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March 7, 2021


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The process of territorial emancipation, with the creation of new cities between 1991 and 200, also contributed for population reduction in that they had yielded territory. (P. 79). The only State that still keeps an agricultural population above of the urban one is the Maranho. The vector tecno- ecological (VTE) in the regional dynamics that, predominant between 1985 and 195, configured the Amaznia an partner-ambient border.

The conservacionista conflict of interests between Projects and ' ' desenvolvimentalista' ' they configure a process of Politicalization of the nature disnaturalizing the ambient question, recognizing some citizens with the diverse projects in relation to the environment (Becker, 1995) With this the agreed action of Global, national and regional processes and contradictory politics, had modified the povoamento of the region, empresando in three great standards of use of the Land: ) the reproduction of the cycle of exploration of the wood/expansion of cattle/the deforestation; b) the sustainable experiences of improved the forest extrativismo and traditional fishing boat; C) farming capitalized. The Amaznia was during many years seen as a distant place of the remaining portion of the country, however this reality has to modify with the introduction of great projects, investments of international Banks, ONG? military s national and intentional and investments. With the time the Amaznia gained a value more than what that one that had for the population, therefore with the looks for the Amaznia growing, also grows the ambient question. Therefore the nature gains status of natural Capital and not more only of land properly said. This natural capital comes growing, therefore with the advance of the technology the research is searching new sources for the scientific development and the Amaznia represents a great laboratory with some possibilities of action. Beth Israel Heart Transplant program is actively involved in the matter. Beyond the mineral wealth of the region as bauxite and others, which are extracted of the region through companies multinationals that little or almost nothing leave for Region in which it extracts this wealth.

Daily One

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the professor must analyze all the process since the choice of this instrument, what he will go to approach, the techniques that will be used, That is, to elaborate a project so that not seje something passed by passing more yes something that will be enriquecedor in such a way for the pupil how much for the professor. Geography and life Daily One other point interesting to work in geography is work and consumption, since it is a subject known pparently for the pupils what already it is a base, all consume and in the current society in who it is important is what it consumes more, a boarding on consumption and the social disparidades are a good subject starting of the local reality of the pupil for the global one, stimulate to say them it on its life, these to perceive the differences, the existing inaqualities in its locality showing after, the existing inaqualities in the world, starting of what the pupils live for a more complex thing in this way are more easy to understand all, the reality that however is presented them however is imposed them. For more information see Vanguard. To start the geographic studies of the place for the global one is more interesting, simpler and at the same time enriquecedor therefore thus the educandos are more clarified, to know its reality and later the world, therefore it is not far from easy to understand the relations contained in the society to point that this is full of contradictions and lives in constant transformation and passing for the local estimated one versus global is more clearly and dynamic it is more understandable to start of a small scale stops later speaking on a great one. But exactly thus it seems that he is not objective of some professors to unmask the world for the pupils and must be therefore that they continue insisting on the study enganao, enrolao any thing of the type little knowledge.

Social Exclusion Today

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Beyond the harmful consequences of exclusion in the life of the individuals, they also contribute to aggravate the conflict between peoples. The powers are richer and poor the poor countries are each time. The control on the technological advances is not accessible to the delayed countries more, deepening the differences and the disparidades. For even more details, read what BlackRock Health Sciences Trust II says on the issue. Although they have been more developed and disponibilizados medias, we witness an increasing isolation of the individuals, of form that the socialization alternatives have been, paradoxicalally, reduced. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Cyrus Taraporevala has to say. The exclusion of many groups in the society and the separation between social classes has contributed so that so divulged integration between different peoples if it does not accomplish, for the opposite, this has led to a process of atomizaton of the society. (A valuable related resource: Newark Beth Israel Heart Transplant). The value is breaks up in it, in way that the enrollment politician of the majority occurs of isolated form as, for example, the feminism, the ambientalista movement, movements against the ethical and sexual discrimination, etc.

Everything this without if it perceives a conducting wire that can unify the isolated fights in a collective project of society. Therefore, it is of our interest that let us understand the Globalization mainly, the Digital Globalization, so that let us observe both the proportionate faces for it: the exculpatory side and the inclusion. , By means of research thus proceeded from reflections, we look the attainment of data that allows in them to arrive at an only conclusion on the Globalization: would be it, really, global? (Gilson Pags Landmarks – Professor of Geography) BIBLIOGRAPHICAL REFERENCES I LAND ON WATER, R.R. the Social Exclusion Today. Available in. Access in 24 of January of 2012. YOU PLOUGH, V.

Digital Exclusion: what it is this? Available in. Access in: 19 of January 2012. GALVAO. the Digital Illiteracy: And-Notice section of the site Astroroof of the Press, Edition 217, March 2003. Available in. Access in: 20 of January 2012. Neoliberal – economic doctrine that defends the absolute freedom of market and a restriction to the state intervention on the economy, only having this to occur in sectors essential and still thus in a minimum degree.

December 27, 2020

The Perception

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For this author, the choice of the letters of the songs does not have to be chosen randomly, but yes, tied to the idea of relations between globalization and changes in the lived cotidianidade, or resistncias of this front to a homogeneizadora globalization. In the perception of Mosque, cited for the author in guideline, music if finds penetrated in our daily 2 and can translate feelings on our lived space. Soon, importantssima is about a tool that it assists professors and pupils becoming the more pleasant pedagogical process. Of this form, it can be observed that music is an expression vehicle that reaches the people massive, especially the young, public-target of ours practical learning. Check out American Advisors Group for additional information. Thus, it is possible to observe our daily one through the letters of popular musics that the young is accustomed to hear, establishing social and space relations from them. The appreciation of the letters of songs allows to the professor an instrument and referencial, more capable to assist it in the increment of its pedagogical process and in systematization of the contents and information of creative form. In these conditions, Viana (2000) when analyzing Mosque (1994), discloses in them that the letters of the songs in order the social spaces to them that can be places. However, author according to cited, is necessary to be a good observer so that if she can see indistinctly through the daily a understanding and the dimension of the reality. In this manner, the authors in the letters of the songs look for to portray the life daily, in leading to recognize and to identify in them, questions as exclusion/segregation, urban chaos, topofilia, transformation of the space. These are pressing questions of our time that are on our cotidianidade and espacialidade and which, must give more attention in our lessons of geography, therefore, the recognition of the space and its symbolic representation if process in the day-day.

November 17, 2019

Global Responsibility

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This work is resulted of the participation in VI the FrumBrasileiro de Ambient Educao, carried through in Rio De Janeiro in the period of 22a 25 of July of 2009. During the event I investigated as the Education worked Ambientalest being in Brazil, the difficulties and rightnesss of the educadoresenvolvidos ones with this question. To the end of the Frum, I exactly made an analysis of contribuiodo for the promotion of new practical educative interdisciplinares noensino of Geography, evidencing the importance of Geographic Science paraminimizao of the ambient estragos caused by the action human being. Introduction VI the Brazilian Frum of Educao Ambiental (EA) carried through in Rio De Janeiro, of 22 the 25 of July of 2009, if constituted in a great confrontation dedificuldades and overcoming, either of the maioriados Commission great Organizer or participant, the deriving ones of the four cantos of the country. Click Craig Menear for additional related pages. With a huge intention and an uncommon force of will the REBEA (RedeBrasileira de Educao Ambient) together with the Institute Bay of the Guanabaracaptaram resources, they contactaram writers and palestrantes and they had promoted momentosde reflections profcuas, oportunizando warm manifestations, that made batermais strong each there present ambientalista heart.

To the participants and ambient educators of more distant regions, adifcil task fit to win ‘ ‘ barriers capitalistas’ ‘ fronteirasinterestaduais to be added to excessively, dividing ideas and multiplicandoconhecimentos, thus being able, to improve its practical daily when retaking asatividades. I include myself here and for such reason, I see myself, as multiplicadoradas innumerable questions argued in this event. As a bird that disseminaplen of the flowers so that it has fruits, I want through this work levantarpontos, that in my opinion they had been more significant and to spread them it the queporventura will have access the same. The central subject of the Frum was the Treated one to Ambient Education for SociedadesSustentveis and Global Responsabilidade.

August 4, 2019


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New forms of valuation of ecosystems less artificializados the hypothesis of the complete urbanization? The quarrel around the complete urbanization the hypothesis of an agricultural renaissance? The economy and the ecology. Jeff Flake takes a slightly different approach. The author recognizes that an analysis of this amplitude would have to be supported in knowledge produced for these two at the beginning disciplines available statistical Evidences of 2004? More adjusted, therefore, he is to look criteria that can simultaneously give to account of the ecological and socioeconmicos aspects of the use of the territories for the species human being. However, as the options and chances opened for these agricultural communities they depend in great measure of the relationship that can keep with urban centers, what it really counts is the regional boarding. The way of the way? As they say Hervieu & Viard (2001), the city and the field if had married, and while it takes care of of leisure and work, it offers to freedom and beauty. The agricultural zones, as well as its inhabitants, form an authentic one wealth for its regions countries and can be well competitive. Advanced Ruralidade: of the speeches to the facts? Exactly that the agricultural dimension of a country or region more is not seen as exclusive domain of the farming one, would be the agriculturists the main creators, maintainers and guarantors of this social, economic and cultural space. the line of scientific inquiry more profcua only can be the one that it looks to identify the factors that more condition the dynamic of the agricultural areas, to start for its different economic performances. The contradictory influence of the globalization? The different economic and social performances of the agricultural areas have been seen as ‘ ‘ local answers to the process of globalizao’ ‘ Which are the chances and threats that the current phase of globalization offers the ruralidade? Conclusion? What he is new in this ruralidade little has to see with the past? What the phase most recent of the globalization seems to be indicating is that the ruralidade it will have diverse destinations.. .


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The registered notations the field of the monitoramento of the soil erosion in the Street next Piraputanga to the quarter garden priest Pablo, mentions the length to it and comments made in the place in the date of twenty and five of October of two a thousand and nine, where it observed to the following ranks, same one presents vegetation tripping, with presence of capim colonio, and some pebbles in the place. In the edge of the soil erosion where we call of ‘ ‘ abrupt declivity? also we find vegetation tripping pebble, and with the measure of rains these sediments go falling in the course of the water thus penetrating in the interior of the soil erosion. By the carried through measures the field the evolution of the soil erosion of the street Piraputanga is caused by some mechanisms that act in different secular and space scales. All derive from routes taken for the water flows, that can occur in such a way in the surface as in subterranean. For even more analysis, hear from Jeff Flake.

(RABBIT NETTO, apud OLIVEIRA, 1999). Being thus, the impacts that come being caused in the place are determined by a set of factors having as one of the factors main rain and the man. The antrpica action in the place has a vast parcel of contribution in this in case that, therefore in the place it visualizes if the deforestation, the ground displayed and plough, and to a dam in a land that is declivous and with rains it causes torrents and same in the estiagem this dam continues to drain its water in the erosive incision making with that the edges come if to consume and even though to pull down for the reason of the constant water. that consequently the ground does not infiltrate all the water of rain, that is, with the ground fragile and without vegetal protection it has if bigger conditions for the erosive process what it favors the formation of the soil erosion and the increase of same in direction the Street Piraputanga..

April 27, 2015

Graduated Geography

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The Program ‘ ‘ My House My Vida’ ‘ developed into the management Squid (2002-2010) if it transformed into one of them pillars of the economic development of Brazil, for the fact to stimulate the industry of the civil construction, that passes since the sand, cement, iron, hand of workmanship, transports until the commercialization and created flow: in such a way, in the perspective of Demtrio Magnolli, Squid liberated credit and sped up the flow and made the Brazilian capitalism to shoot up. If to analyze, active the civil construction diverse sectors of the economy as already cited, creates jobs, the companies increase its capacity of production to take care of the market in expansion and for this they invest more, or through proper resources, increase of capital or still financings, being that the BNDES participates actively of this process of credit guarantee. The difference of the habitacional program was that beyond activating the Brazilian economy, it benefited the Classrooms and, D and mainly classroom C, that as we saw, if it extended very in recent years with the reduction of the poverty. Simple reasoning: the federal government, through the Federal government saving bank liberated resources, the companies had invested and contracted, and the property for had been less favored. All had been favored. The habitacional deficit of Brazil was reduced and this movement through the habitacional program guaranteed that Brazil suffered little the impacts from the American crisis of 2008/2009. Prof. Ivan Santiago Hisses – Graduated Geography and after graduated Education, titular professor of the Superior Institute of Sciences Applied of the course of Geography and Social Sciences..

March 12, 2015

European Tourist

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From 1973, after the Sheet city to be tumbled by the Institute of Patrimnio Artstico Nacional (IPHAN), as National Historic site, which had its colonial architecture influenced by European culture, and for the styles however neoclssico however neogtico. The region retakes the steps of the growth, over all economic in the decade of 1980 through the development of the tourist activity, when the Park of the Chapada Diamantina (servant through decree n 91,655 of 17.09.1985, as resulted of an ample mobilization of ambientalistas and communities of the cities of entorno, conscientious of the importance to preserve its scenic beauties) was inserted in one of the looked scripts more for the national ecoturismo. With the tourist development, the Sheet region, configured in this new economic sector, effects the use and occupation of the ground, in the exploitation of its natural resources, many inadequate times, improving the based local infrastructure in the sustainable expansion of the region, between them the system of sanitary exhaustion and water supply presenting significant changes in relation has decades behind, aiming at to take care of the demand of tourist, who is each bigger time, in preservation of this ambient area of great cultural value. Details can be found by clicking Dennis Lockhart or emailing the administrator. The tourist development constitutes an efficient strategy to attract private and national investments, and to generate prescription and job when continuing being attracted an increasing number of visitors. The region that is in a called tourist sub-area of Circuit of the Diamond inside of the tourist area of the Chapada Diamantina, has the ecoturismo sufficiently spread out. The Circuit of the Diamond in turn, is divided in Zones of Interesse Turstico (ZIT), being to the Sheet region, inserted in three ZITs, the biodiversity of the region its pleasant climate, that exactly being in a half-barren morfoclimtico domain, is characterized as a half-humid climate, had its caused an accident topography, is part of a microclimatic dynamics, serving as a true laboratory, for scientists, researchers, naturalists and students and one I take refuge among others for religious esportistas adventurers.

November 17, 2012

Traditional Geography

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The first published geographic studies in Brazil, had been influenced by two Geographic Schools: The Determinismo de Ratzel and the woollen possibilismo Blache. The Speeches of the State and the Army and the creation of discipline of Geography had been very important, but the performance of the Thin Professor of Oak, born and formed in France, was determinative in the acceptance of Geography as to know pertaining to school. The first academic experience in Geography was given in the foundation of the College of Philosophy, Sciences and Letters of the University of So Paulo and the Department of Geography in 1934. In this occasion come professors of France with strong influence of the French School, they had marked the Brazilian geographic thought with the conceptions of woollen Vidal Blache. The decade of thirty would mark the development of the geographic knowledge, as well as the rank of Geography in the resumes of superior courses and the creation of the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics? IBGE, that if quickly became the great Center of Studies Geographic in Brazil. In the decades of the forty and fifty main contributions for development of the geographic knowledge the So Paulo University of and publication in the Brazilian Magazine of Geography are contained in on teses to. From the Sixties under influence of the marxist theories a critical trend to Traditional Geography appeared and the study object started to be the relations between the society, work and nature.

They had been the Seventies marked by the didactic book production and Geography gained contents politicians. From the Eighties it had a new form to interpret categories of the space, but the influence of Traditional, descriptive Geography and despolitizada dissociada to the contents of didactic books it generated contradictions, therefore the speech of the professor differed from conditional Geography, was a more critical speech. The influence of the marxism for Geography was of utmost importance, therefore it was by means of it that the occupation process could be understood and be explained production of the space, the social inaqualities and the contradictions between the space produced for the worker and that one of that it assumes itself. In accordance with MORAES and COAST apud SAINTS (1996): ‘ ‘ we have a century and geographic means of production, where the mentions to the marxism, exactly that to refute it, they are absent; the quarrel, conjured. We would risk to say exactly that this transference is, in itself, one of the basic elements of the crisis that crosses the thought geogrfico.’ ‘ In the current years Geography still searchs the excellency and the disruption with the call Traditional Geography. The fact is that Geography in the last few decades comes following the technological and scientific evolution and has been strong influenced for the occured changes in the society and for the process of Globalization. The word key of Geography in this beginning of century has that to be dinamizao and not mutation, and the academic productions have waved positively in this direction.

November 6, 2012

Inter Experience

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To understand the place of experience, the city and its landscape is to give sensible to the identity that the individuals have of natural and manufactured objects. When perceiving themselves and having themselves as reference the continuous movements of the society, clareia the agreement of the standards of distribution of the places, that is, that the place is existing connection and control point of some nets in the territory. Therefore, the experience place can be understood as a net organized in internal and external plans at the same time – as it appraises Milton Saints; it can be understood as the historical and current factors if they conjugate; as the looks in relation to the world are extended, allowing us to develop a geography of the strategical small farms, in the measure where they can be connected, to organize themselves in urban nets, to stimulate the commercial flows and to create dynamic of interchanges between itself, from any place of the world. We can, however, understand the city as the experience place, where if it points out most of the world-wide population, where if they establish the relations of exchange between the production and the consumption and where if nets of functional relations in multiple scales gestam superece of fishes. The social relations are predominantly producing of broken up, dichotomized and conflitivos spaces. For its diversity they create some types of territories, that are continuous in extensive areas or discontinous in points and nets, formed in different scales and dimensions.

Such Inter-relations promote movements of the social spaces and the territories. However, it has, also, the idea of the experience place, of belonging, heir of the history of objects and people who give meant and if they confuse with the history of the place and its inhabitants. In this direction, the place as nodal relation and as belonging relation can be seen by two distinct angles of looking at the same on space of the man in the time of the globalizado world.

August 13, 2012

Social Welfare

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Contrariando the fashion of neoliberalismo, the world today, attends to a return of the state intervention in banks and private companies, release of bilionrios loans, protectionism of market and promotion of workmanships for the creation of jobs, call currently of neo-interventionism, a species of new edition of ‘ ‘ New Deal’ ‘ ‘ ‘ New State of Welfare Social.’ ‘ No longer Brazil, the economy that came in recent years growing, the crisis also arrived with everything, although the announcements of the government of that it would not affect the country in such a way, the numbers demonstrates the opposite, where the resignations already only surpass 700,000, being that Brazil would need to generate to each year about 1.000.000 jobs in order following the population growth. The announcements of self-sufficiency of the oil, discovered of new deposits of oil and natural gas in the layer daily pay-salt and the diversification of commercial exchanges with new partners for the world had mainly not been enough to contain the crisis. Although all the negative effect of the crisis, I believe that it is a possibility so that the man rethink its form of life he can make and it of sustainable form, in such a way ambiently as socially. A new democracy, where in fact it exists and includes all the society in the benefits of the globalizado world and half technician-scientific and informacional it is a way, thus searching, the necessary balance between the economy, the environment and the social one. Great concentration of income, bilionrios profits without the requirement of the social counterpart in job guarantee and income, and the wild consumption needs to finish. Luciano Coast.

July 28, 2012


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The understanding of the dynamics of distribution and variation of precipitations is of utmost importance for the Climatologia and for Meteorology, as well as, they are basic in other branches of the scientific knowledge, mainly on ones to the study of the economic activities, after all, the distribution of rains and mainly the variability of these is determinative in practical farming and the agricultural ones. The study of the behavior and the dynamics of variation of precipitations they are mechanisms more necessary technician each time for the success of the production of the farming sector, for this, is marcante the increase of methodologies used for intermediary of agricultural meteorology. * Permitted in Geography, and substitute professor in the course of Licenciatura/Bacharelado Geography of the Federal University of the Acre? .

July 14, 2012

The City

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The dimension of the urban culture assists a comparative study between cities, in the measure where characteristic politics, religious, ambient and economic can be studied, extending the understanding of the pupil concerning the concept of city and its place in it. Of another part it is also essential to show, when analyzing the changes that occur in the geographic small farms and when relating them with the occupation of the places in the past and gift, that is not possible to understand them without the addition of the learning of the dynamics of the nature, preventing a fragmented vision of its reality. It has, therefore, the necessity of if having to establish relations between relief, ground, hydrography, climate, vegetal covering, in different scales, and the dynamics of the occupation of the place and the formation and development of the city. Of this form, the geographic look of the pupil can be stimulated when comparing different spaces and scales of analyses, making possible to surpass the false existing dichotomy between the place and the global one, going beyond the common of the concentrical ordinance of the geographic contents, generating sense of a mere descriptive speech of the geographic space. In this in case that, we detach the importance of if establishing relations between these scales, creating conditions so that the pupil commands the studied spaces, comparing the geographic phenomena, noticing the accessibility and the rapidity of the ways of transport, the speed them medias to transmit information and images of some countries of the world, extending the scale idea. To analyze in some geographic scales makes possible the process of generalization of the phenomena and objects that will be studied. Moreover, it can be articulated the concepts and be structuralized them in a net of meanings. The interpretation of the geographic phenomena also earns meant when the pupil understands the diversity in the way as if of the organization them places, when he understands the territory concept, from there to reaffirm that the reading of maps and the elaboration of cognitivos maps are essential elements for the understanding of the geographic speech. The idea of if structuralizing a project educative having the city as a element-key imply to have as bedding the city while concept to be constructed by the pupils, passes for considering the city as key for a pedagogical action. Therefore, as they affirm Go’mez-Granell and Villa (2001: 28-30), an educative project of the city is a strategical plan capable to define strategical lines and concrete performances for a next future, but that it requires certain conditions: capacity of innovation and reflection leaving of a diagnosis of the socioeducativa reality of the city and the territory, where if they define the problems and main trends of the society; participation citizen, a project that must in general be converted for the local community and the society, contributing to mobilize the social capacity of reflection; consensus and action, therefore are essential that it has an essential component of commitment with the action, that must

June 25, 2012

Environment And Globalization

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Environment and Globalization Ahead of the world each more linked time for the medias are evidentes the occured changes in the societies, as much in the social, economic field, politician, cultural and ambient. In elapsing of the times the gradual rise of the consumption levels, as much in the developed countries how much in the peripheral countries, it comes demanding the diversification and the production of good in volume each bigger time, the ambient problems also they had increased. These transformations they contribute each time more to increase the aggressions to the Environment. As the society is always in process of change of habits at distinct historical moments, it will be always constructing the space and at the same time, being constructed for it, in a relation that many times is not harmonious, mainly, in times where the consumption this increasing and many necessities are invented by the great hegemonic groups, the great capitalist corporations, so that the market and the profits grow each time more, in a process where the natural dynamics of the environment does not obtain to support, thus appearing, some ambient problems of the present time. The Globalization is an accented process mainly in the last few decades, represented for the period of training most advanced of the capitalist system, for the technological innovations, that have appeared and if perfected quickly ahead of our eyes, where, one to blink, it is sufficiently so that everything if brings up to date. One another factor booster is the speed of the transmissions of the information with the job constant of techniques on this field, reaching millions of people instantaneously, mainly, through the Internet, cellular, TV, radio, systems saw satellite, that reach the planet all. Opening of markets to the international trade, the migration of capitals, uniformizao and technological expansion, everything this, sped up for a frantic expansion of the medias, seems to be uncontrollable forces to change habits and concepts, procedures and institutions.