: Mattsee / Salzburg Lake District region 20 kilometers north of the capital city of Salzburg / Austria is a popular recreational area with various flugsportlichen activities. The area around the Mattsee is popular especially in Salzburg balloon pilots. Around 500 balloon launch listed here per year. The State Championship 2009 is already the second big balloon event in this region and therefore a fixed fruhsommerlicher climax after 2008. Click Mortimer J Buckley for additional related pages. Heissluftballonsport: International starting field participate balloon pilots from Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Lithuania, England are the Federation Aeronautique,…, international (FAI / World Sports Association air) belong to. The balloon teams consist of 3-4 persons (pilot and crew). Standings: Eight balloon launches are planned in optimal weather conditions between 15 and 19 July 2009. There are various events held according to international rules. Frequently Beth Israel Heart Transplant has said that publicly.

The evaluation is carried out through GPS-logger data or the pilot throws a so-called marker\”(a weighted with 70 grams of sand, 170 cm-long strips of fabric,) provided with the start number of pilots over the target point down. These markers will be measured by a measuring team. Competition area: Started Mattsee – upper mountain or the pilots will find from the start square Mattsee – Aug, individual places, depending on by the task. Participants ride in the Salzburg Lake District, in the flat and in the adjacent Upper Austrian Innviertel and Attergau. District: 15 km. Program overview, preliminary planning, changes reserved Wed, July 15, 2009: arrival, check-in the pilot, Generalbriefing, first race and welcome party Thu, July 16, 2009: balloon launch about 05:30 and balloon launch 18:30 Fri 17 July 2009: balloon launch about 05:30 and balloon launch approximately 18:30, 21:00 night of the balloons sat, July 18, 2009: balloon launch about 05:30 and balloon launch 18:30 with BallonBingo, 21:00 alternative date night of the balloons so. July 19, 2009: balloon launch about 05:30, 13:00 Award ceremony European & World Championships for the pilots of the State Championship 2009 is the big goal participation in a European or World Championship.

December 25, 2020

One Continent, One Community – (he) Live Europe

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Real interaction instead of pure content: sets new standards. Hamburg-Braak, March 10, 2009 in Berlin know what’s hot in Rome and in Prague will learn what is happening in Madrid. To find out about the movements of the own town. Scene and events, culture and sports, fashion and style: Miss anything! But be up-to-date and talk first hand, be right in the middle and join. Have fun, feel the pulse of life. For about a year, the online community friends Club is growing meeting place for all young and young at heart people in Europe who are up to date.

What’s going on in the sidestreets clubs, the large arenas and halls and the neglected bars of the metropolises, which restaurants are hip, where are the coolest shops and the weirdest galleries? Which location is difficult in the agreement and which trend prevails? And also: what’s the absolute no-go of city? The answers provide not only the friends Club Scouts, which are on the road in Europe, but also the people in the cities themselves. The increasing popularity of the friends Club is based mainly on the active cooperation of its members. Because the Club belonging now to the hottest communities in Europe offers a variety of communicative interactions and quite deliberately one-sided flow of information without the possibility of exchanges. Dynamic interaction is the key, if a community is to be truly alive who wants to deepen partnerships among all users and provide a real benefit to users”, so the friends Club members practise real networking in best mutual interaction and individual commitment. Only the generated situations of give and take, which allowed everyone to become active creators and thus enrich the community constantly.” Fun with the community and well-being in the community that is the friends Club message.

Therefore, the friends Club is not only online lived in front of the monitor, but is also offline in real life. Deltec may not feel the same. Because it is a philosophy of friends Club that people online network and then meet in the cities of Europe personally to permanently expand their circles of friends. In the middle are in life the user also in the Europe-wide karaoke contest advertised by friends Club, which brings directly to Barcelona, the winner of the coveted awards for a dream weekend companion included. Friends club itself is repeatedly Organizer and organizer of extraordinary events and dazzling parties. Different ways of Community membership offer numerous advantages and services registered users. Of course there is also a free membership, just as it should be for a transparent community. The Club: A vibrant community is across and connects multiple communities because of interest intersect, so that whole new communities have formed these out. “It is so not about that from the friends club out more active friends communities on different topics have formed.” Multiplication pur. And Thus, friends Club is impossible to imagine after only about a year from the landscape of communities. On the contrary: because it makes active felt the lifestyle of an entire continent, it sets standards.