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October 16, 2015

Rio De Janeiro Globalization

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However, the reality is that even so if it knows of the consequences of an exploration without limits propitiated by the modern consumerism, who if accustomed to the comfort and to the luxury it does not want to lose them and who does not have longs for to reach them. However, the focus of this study says respect to the question of the garbage and, therefore, when it is said here in consumption, it is praised what it mentions to the discarding of products and the increase of the garbage, therefore gives credit that a thing is atrelada to another one. In other words, mean to say that the socioambientais problems caused by the garbage are decurrent of the consumerism. Filed under: Peter Schiff. One understands for consumerism the exaggerated purchase, without necessity and/or mediate utility and the consequent discarding of another object that already does not take care of more to the modernity standards. This reality frequently is perceived in relation to the electronic consumption, as the computers; MP3, MP4, or know back in that number is currently; videos-game, cellular. Who has financial conditions to each day changes these objects and who does not have passes working and to the adquiriz them already it does not have more the social value that had have weeks behind. To read more click here: Dennis Lockhart.

E, thus, each time more increases the amount of discarded good and usable objects for the consumption society. But it is not only to this type of garbage that we mention ourselves. It is mentioned, therefore, to that the media pushes in them as being indispensable to our life and our happiness and that, unhappyly, it is adhered. Peter Schneider Primerica follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. It is also to ‘ ‘ it was of descartveis’ ‘ that they increase the amount of garbage absurdly, since they are not reused; to the food wastefulness; the amount of unnecessary packings that are every day ece of fishes is, but mainly to this way of capitalist production that blind, alienates and wounds the society in a way geral.

October 12, 2015

Global Heating

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Sc. Medical Veterinarian, Homeopata Secretary of the ABPO (Cattle Brazilian Association of Organic) Campo Grande, MS thimoteolobreiro@ He counts a legend, of the existence of a lost valley in some place of the universe inhabited for pretty carrying black swallows of one, strategically located, white spot in the extremity of the left wing. A traveller visited the valley, and in its peregrinations for distant nations, frequent she spoke on them. Time passing, already heard of the existence of a valley inhabited for pintassilgados birds of white and black person. In the current days, in many wheels of enlevo to the nature, it is said on the beauty of certain total white bird that inhabits certain lost valley in some sings of the universe.

That this metaphor can illustrate stretches of the text to follow. As the bovine meat, and one human being, that it makes of it its bigger gastronmico pleasure, contributes for the carbon footprint of the bovines: why bovine fed the grass they possess a negative balance in carbon footprints? the addition of all GEE emitted during the process of production of the related one well, product or service. At the end of the year of 2009, the FAO Organization for Foods and Agriculture of the Joined Nations made, what in my interpretation, considered as one mea culpa for the paper of the bovines in the global heating. Through its department of Property of the Land and Unit of Manejo (NRLA) and Division of Waters and Lands, it published a story under the heading: Revision of the evidences of the pastoral systems in dry lands for the climatic changes the long and extensive shades of the animal creation (3). Herclea task to express in an only value the result of the estimates of the emissions of the GEE of all the systems of animal creation of all the rinces of the planet, being pasteurizando everything in a myopic intention to make responsible the animal creation for 18% of the GEE mensurados in Co2 equivalent.

March 11, 2014

In Belgium

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She is necessary to have specialized and serious people working with this. To have a legislation that does not restrict the access. For Ricardo Ferraz, director of General Water (company specialized in systems of I reuse of hdricos resources): ' ' currently, in the great one They are Pablo, about 15%de all the consumed water is proceeding from underground sources, because the concessionaire does not make use superficial waters more than. At least 50% of the cities of the state of So Paulo they consume water subterrnea' ' (Ferraz, 2008, p.28). For the world, the underground water is a reality.

In the Denmark, practically 100% of the supplying they are proceeding from the underground water. In Belgium, 82%, and in Germany, 70%. If you have read about Nickolas Carr already – you may have come to the same conclusion. The concept already is sufficient difundido' ' , it discloses Ferraz. ' ' In the countries poor, the waters are subexploradas. On the other hand, in some regions, as the City of Mexico, occurs an superexploration. They are finishing with waters water-bearing it (OLIVEIRA, 2008, p.28). In the extreme exploration of the underground reserves, the critical ones to the use of the hdricos resources inhabit main. ' ' I am not favorable to the intense exploration of aquiferos, because they are reserves.

What it has happened in entire world FOOT that, when it is degraded, the superficial water migra for underground waters, and this finish with the reserves that will be very important in futuro' ' , it thinks the hidrlogo Tundisi, adding: ' ' The water would have to be used of cautious form and with extremely sufficient fiscalization. In So Paulo, for example, many wells exist clandestinos' ' (TUNDISI, 2008 p.28). In accordance with specialists, extreme the underground extration is a new, restricted phenomenon to the last half of century 20, that it grew with the equipment sprouting that had allowed to extract water of the aquiferos with bigger rapidity that the underground water recharge for rain.

October 3, 2012

Sustainable Development

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Frequently, the concept of sustainable development is observed that as idea force integrator, although the consensus that has been constructed, that it serves to stimulate the approaches integrators between environment and development, as well as of parallel form between economy and ecology, that despite of broken up it has an originated only matrix in the existence of ambient, economic and also social crisis. Boff (2009) affirms, that as today we touch already in the limits of the Land, if to want to continue to live on it, need to follow evangelho of echo-simplicity, good summarized in three ' ' erres' ' considered for the Letter of the Land: ' ' to reduce, to reuse and reciclar' ' everything what we use and we consume. Ecodesenvolvimento the concept of ecodesenvolvimento launched in June of 1973 for Maurice Strong consisted of the definition of a style of development, based on the use of the local resources, without understanding the exhaustion of the nature, an alternative of development politics. The basic principles had been formulated by Ignacy Sachs (1993), having as estimated the existence of five dimensions, namely: the 1) social support, 2) the economic support, 3) the ecological support, 4) space support and 5) the cultural support, introduces an important sizing of its complexity. These five dimensions reflect a reading that Sachs makes inside of the development of new a proposal that considers actions that explicitam the necessity to become compatible the improvement in the levels and quality of life with the ambient preservation, and if it presented more as an alternative strategy to international the economic order, emphasizing the importance of based local models in appropriate technologies, in particular for the agricultural zones, searching to reduce the dependence cultural technique and. It appears to give a reply to the necessity to harmonize the ambient processes with the partner-economic ones, maximizing the production of ecosystems to favor the necessities future human beings gifts and if it presented excessively as alternative so that the correlations of forces inside of the dominant system allowed it to surpass acceptable principles since the local levels/regional micron until the global scale, where currently explicitam currently the problems of the environment, the development and the world-wide order.

July 13, 2012

The Planet

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We can see this reality in all the events of our day the day. As For example: The rivers are dirty and poludos; The days are much more hot; the nature this uncontrolled, tai the example as floods, ventanias fortssimas among others things that happen in our planet. All we know the reasons for which these reactions of the nature happen, and all we know what she is necessary to make to change this reality. Only that nor all make! Then already this in the hour to start to make the certain thing, thus to help the planet and to we ourselves. I am not saying that if you to make one or another thing you go to save the planet of the destruction, but, you already thought if the whole world to make a bit, its part, the result that this goes to have in the situation of the environment? He is Entertainer, therefore if each one to make its part, the planet will be saved. THEN WE GO TO START TO MAKE NOW! The world all is engaged in this campaign, is periodicals, famous magazines, people and until politicians among others, that it aims at the change of some habits of us human beings, for only one simple cause, our planet, our life! These are some forms to brighten up this chaos: * Recycling.

*Coleta of the garbage and not to play abandoned garbage in rivers, streets and fields. *Economia of WATER. *No to deforest our forests illegally. *No to make burnt, at least not of great ratios. Among others attitudes that can help the planet. The authorities specialized in this area are in constant studies and research, to try to find solutions that help the planet, one of these solutions already shows resulted, as for example: Recently, magazines, periodicals and propagandas had informed the viewers of a very simple attitude that would very help the environment, that is to paint the ceiling of its houses of white, a different attitude and it legalizes well, that it helps to diminish the heat. Result, the house is more cold, and you still it helps to diminish the global heating.

Clearly that if one or another one to make does not go to have many results not to be for itself same. But if at least good part of the population to adhere to this attitude, with certainty this in them will bring good results. I am not an authority worried about the environment, nor so little a specialist of the area, still, I am only one common person, who likes it environment and if she worries about it. I am inviting you to be part of this campaign. It can act different with the environment, writing as I and divulging these solutions that help the environment, can at any cost be that he helps the planet, I only make! CAMILA TO SOUND.

July 12, 2012

Brazilian Environment

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The man and Ambient degradation the depredation of the Environment is serious in the whole world. Ahead of the economic transformations, politics, social and cultural they contribute each time more to increase the aggressions to the Environment. The society not yet if acquired knowledge of the importance to preserve the natural resources for its survival. The natural environment is suffering an extreme exploration that threat the stability of its systems of sustentation (exhaustion of natural resources you renewed and you did not renew, disfigurament of the ground, loss of forests, climatic pollution of the water and air, loss of biodiversity, changes etc.). On the other hand, the result of this extreme exploration is not equitably distributed and only one minority of the planetary population if it benefits of this wealth. The man is the only animal that modifies the nature with its work, many times of irreversible form. The modern society in such a way intensifies this process that it compromises the life in the planet. The objective? To increase the profit? what it makes all sensible in the capitalist social model.

However, this greed has a high cost, already visible in the problems caused for the pollution of the ground, air and the water, in the extinguishing of animals and vegetables, scarcity of water and many areas they had been destroyed on behalf of the urbanization and of the growth. The changes in the climate are each more visible time, as the increase of the temperature, (global heating), climatic changes, effect greenhouse, thermal islands of heat, inversion, rains excessively in some countries and dry (desert) in others, the planet this exactly changed, this everything are resulted of the transformations human beings. The concern with the Environment walks the slow steps in Brazil, in contrast of the developed countries, mainly in function of priorities still bigger as, for example the poverty, the social inaqualities and others.