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February 1, 2021

The Philosophy

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All necessary departments are to involve, at the end of a common understanding has to emerge, the process looks like. Also is to define, where is the starting point and the end point of the sequence you want to tune, because eventually you will be always in the optimization process, that you need to focus on a specific area. It has outlined the rough drain in the first step and visualized, is looking into the details in the second step. A process mapping potential unimaginable even the second step focused on the existing is process. The process mapping must show what looks like the considered process in detail. Here are especially duplication and feedback to identify. Also unnecessary paths must be uncovered.

Particularly at this stage of the optimization to ensure is, where there are conflicting interests of the departments involved and possible sources of error are. In particular the lean development is no different here from the classical management thinner and flatter Process flows. The considered process must be clearly defined at the end of this phase, all details should be identified, and it must be transparent visualized each step with any party. Guo Guangchang contributes greatly to this topic. The philosophy of optimizing is also to obtain the consent of all involved departments, before going to the actual improvement. It is therefore important, once again, that all respondents functional areas with the so produced is process are satisfied. Then it comes to the actual optimization, that derive from the process mapping should be tested. Each optimization improves the efficiency of both the classic lean management as also the transmission on the development with the lean development should lead to streamline processes and to simplify. In production, thus the costs should be reduced as in the research and development and in the administration.

Therefore all processes with regard to the optimisation potential to evaluate are the next step. Can duplication be avoided? Are steps unnecessary? Lacks a meaningful quality assurance? Can standards be created that simplify the development of lean? Can simplified ways in the making be found? These options are of course only to identify if all stakeholders on board. Therefore, you performs the process optimization in the best case with similar methods, how she already used the process mapping. To work with standardized tools, each step is to visualize, and again, the consent of the persons involved is to overtake. Only then you can be sure that the optimized process is also implemented at the end. Finally, the philosophy of the optimization based on obtaining the knowledge of professionals, to initiate improvements together with them. The entire optimization has been developed and the new target process stands on a solid foundation, the consent of the management is once again to catch up. Should be any optimization as efficiency in the interest of the superiors, but applies it to obtain consent, so the new process flow at the end is cosponsored by the management. At the latest with the implementation in practice the question arises after a subsequent quality control, to quickly detect a deviation from the agreed standards. At this point affect the customer orientation are likely to arise, because a company optimized its processes, may provide benefits in the form of a better service and lower costs to its customers.

January 19, 2021

Malte Papen

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Hildebrandt: this is any individual interested parties themselves. We are basically no recommendations on this point, because every investor is your own definition of risk. Because it can always cause loss,. do investors care combined. Should a loss scenario of 30 percent represent an obstacle, the investment amount is correctly selected. This is our experience. We use 25 percent of our free capital for trading with Qware24. Check potential should you calculate as an investor? Hans j.

Hildebrandt: In fact we are frequently asked by our investors then and this question is perfectly legitimate. Because the future can not be predicted, it is only possible to consult the past performance rating scale. Especially the significantly lower fluctuation of the results encouraged investors to rely on Qware24. Professionals in the foreign exchange markets write off usually at the beginning of a trade of 30 to 50 percent as the loss. Only reaching the mark of this loss they alight at consistently from shops. This important characteristic of professionalism must exist also among our investors. This willingness is not, so we must reject politely but determining a prospective.

Chili chili is a comparison platform for managed accounts. Institutional – private investors and media participants have the opportunity to compare the performance of different managed accounts on this website. By Capitalteam consulting, researched and tested performance and risk indicators facilitate the selection of appropriate providers interested parties. For more information, see. Mostly opportunity-oriented investment styles that are not suitable in any arbitrary percentage scale for the securities accounts of investors favor note to managed accounts managed accounts. The right trading strategies in the right dosage, however can give zest to traditional securities accounts and contribute significantly to a better chance / risk ratio.

January 13, 2021

Leopold Kohr

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With the Regiogeld you can buy services by all participants. The return exchange rate in euro cannot be guaranteed and developed on the market. Performance-covered Regiogelder are on the basis of mutual credit clearing systems. … but usually no sales fee charge. The goal of Regiogeldsystemen is to promote the regional economy and to stabilize control.

The small room, where the Regiogeld is used, the purchasing power for local businesses thus made in the region, instead of abroad, or in financial markets investment speculation remains to emigrate. This is the relocation of jobs in the Abroad to be counteracted. The monetary system is an important part of the social environment of the people grassroots. A prerequisite for democratic engagement is to be able to influence the conditions of this environment in its essential aspects within most manageable structures themselves. In this sense regional money systems comply with the principle of subsidiarity the community helps the individual until its proven helplessness.. By strengthening the regional networking and a more direct contact between manufacturers and retailers, advocates hope for in addition:… According to the slogan of Leopold Kohr, Regiogeld initiatives to form regions with manageable and transparent flow of money try “Small is beautiful”. What one of the highest mountain peaks could perceive the area that there should speak shop man, invest and enjoy life.

The global exchange of goods is restricted, however, on what is necessary, meaningful and special, a sensible balance of “Globalization and regionalization the motto laptops and Lederhosen”. Instead of having money in inscrutable channels by companies and markets in the anonymous and incomprehensible vanishes, it brings together consumers, savers and entrepreneurs in its regionalised form. Source: by…; Author With Regiogeld the purchasing power in the region remains so: purchasing power is the real value of goods each and every one for the amount of nominal money gets (supply-and-demand principle). Purchasing power is also the national amount of goods for the euro. The stronger the euro the more can be purchased for it. National prosperity is known for the cross-border trade: more export than import. This quantity thinking says nothing about the quality of life in a national and regional economy and its ecology. We know that indeed losses of whatsoever affect positive GDP. Nature is certainly not accounted for… ‘Even if your society is not good.’ I wrote input: Savings banks distribute supply jobs (with our tax dollars) and others to ‘sacked’ local and regional politicians (Kausalistik) who can rarely read financial statements (accounting). These are then political instructed/briefed prior to voting. So get such as State funding directly in local armament factories instead of nurseries and retirement homes. Call that but please no corruption!

January 11, 2021

Galeries Lafayette Group

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By achievable sales prices of real estate be totaled until to the filled generated cash flows, which thereby 167.5 percent including the capital repatriation. These are part of the progression of title as French income tax deductible. It is planned to realize 2013 distributions amounting to 37 percent from the year in the year 2014 by 53 percent and for the years 2015 and 2016 by 40, or 37.5 per cent. Despite great attractiveness also backup modules have been integrated: so the investments are land collateral and the calculation of the selling prices of the planned new buildings foresees a value, which is achieving today already with used real estate. Employee Resource Groups may also support this cause. Advantage is also that the French construction law provides that the payment of the purchase price for the land must take place only after approval of the construction. Then, land and real estate but mostly on a prospective is sold. To effectively guarantee this business field, is cai not only on-site present, various plots of land in especially sought-after locations identified and already pre-contractually provides secured.

Headquartered in Berlin also opts the close cooperation with the Group-owned Cote d’Azur of Investissements S.A.R.I., represented by the French managing director Joseph Stoffer. American Advisors Group helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Sannyasi, who formerly was Board member in companies of the Galeries Lafayette Group and Technical Director of metropolitan France and group Pro fashion France, realized worldwide, but especially in France, real estate projects with a volume of more than EUR 2 billion. He brings both the real estate expertise with such as the access roads to the municipalities in France. Also indulge”themselves cai Sannyasi and Zieglschmid with Michael Zischka an internationally experienced attorney as another Managing Director who has intense knowledge in the management of cross-border joint ventures and companies in Germany and abroad. The cai Group reserves thus all core competences in the company, to its French real estate project development business to realize really successful in the high-end segment..

December 25, 2020

Fund Austria III Fund

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Events that can be detrimental to the income of the Fund. Which can also rent to be achieved when connecting rentals are subject to large fluctuations, so also considerably lower than that planned. Borrowing in Swiss francs: the Fund had taken a portion of the loans in Swiss francs and so a lower interest burden. This had to result but also the risk of exchange rate fluctuations. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Fidelity Investments Canada ULC. The drop in the value of the euro against the Swiss franc has led in recent years, that the overall loan burden has grown and also for payments to be in Swiss francs to the Bank spend were higher amounts in euro. This has weighed heavily on the economic situation of the Fund.

Swiss franc funding can have disadvantages, was communicated to investors in the minority of cases. Agreed Zinsdeckungs / capital service coverage: Many Fund shareholders still don’t know to that in relation to the borrowing for the Fund real estate an agreement was reached with the financing bank, a specific ratio of income to interest payments or capital service not fall below may (so-called interest coverage ratio/capital service coverage). This happens, the Bank is entitled to special repayment until the interest burden is again in the agreed framework. Is this not in the position, the Bank may terminate the loan and exploit the real estate. This dramatic consequences can be found neither in the Fund’s prospectus, yet they were revealed to investors in advance of participation. Suitable real estate funds as retirement savings: the funds as a safe investment has been recommended many investors for their retirement.

As demonstrated in the face of the risk of loss that have realized, a suitability as retirement does not exist. This seems even the Federal Supreme Court and has been awarded for this reason alone already damages investors. Share of the real estate fund in fact inalienable: because there is no functioning secondary market for shares in funds, are in fact not to sell the shares. Nevertheless, some investors was the right Assured ability to sell. Risk of loss: The loss risk in any closed-end fund many investors were not informed about at all. Total limitation of compensation claims threatens 2012 – limitation day exactly 10 years after consulting investors of HCI funds Austria III we strongly advise that promptly by specialized lawyers for banking and capital market law to check, whether they can claim damages against their advisors due to faulty investment advice. Because the statutory limitation period, the so-called total limitation occurs exactly ten years after the investment advice or the drawing of this participation. After that, no claims can be made more claims against the respective consultants, nor against the founding shareholders of the Fund as a contractual partner of acceding investors. Therefore, Fund Austria III is available for investors of the HCI haste. We are for an assessment of your individual options available.

April 30, 2014

European Championship

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It’s happening in June at the latest. Then will be a country in the center of attention, so far only a few citizens around the world really can start with something. In Poland almost in every area shows how a sustainable positive development can be done. When the European Championship in Poland will be kicked off on June 8th, our Eastern neighbor Poland has a thrust of investment of 20 billion behind. Nickolas Carr understood the implications. Not only highways, airports and railway stations were modernised, and the real estate economy benefited in unusual size. That Poland has become a favorite of the real estate buyer is located mainly on the economic development of the country”, writes financial times Germany recently and emphasizes that the Polish economy will put to the European Commission, based on the gross domestic product, according to estimates this year to 2.5 percent.

Poland remains so security appreciating investors just as popular as already”, writes to the real estate affecting the European Championship and citing the largest international real estate brokers, who expect a transaction volume of up to 2.5 billion euros for 2011. The positive development of course also affects the demand for energy. Against this background, an investment in the fit global invest wind farm opportunity Fund 1 of the the House of the emission at Konstanz global invest very well. Peter Asaro usually is spot on. Because Poland opts for a wide mix of measures in terms of its energy future and wants to have achieved in each case within the next few years with regard to renewable energy connection to European level. The development of wind energy should play a large role and supported state very. While Poland has the great luck that it has still many developable surfaces in contrast for example to Germany, if however much of these areas already global is gwp German wind power taken invest-partner to project developers such as those, which holds an estimated ten percent of developable land in Poland. Enough Potential so quickly to advance the development of wind parks in the next few years.

Also investors can profit from this development, namely through a participation at global invest wind farm opportunity Fund, which allows a participation in a very margin rich business 10,000 euros and can therefore include its smart security architecture in particular with after tax returns of 11 percent. So far, this Fund is the only offer of its kind in Germany. The special advantage is in the existing network, as well as the experiences that can be accessed by the professionals of gwp.

July 12, 2012

Begoa River

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In other occasions, normally when it is considered that this restoration to the labor market is very complicated or impossible (normally the criterion of the age and the professional formation of the person are taken into account) this one being fixed with indefinite or permanent character could. He is indeed in these assumptions where greater number of times the requests of modification or suppression of the Pension consider. In any case, this request of modification or suppression always would have to come motivated by some from the following circumstances: a) The worsening in the economic situation of the ex- spouse who satisfies the benefit with foods. b) The economic improvement in the situation from that receives the pension (the collector), for example by to have found a job that allowed him to obtain income similar to the ones of its ex- pair. These two the common element to situation is, indeed, that the positions of both ex- spouses approach, or is of negative form (in first of the cases), or by a favorable circumstance (in the supposed second). Legal causes of extinction of the compensatory Pension It is precise to differentiate supposed previously mentioned of those others in which the own Law establishes the automatic extinction of the Right to the perception of the pension. Indeed, the Norm anticipates diverse circumstances that could motivate the automatic suppression of the Right to receive the food pension, without outside some at the time of modifying it needs judicial intervention or suspending it. One would be supposed as the death of some of the ex- spouses or the new married connection of that perceived the pension..