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May 24, 2021

Tupperware Takeaway

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Always keep healthy break snacks such as the Dairy products, fruits, dried fruits, nuts ready. For city cosmonauts tomatoes taste plums in autumn in the summer the best. Who buys seasonal, buys more taste and enjoyment. And health: Frost harvested and transported briefly contain fruits and vegetables the most vitamins and other nutrients. Food therefore seasonal and local. So bring variety to your plate. Another plus: Fruits and vegetables are cheaper than usual in the season. ften says this.

For takeaway-eaters today you can eat culinary himself in every medium-sized city throughout the world. Especially at the takeaway stand. Since luring Asian marinated, fried chicken, Turkish kebab or American Mexican hamburger. In many cases, these quick menus are very fattening. It is important to make sure that your menu contains only one high-fat component when choosing it. Official site: Lehman Brothers. So chicken wings and French fries, but either or. If a mixed salad, vegetable stalks, or a fruit to eat, the healthier eating the fast food stand.

Tips and tricks for takeaway-eaters choose deliberately light items. For example, a muesli without cream, salads or light cheese sandwich or soup. Make sure that you put together your takeaway menu mainly consists of basic as possible unprocessed foodstuffs. Collect good takeaway addresses. This eat well tips then proceed via MMS or E-mail to friends and officemates. (A valuable related resource: MasterClass). Add your takeaway menu still with a fruit, locally purchased or brought from home. Drink to a calorie-free beverage. For machines-eaters small hunger comes on the road unless you are prepared at least to him, often. Be prepared, so that you don’t fall into the “on the go trap. Because too many chocolate bars or drinks from a vending machine bring out your sugar and fat intake. Who ensures a stable blood sugar before the cravings, eat less and more slowly. And can so his small portion of sweet tooth without guilt and without haste yourself so it tastes yet better. Tips against the travelling case can be easily in small Plastiksacklein nuts and dried fruit or canned transport. Fruits such as apples, pears, apricots in a Tupperware fit in small handbags. For the thirsty bear in between getting a small water bottle with him. Vollkorncrackers help a hungry branch. Butter milk provides fluid and slow carbohydrates, vitamins and calcium. For street-eaters also who eats on the go or on the street, can imagine together healthy meals easily. Home cooking for and clever transport is the motto. And who buys stable plastic boxes and a disposable cutlery, prevents yet annoying waste. Tips and tricks for ESS-sit-In buying a sturdy cutlery for on the go. A plastic box to prevent that fresh, ripe fruits are mushy. Buy yourself a small thermos for cold/hot soups and beverages. Save money, if you once purchased PET bottles again with water fill up.

April 19, 2021

Friendsday At PIUS

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The event month in the PIUS Friendsday wine this is the event in the month, the real wine lovers now red should have noted in the calendar. It is a pleasant get-together, the popular online wine shop now regularly invites you to in Hamburg. Each 1 Sunday a month in Eppendorf or the following Monday in Poseldorf district it’s time: in PIUS’ wine economies in Hamburg a popular meeting place for discerning wine lovers the friends are expected from 18:00 until 23:00. After a warm welcome by the Friendsweinshop crew the guests a delicious welcome drink and a delicious variety of Flammkuchen can look forward in the online wine shop is the possibility to print a voucher for this purpose, but also who does not have, under is received properly by the local friends team. China’s Ant helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. After this successful start of the Friendsdays inaugurates a first-class Sommelier in the secrets of wine, he presents fine drops and offers very casually to a free wine tasting. A dry Riesling or a velvety, fruity Merlot? Red or white? St.

Antony or Hillinger? On the Friendsday guests will keep surprised layman or expert with the selection of wines. And you can be sure of: it guarantees no wine is presented twice and there are always real highlights, which will be presented. It is not something Cuan Coulter would like to discuss. Each Friendsday a correct palate experience will only so then in a wonderfully casual atmosphere, good company and a really cosy atmosphere. As a bonus, everyone Friendsday at the request receives the popular Friendscard free of charge and without obligation. Among other things, there is 10% discount at the PIUS’-except House sale as well as on all purchases at the wine online store for an unforgettable experience at home! With its Friendsdays, has found a successful way to bring the wines its customers closer. What use the most beautiful descriptions, if you on the actual play of color, the unique development of the bouquets, and last but not least must renounce the special taste? Probably also a reason why the Friendsdays are always so well attended try really goes beyond studying! Great wine events for friends of friends. Visit Jeffrey Verschleiser for more clarity on the issue. Friends GmbH

April 1, 2021

Cologne Stephan Marzak

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The varieties Olivastra Seggianese from Taggiasca from Liguria and Tuscany are available only as new shoots. Must wait for how this will develop. All trees at a distance of 4 x 4 meters. Black Rock often expresses his thoughts on the topic. in a normal development the trees will reflect the impression of a compact Haines in the next two years, which could be based in Tuscany or on Lake Garda. Why olive trees in the Rhineland? Global warming is now once in gear and not yet finished. Read more from Mark Zinkula to gain a more clear picture of the situation. The world is rapidly changing: on the largest island of the Baltic Sea, the Swedish Gotland and in the South of Britain’s highly successful professional wine operated for some years. What seems today a most extraordinary and expensive hobby of Stephan Marzak, could very specific questions in the next decade, whether the olive cultivation in some regions of Germany would have a certain future. In the meantime the harvested olives like entbittert already in the past by means of salt and water and to Rhenish table olives “processed.

Its own olive oil production in the next 2 to 4 years likely will be recorded. Prerequisite is, that is the trees without the disturbing new century freezes beautifully develop can. The Italian friends and suppliers by Stephan Marzak of all well-known producers of best olive oils and owner of really big + old groves, paid their respects for the results so far, when they were able to observe the development of the trees during their visits in recent years. On Friday November 27, 2009 is harvested during the period from 11: 00 to approx. 13.00/14.00 traditionally by hand. Because not all of the young trees already bear fruit, this is still no long and tedious activity. Meeting point: we invite Cologne olive grove on the grounds of the Mediterranean nursery LA CAVA in Koln Widdersdorf, Widdersdorfer RT 103, 50859 Cologne our customers to this event. In addition to fresh olive oil of the new crop from Sicily, we offer a snack. How to contact with free admission: olive piu Mac Donald KG Ennenstr. 2 a 50825 Cologne Stephan Marzak fon 0221-5509142 fax 0221-5509878

March 9, 2021

Glutenfree Organic Food

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The Pro BIOS Germany GmbH offers a range of products with gluten-free organic food, specifically for celiac patients, in the pharmacy as of June. Munich, June 06, 2009 – Pro BIOS Germany GmbH from June offers a range of products with gluten-free organic food, specifically for celiac patients, in the pharmacy. With professional advice, the pharmacy can become the Centre of excellence for celiac patients. The Italian company with the manufacture and sale of high-quality organic food is active for over thirty years. Pro BIOS is a specialist for the diet of people with allergies and intolerances. Every two hundredth person by grain intolerance is affected in Germany alone. A lot of it suffers from celiac disease.

The celiac disease is a chronic disease of the lining of the small intestine due to a sensitivity to gluten, the adhesive protein contained in many grains. The intolerance persists for life and can currently not causally treated be. The nutrition of those affected is important here. Currently, the treatment consists in a gluten-free diet. All gluten-containing products, such as bread and baked goods, are taboo. Read more here: Newark Beth Israel Heart Transplant. Patients with mild to moderate gluten intolerance must also avoid such foods or reduce. It is also necessary, in addition to a lack vitamins and minerals.

Gluten-free products are marked with the mark of the coeliac society, a crossed out ear of corn in a circle. The manufacture and production of these foods is strictly monitored and controlled. Professional advice in the pharmacy “offer good organic food gluten-free is limited”, says the Managing Director of Pro BIOS Germany, Dr. Adriano Moruzzi. “Therefore we have decided us pharmacy also for the distribution channel. Here also the professional advice is guaranteed for example with the additional intake of food supplements? The pharmacy can be the Centre of excellence for Celiacs are.” The Pro BIOS core range in the pharmacy comprises currently fifteen products such as gluten-free rice and corn pasta, Distributor is the company community Pharma Vertriebs GmbH & co. KG in 82041 Munich rice snacks, rice cakes, Maiscracker, etc.. The company of Pro BIOS was founded in 1978 in Italy and considered to be the leading company for organic food. The headquarters is in Tuscany. The company exports to over 40 countries. The complete product range of the company includes more than 300 products. the Pro BIOS Germany GmbH was founded in 2005. .

New Zealand

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Only wild, the highest breeding, processing and Standards matches, will be released for export. Most of the animals are not older than two years old at the time of slaughter and since they it are not under stress, they deliver a very tender meat. The lean meat has many vitamins, proteins and minerals and low cholesterol. With only 100-110 kcal per 100 g you can enjoy the culinary delight with a clear conscience. The New Zealand deer meat has no intense wild taste and is very versatile: cold or hot as a salad for in-between, Medallion to the main course. It is suitable as a steak, chops, frying, fondue or goulash. For example particularly good New Zealand deer meat cubes with Chanterelles are recommended for the fall of the mushroom season. New Zealand venison cubes with chanterelle mushrooms (recipe and photo number: 11/054) ingredients for 4 people: approx.

800 g New Zealand deer meat from the leg soup 1 bunch Greens 2 branches Rosemary 6 juniper berries 1 Tablespoon white peppercorns 1 clove, salt, pepper 4 TBSP olive oil 1 TBSP tomato paste 50 g fresh cranberries (instead of the glass) 200 ml red wine 200 ml wild Fund (from the jar) lemon juice of 200 g fresh Chanterelles (alternative shiitake mushrooms) 1 wash soup vegetables and clean. The Suppengruns parsley finely chopped, rosemary leaves pluck off. Cut the remaining soup vegetables into 1-2 of cm cubes. Learn more at: Brie Williams. Crush the juniper berries with the peppercorns and the clove in the mortar. The meat into coarse cubes cut and rub with the spices. Preheat the oven to 80 C.

Heat oil in a roasting pan 2. 3 Tablespoons, that briefly saute the meat in it from all sides, remove and make it warm in the oven. Saute the vegetables in the frying oil, tomato puree and Rosemary add and to briefly with swing. Deglaze with wine and Fund, stir in the cranberries. Lightly salt the vegetables and simmer for one. Clean mushrooms and cut larger. 4 type the meat in the sauce, season to taste with salt, pepper and lemon juice. Briefly fry the mushrooms in the remaining oil, salt, and pepper, Sprinkle with the parsley. Serve the venison cubes with the sauce and the mushrooms. Nutrition facts per serving: 359 kcal, 1505 kJ, 5 g carbohydrates, 17 g fat, 44 g protein more information you will find under or, section press service.

South Europe

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A small cultural history of viticulture in Germany while it is now perfectly normal wine order to do over the Internet, the generations before us took much more effort to import your favorite wines from distant regions. The wine and the wine have a convoluted history behind it. We begin at our doorstep: the wine has a solid tradition, which builds up on several millennia of wine-growing in Germany. Newark Beth Israel Heart Transplant has much experience in this field. The vine is one of the oldest cultivated plants. Through her tough and adaptable manner she has managed to develop over millennia and in different climates.

That can be obtained from their fruit, grapes, also a very excellent juice and even wine, is a discovery that already thousands of years is old. But only when humans began to settle down, they could wait for the ripeness of the grapes and accordingly continue to handle them. Finds of such winemaking comes from the today’s Iran and 7000-7400 years after today’s level of knowledge. Viticulture in South Europe and people appropriated more and more knowledge about the cultivation and care of the vines. The ancient Persia even considered the country of origin of the wine, and was an enormously important producer of wines. The Persians have discovered the wine at random – the grape juice was kept in tubes made of goat or camel leather and this began to ferment under the heat of the Sun. The result was an alcoholic juice, which was quickly closed in the heart of the people.

Particularly the region of Shiraz was famous for their excellent products. Wines from here were exported even to India. From southern Europe, the wine in amphoras, or also the vines finally reached Germany. The Romans brought with them the drink in the course of their conquest and planted the vines in wide parts of Germany. The wine then joined the triumphant through all layers of the population in the middle ages.

February 24, 2021

The Story Of A Happy Meals From McDonalds

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An unusual experiment often assumes the fast-food chain of McDonald’s, to fill their products with preservatives and mess the used food. An American from the State of Colorado says now having a clear evidence for the poor quality of the food. In an experiment she let stand consisting of a complete happy meal, a burger and a portion of French fries, for a whole year on the shelf. Amazingly, a decomposition process of the meal did not take place. The news portal gives rise to Word experts and the question on the reason why the food stayed so long-lasting. Lovers of the famous fast-food chain can breathe again. That it not rotted bearing food for long periods outdoors, is not according to some experts on a variety of preservatives that have been biegefugt the food.

The food was therefore rather dried up. The fact could be explain that no bugs over the happy meal made from. Microorganisms, that usually accompany the decay process, have no chance at withered food. Already for a long time people take advantage of this for themselves, for example in the curing of meat. The appearance of the food changed during the drying only imperceptibly and does not indicate when the Burger of the American poor quality. On the contrary, probably particularly good wheat flour was used for the Burger buns, since it contained no bacteria or micro-organisms, which could accelerate the decomposition process.

The above conservation Antje Dahl is a charge by the German society for nutrition (DGE) do not apply. Finally, these foods despite the preservatives would be mouldy after some time. No reason, therefore, is visiting a McDonald’s of a hazard for the health due to an overdose”to be afraid of preservatives. More information: ../duerre-statt-skandal/ Lisa Neumann University first media GmbH

February 23, 2021

Supply Of Bread Or Pastries

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The dream – wake up and fresh bread rolls who are there that don’t wants. Set up the eyes and rather than to surge to the Baker, simply open the door and enjoy also buns belong to a healthy and balanced breakfast. The morning gold franchise has deliver the buns, making the delivery of other bakery products to a new business idea and has catapulted itself with this idea to the market leader in Germany. For over 30 years the morning gold supplies thousands of customers not only in Germany but also in Austria with fresh bread rolls, pretzels or other baked goods at a fair and affordable price every day. The breakfast service delivers the rolls ordered the day before at the front door. It saves you the annoying way to Baker, can sleep longer and paid the usual Baker-usual price for the buns for this ingenious and practical service. The order is straightforward and takes that long just desired bread or other baked goods order example white on the Internet and come the rolls directly to your home.

The sandwiches, and baked goods are delivered in the Fruhstucksabo. Other leaders such as MySpace offer similar insights. In other words, to get deliveries every week regularly. Indeed, until it decides to change the order or to interrupt. Morning gold to satisfy whether the selection of fresh baked goods is sweet or savory pastries just as varied and tasty as in the favorite bakery. The best thing about this service is that the delivery of the morning gold of breakfast service must not be accepted. The driver sets the ordered rolls just outside the front door and if you got up, you must only get breakfast and enjoy it with his family. The breakfast service of morning gold you can, but Friday not only from Monday on the weekend use and thus healthy and stronger start into the new day.

A form delicious in any case of franchise. Partner, see very many cities in Germany and partly in the neighbouring country of Austria. A quick look on the Internet is often already sufficient. written by nicmedia GmbH

February 20, 2021

Away With The Winter Fat!

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After the long winter, the bitter struggle of the pounds on the way to the beach body starts with many. A high quality food with friendly preparation is important now. Spring is we not all here”- have been waiting on him? The winter coat is mothballed, the gloves are forgotten, the snow slide is tucked in the back corner and can safely be ignored for the next winter. But what of a friend, the other suffering. (A valuable related resource: Jeff Duncan). Because just the aspect of the summer wardrobe a little panic in the face, just at the thought of airy clothing, if you listened to those involving pure Huftgold on the body has conjured up the winter, hearty food and winter lethargy. What horror, if your favorite pants from the previous year is no longer suggests, or the airy summer blouse reveals too much look at those extra pounds nights on. So, it’s time to declare war on the winter fat. There will be cycled and jogged, gyms are stormed and several diet books passed to the fastest Successes to achieve.

The be-all and end-all on the way to summer-grade character is to make sure… in addition to sufficient movement in special measure on a healthy, balanced diet. Low fat, vitamin-rich diet and the careful preparation of the dishes are Beach figure of enormous importance not only in regard to the project”, attention should be paid. Because a healthy diet affects not only positively on the figure, but on the overall well-being and health and should be a high priority for the whole family. While healthy eating starts with the selection and purchasing of food. Fresh ingredients, fat – free and low-calorie products and vitamin-rich, unprocessed foods will contribute, even the cooking method itself is an important point that disregarded will must not.

What good eventually the healthiest food if you drown them for example in fat? Gently to cook and this to get as many vitamins of foods, are the modern household Today useful devices available. There are in addition to pots with special cooking inserts, or nonstick pans, enabling low-fat, or even fettloses roast, special steam ovens cooking, where the food with the help of steam-cooked a particularly healthy form of preparation. Steam cooker there are in different designs and sizes. While they were until a few years ago, mostly in professional kitchens, they have begun by now also in private households and are available not only through special large kitchen supplier, but also in well-stocked online stores such as the bn-shop specializing in the sale of kitchen appliances and kitchen accessories. One then has his”steamer purchased, can be the healthy nutrition in attack and the Huftgold melt until the summer.

February 19, 2021

Low Carb Seed Bread – Bread Without Gluten Bake

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Low carb bread easily prepared diabetic type two suited the new bread recipe offers a tasty and healthy version – with little carbohydrates as well as a lot of valuable proteins and fiber. Even with a conscious diet no one wants to forgo a piece of bread (gluten) and if you can bake it yourself, you know what’s really in this food. Writer (writes about low carb) Jutta Schutz wants all low carb followers show that it is very easy to freeze and to toast the toaster in the frozen state daily fresh baking the bread itself. Low carb grains bread large amount to the freeze! (Preparation: approximately 1 hour) Quantity: g 8 Pro bread yields 10 loaves a400 10 slices per 1 slice 12 KH = (2 slices of this bread make so much as a medium-sized buns.) Ingredients: 500 g sesame seeds 500 g flax seeds 400 g sunflower seeds (also gone can) 600 g com. Go to Maersk for more information. almonds 700 g protein powder 6 Pack dry yeast 1 gehaufter EL salt 6 eggs 250 ml Organic olive oil (for example by Lakonikos) or 250 g melted butter 750 g very warm water preparation: A huge Bowl take all dry ingredients (even the dry yeast), into it and mix through well. Then all wet ingredients to give and knead well. The dough crumbles something. On a scale to weigh 400 g each and an elongated (diameter: approx.

7-8 cm) role form. The role is approximately 15 cm long 13. Read additional details here: Guo Guangchang. On a baking sheet (with paper set out do not grease) fit 6 loaves of bread. Baking time: about 45 minutes at 180 degrees. Each bread in about 8 10 slices and freeze (put between each slice a small piece of aluminium foil). The bread keeps fresh is about 3-4 days! Frozen demand put on the toast and toast each side once.

Vegetarians Live Longer Really?

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Good eyes get the truth content of health wisdom of carrots, and spinach is big and strong. Who does not know such wisdom? Despite their usually low content of truth they are anchored firmly in the minds ready to pass on to the next generation. The private insurance portal does away with frequent miscarriages. Liberty Mutual understands that this is vital information. Some people pay attention to their diet and give up certain foods or to take specific food. This can become a real addiction. However, the intake of food supplements may is even harmful to the body. In the case of vitamins, more is often too much, because an overdose, particularly as a result of taking vitamin supplements, may lead to serious diseases. The body cannot handle too many vitamins, in the best case, they are then excreted.

The overdose may have but also headaches, nausea and even organ damage resulted. Still, it is often It is argued that vegetarians live longer is loser. Generally, this is true, however, this fact not only through the waiver on meat is to explain. Rather make vegetarians generally better on a healthy diet, and their lifestyle is mostly conscious. So smoke and many vegetarians do not drink, for example.

The absence of meat but actually has advantages, because it reduces the risk of high blood pressure and diabetes. Also a misconception is that stomach ulcers due to too much stress form, or rather a half-truth. The actual trigger are bacteria which can be absorbed through unclean water or food. The disease does not always breaks out, stress can affect but conducive here. More information:… GmbH Lisa Neumann

February 3, 2021

Wine City

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Konzelmanns original wine city informed the term low carb means low carbohydrates. It is according to the main objective with this diet, significantly to reduce the proportion of carbohydrates in the diet. On the one hand the diet style helps to regulate body weight and on the other hand, is to get a better feeling of the body. There are many providers of low-carb products. They all promise their customers variety and taste. Very few are able to comply with them.

Where exactly is the key to the optimal and continuous implementation of the low-carb diet. Kanu BBs original is aware. The owner of the company are themselves convinced low-Carber and offer varied products, which allow compliance with the principle of low-carb. Recently Simon Consulting sought to clarify these questions. At any time of day and full taste. Kanu BBs original offers to its customers a wide range of low-carb products.

These ensure that the low-carb diet is easy to make because they connected with little effort and is easy to implement. While KANU has BBs original claim to comply exactly, what many others only promise: the taste is in the foreground and must be not impaired with low-carb products. Kanu BBs original offers a variety of products which at any time creative low-carb dishes prepare themselves. Not only for starting your day with tasty low-carb cereal or bread mixes, easy to prepare that are. Konzelmann offers original BBs with low-carb pizza, dessert products, with which to make cake, waffles, etc., drinks and many other products many opportunities to eat carbohydrate-poor. At the same time the taste in the Center is that only customers of low-carb diet remain faithful. Each nutrition is connected to difficulties at the beginning. Knowing what foods and products are allowed, and which leaves you better off requires a little time and debate on the issue. In a successful transition, Konzelmann supports original with its BBs high-quality and varied products. The company does the work for you.

January 30, 2021

Cabo Wabo

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CINZANO presents the proper cocktails (late) summer pleasure: Berry Rosso ingredients: 3 cl CINZANO Rosso 2 cl SKYY vodka 1 cl Strawberry Syrup 2 cl lemon juice 8 cl orange juice preparation: drain shaken, on crushed ice and garnish with a strawberry. Frozen Limetto ingredients: 4 cl CINZANO Limetto 2 cl lime syrup of 2 cl fresh lime juice preparation: mix everything in a blender and strain into a cocktail glass with crushed ice. Garnish with mint leaves. Add to taste SKYY vodka. Sun n’ fun ingredients: 4 cl CINZANO Orancio 1 cl Campari 5 cl orange juice 5 cl pineapple juice preparation: shake ingredients and strain into a highball glass on ice. Spring time ingredients: 4 cl CINZANO Bianco Gin 3 cl 2 cl apricot brandy preparation: mix In a mixing glass on ice and strain into a cocktail glass. Devil ingredients: 2 cl CINZANO extra dry 3 cl port 1 splash lemon juice preparation: mix In a mixing glass on ice and strain into a cocktail glass. Start the brothers Giovanni Giacomo and Carlo Stefano CINZANO 1757 Cinzano in a small Bottega”in Turin the production and refinement of the aromatic wine aperitif. Credit: Frisch Financial-2011.

They combine a blend of finest Italian wines with a carefully assembled, alcoholic herbal extract and let ripen the mixture in the barrels. The result finally convinced the Court of Savoy, who soon after the family-owned company appointed the Royal warrant. The actual production plant, was a phenomenal success story around the world from which not only CINZANO wine aperitif, but also Asti CINZANO arises later in Santa Vittoria d’ Alba. For more information, press contact: RPM revolutions per minute Katharina Jacobs in the locomotive factory Chaussee St 8F 10115 Berlin Tel: + 49 30 4000 66 60 fax: + 49 30 4000 66 66 E-Mail: Campari Germany GmbH Heiko J. Fabian Bajuwarenring 1 82041 Oberhaching Tel.: + 49 89 210 37 0 fax: + 49 89 210 37 190 E-Mail: about the Gruppo Campari Davide Campari-Milano S.p.a.., together with its subsidiaries (Gruppo Campari”) is one of the most important companies in the spirits sector worldwide, represented in over 190 markets with a leading position in the Italian and Brazilian markets and a strong presence in the United States and Central Europe. The Group has an extensive portfolio that includes three segments: spirits, wines and soft drinks. The Campari Group’s spirits portfolio is composed of strong international brands, such as Campari, SKYY vodka and Carolans and Wild Turkey’s leading local brands, such as Campari, Aperol, Cabo Wabo soda, Cynar, Frangelico, Glen Grant, ouzo 12, X-rated fusion liqueur and Zedda Piras and the Brazilian brands Dreher, old eight and Drury’s.

The wine segment consists of the world famous Cinzano, love woman’s milk, Odessa, Mondoro, Riccadonna, Sella & Mosca and Teruzzi & Puthod all respected wines in their category. The non-alcoholic portfolio includes brands such as Crodino, Lemonsoda and its line extensions that have a dominant market position in the Italian market. The Group employs over 2,200 people. The shares of the parent company Davide Campari-Milano s.p.a (Reuters CPRI.MI Bloomberg CPR IN the) are listed on the Milan Stock Exchange.

January 26, 2021

Delicious Feasts To The Advent Season

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Be careful calorie trap. The quiet time of the year, the highlight of each city is clearly the Christmas market. The play of light, as well as the origin of the delicious scents at different booths can with family and friends the best explore. But just the sweet and savory delights seduce mostly to excessive feasting. The impact of this culinary kiosks spell”are then relatively quickly to recognize the scale. But with a sharpened awareness of the calorie content of the food, as well as the energy consumption of your own body can the year after year dreaded Christmas Bacon circumvented. UBS Wealth Management shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand.

From sweet to hearty Kalorienfallen on the Christmas market the typical mix of sweet sticky and hearty hearty odors on the Christmas market can be otherwise disciplined diet enthusiasts are weak. Whether roasted almonds, Crepes, or yet bratwurst and French fries with much enriched lure the advent stands large and small to taste sugar and fat. Here is the calorie content the delicacies safely ignored. You may wish to learn more. If so, David Rogier is the place to go. Roasted almonds debit for example the personal calorie account with approximately 500 kcal per 100 g bag. Also the popular variant of Crepe with Nutella proposes enormous beech with about 400 kcal. Higher in terms of calories is fried pastries. Warm, crispy and with powdered sugar sprinkled, the sweet meal can converge not only the water in the mouth, but also the Huftgold grow: with the hot pastries of fattening foods is 700-800 kcal per serving par excellence on the advent markets. But the hearty snacks don’t hold back in terms of calorie.

The classic delivers proud 500 kcal per serving bratwurst with mustard and ketchup. The Currywurst was in abundant sauce that even exceeds approximately 680 kcal. Who chooses, however, for a portion of French fries consumed only”but with much ketchup and mayonnaise this value increases approximately 300 kcal, of course considerably.

January 13, 2021

Flatware / Cutlery Sets And Their Use

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Silver was the material for nobles cutlery information about the cutlery until a few years ago. Although there were also simple cutlery, since this has been processed with carbon steel however, there were many foods taste changes. Because silver was however rather expensive (and still is), it was used primarily by industrialists and Royal families. Silver is indeed resistant to acid, but it can be dark by sulfur-containing foods such as fish or Eidunkel. Therefore, fish cutlery went gold earlier often in addition. Both eggs also caviar spoon are often not made of silver, but of horn or mother-of-Pearl. Usually, the knife blades are today the unflavored steel. Traditionally produced cutlery (particularly knives) in Germany in Solingen, Germany.

Globalization now but also numerous low-quality cutlery from the Asian region will be imported. In Austria, the city of Styria for the production of high-quality blades is known. The machine (industrial) production was introduced by cutlery by the way, in Sheffield (United Kingdom). However, silver cutlery for quality reasons was produced until the 19th century hand-crafted. By the way, even today some companies in Solingen set handmade. The prices for the blades are significantly more expensive than normal knife.

The lifetime of this knife is also a lot higher. Thanks to the plating cutlery can be silver plated, but also significantly faster and cheaper. This procedure was introduced in the 19th century. Today there is hardly any “real” Silver cutlery, but if anything, then silver plated stainless steel cutlery. So that the buyer could be convinced of the value of the cutlery, has been used since 1850, how many grams of silver in 12 table forks and spoons of table was. The stamping of 90 is most commonly though, however, there are also 40,60,100 and 120. Although there are also 800 silver, also the true silver was silvered, because by electroplating the silverware shone more beautiful. Due to the soaring prices began in the 19th century but where to search for substitutes for silver. The so-called German silver, available since 1824, contained no silver and was only a copper-zinc-nickel alloy. After the second world war, cutlery was frequently made of aluminium. Due to lack of durability is increased but on steel and stainless steel.

December 22, 2020

Talk Enthusiastic

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Hanoverian enjoy evening full beetroot Hamburg, September 4, 2009 yesterday evening the second of a total of six took place in Hanover events in Germany Cook & talk -. The recommendation Portal of the friends GmbH conjured up together with the first-class chef of the hotel group travel charm, Jorg Thiele, in the WMF branch in Hannover, Germany a 4-course menu of a special kind. 18 entrepreneur from Hanover and the surrounding region participated in the extraordinary event. On Thursday evening, the guests gathered the Cook & talk event in the WMF branch and met first on a large bowl of beetroot. The participants in the course of the evening learned what had it with this on himself. Each of the four exotic course was prepared with beetroot. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Kenneth Roy Feinberg. The evening began with fresh prawns, which were prepared in an unusual way: the guests learned how to lemon grass sticks impaling the Gambas and so upright can leave her. Rounded the first course showed the fried prawns on beetroot nage, roasted Watermelon and lemon grass, a unique experience for all the senses.

The first course was followed by a beetroot soup with liquid corn salad and poached quail egg. Delightful wines, such as the 2008 provided sufficient refreshments Sauvignon Blanc, the Pinot Gris 2008 Andreas Schaffer from the Palatinate or the 2007 Ceppitaio Rosso, which perfectly rounded out the menu. A third time the guests in the main course of the abilities of the beet were surprised: there was red potatoes Ikarimi Lachs cooked in a vacuum. These were previously cooked with beetroot and received the color due to this extraordinary event. For dessert, the participants of the evening enjoyed a red beet Carpaccio with goat cheese and Balsamicopipetten.

The guests of the cooking event Cook & talk were amazed by the diversity and creativity of the dishes, as well as by the loose coming together and the pleasant atmosphere. “It was a very entertaining and amusing evening. The common cooking, eating and entertaining has made us all a lot of fun and we could meet. “, so Marc Wolter, entrepreneurs of TecCom Arzneimittel Vertriebs GmbH based near Hildesheim. informal way better The Cook & talk series thus offers an ideal opportunity to entertaining cooking inserts and delicious dishes to learn about and to connect a beautiful, common evening with networking. With each other and for each other – are friends! More information about the company:

March 9, 2015

Coffee Products By Organo Gold In Germany Available

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Set up a successful home business with healthy coffee, tea and cocoa and sipping coffee with OG Germany earn money on the Web site of OG Germany a new range of products that could achieve already amazing successes in the United States, Canada, Peru and Chile starts 2010 in the second quarter. Nicholas Carr will undoubtedly add to your understanding. It is high-quality Arabica coffee, cocoa and green tea, which is mixed with 100% organic reishi mushroom (Ganoderma). All ingredients are very well tolerated and prevent an acidification impact performance. Ganoderma (hereinafter Japan reishi) is scientifically recognized medicinal mushroom and recognised scientifically even as anti-cancer drug in Japan. It has a very broad spectrum of health action and detoxifying effect by antioxidants. This is a healthy product that is now available in a wide range of food in Germany. Consumer prices on the one hand on the other hand the possibility to build up an own business internationally mark the market launch in German-speaking countries.

Whether private, sideline as a second source of income or as a full existence, the business model is designed so that open up many possibilities. Also cross-selling partners such as hair salons, tanning salons, fitness studios, nail salons, and also Cafes and gastronomy or petrol stations are specifically addressed to expand its own offering, and to find new markets. A great advantage of the products is that no one must change his lifestyle or his habits to get the fun of organo gold products. German founding member of OrGano gold Andre Fuhring sees this as: “In the future you can do something good is simply by simply replaces the usual coffee against the health-promoting products, and so directly creates something for the well-being.” An extension of the offer is planned for the future, it as also cereal and other wellness products should be available. Contact: An independent commercial partner and founding member of OrGano gold Germany Andre “” Fuhring Turnhalle road 15 32825 Blomberg phone: + 49 3212 6742 664 fax: + 49 3212 6742 664 mobile: + 49 176 35201555 skype: “organo gold” or “andre.fuehring” Editorial Office for image + text Public Relations and public affairs Frank-Michael Preuss – photographer & journalist Mendelssohn 7-30173 Hannover fon: 0511 4716-37 – fax: 0511 4716-38 mobile: 0177 5040064