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March 20, 2018

Federative Republic

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With this attitude of the government of Fernando Enrique, the still more precarious Brasiltornava its public control of the communication, or polticaspblicas of communication, where beyond of the intervention of the private capital, the sistemaagora passed not to have a regulation. FHC, next to the national congress, still approved outrasmedidas in this sector as the Minimum Law in 1996, that it allowed the performance of the setorprivado one in the system of mobile telecommunication, the creation of the National Agency deTelecomunicaes (Anatel) and the General Law of Telecomunicaes (LGT) that atribuiuapenas to the president of the republic the regulation of the entrance of the capitalprivado one in the sector, functioning through decrees. Despite obtaining ample majority in the congress in seuprocesso of privatization of the system of telecommunications in Brazil, the government deFHC found resistance on the part of social and parliamentary movements quedefendiam the control of the systems of communication on the part of the geridopor state and public politics that guaranteed the participation and intervention popularnessas decisions. Previous the state monopoly in addition, movements quedefendiam the democratization of communication, we stimulate for the callings dCentral Only of Trabalhadores (CUT), Union of the Workers of Research, Science and Technology of Campinas and region (SinTPq) and the Interstate Federacy deTrabalhadores in Telecomunicaes (FITTEL), had organized strikes that abarcaramsetores as oil, telephonic, eletricitrios, previdencirios public efuncionrios of the universities. Exactly making bitter defeats in this sector, the movement seguiufazendo debates and contributing for the construction of a public system decomunicao in Brazil, including the participation in the FDNC.

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September 28, 2017


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If the argument is of that Brazil is an American country, also does not count, therefore although American, as already said, it did not follow in its history the dynamics of the too much countries of this continent, for having been part (not only colony) of a kingdom centenarian, and not having had a caudlica spalling as the Hispanic colonies. Also it does not glue the argument of that the republic was desired by the people, for having been it fruit of the desire of being able of a reduced group of coup-minded (that for bad luck of Brazil, they had between itself some military of high patent). Sen. Jeff Flake is full of insight into the issues. Finally, it remains the last argument of the plebiscite, of that in 1993 the people would have adopted the republic. You do not convince a person of whom a dog is a good one, faithful and useful animal of esteem if during all the life had taught to it that it is a violent animal that it bites and only it barks, exactly that you never has seen a dog personally. In this way the Monarchy was treated, to the long one of a century. With all the possible excuses, really monarchic cause would be impossible it to earn. After 99 years of monarchic propaganda anti, of method of clipping to the expression right that it forbade spreading of ideiais monarchic, of brainwashing (still in course) that it tried to still show the benefits of a republic that only delayed the country, and superficially advancing in almost six months the date of the lawsuit, not leaving the movement to organize itself? without speaking in the injustice of the proper propaganda, therefore, until where I remember myself, in the two schedules of propaganda politics, the afternoon and the night, the monarchy only had its hourly disposal at night to speak, and, repeats, without it had a useful organization for the quarrel of ideas. If the Monarchy gained the republic, would be a bigger victory of what the proper victory of Davi against Golias, therefore that one still had a deep one as weapon. The monarchy nor this. Thus, ahead of my reader, after to present such arguments, I make again the question to my fictitious interlocutor ‘ ‘ But after all, so that the republic?

November 26, 2016

Reals Country

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Badly the first turn finished and already I see one or another Marineiro disclosing itself in favor of the null vote. I say soon: I DO NOT AGREE! The natives of So Paulo already envergonharam in them choosing Tiririca with the pierced justification of that she was for protest. But the inconsequence of many is taking to the congress involved pickaxes in corruption scandals that certainly, these yes, will give in them, during 4 years, reasons for protest. Not comet the error that 1,3 So Paulo million had more than committed. Protest in the ballot box is the thing more imbecile who somebody can think about making. It is as to say: ' ' They do not serve for the position, of pirraa I go to fuder ALL with MY life and the life of a PAS' '.

It wakes up personal! You, as I, can not like, but the option of none of the two candidates does not exist to be elect. VOTING YOU NULL NO WILL BE LEAVING TO CHOOSE NO CANDIDADO. You will be choosing one of them and at least she will have the chance to choose ' ' less pior' '. The initial ideology of the PT can seem pretty, but the party has much time it lost its ideals changedding itself into a group who uses itself of the public power. He was not atoa that the Marina? it jumped outside. To vote in Dilma means to be in accordance with one assistencialista politics that OF few Reals the families leave and them contented with ' ' almost nada' ' , without knowing that they could have better conditions of life if one politics really adjusted it was implanted. Today this type of ' ' ajuda' ' it does not arrive at all that need and arrive at that they do not need.

To extend these programs means to content many people who if had accomodated for receiving an amount without making nothing and also mean to compromise each time more resources that could be invested in real improvements the population most devoid. The use of these populist measures is blinding each day more the electorate, leaving a parcel of it with the false sensation of improvement of the country, however it does not pass of illusion! She is necessary to have an alternation of being able, and, exactly the Toucans not being what we ask for the God, it is our possibility of brecar a domain of infinite years of the group of the PT and its allies. It already is mounted and articulated, to take off them of the domain she will mean a light in the end of the tunnel. If it becomes our hope of, in 2014, to choose somebody chemical preparation, competent and compromised with the country, our country!

April 1, 2015

Program Stock Market Family

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Hunger Zero is implemented, through the Stock market Family, inside of the Social Ministry of Public Works and the Economy. By means of Law and/or Decree it had unification of some programs. From the 2009. payment of the benefits of the PBF to the families who if fit in the income criteria, it imposes some condicionalidades. Between them, I cite: *Educao: requirement of minimum pertaining to school frequency. *Sade: vaccine calendar for lesser children of 7 years, prenatal of the gestantes and accompaniment of the wet-nurses in the etria band of 14 the 44 years. Social *Assistnica: services socioeducativos for children and adolescents at risk or removed of the infantile work. Dennis Lockharts opinions are not widely known. The paid values for the program take in consideration the income of the families.

Thus, they are divided in: – Beneficial Bsico= destines it the extremely poor families. – Paid Varivel= Benefit to the families with monthly income of until R$ 120,00 for person, since whom they have children and adolescents of up to 15 years. – Benefit Entailed 0 variable to the paid Adolescente= to all the families of the PBF that has adolescents of 16 and 17 years frequentando the school. He is recognized as social program of great reach and ' ' well focalizado' ' , the PBF has received critical from anaistas of field, in basically two aspects: 1. For not consisting in one rights of the citizens who in it need. Its concession is not guaranteed by law to any person in state of poverty, hunger and malnutrition.

Also, for not being one politics of State, but of government. 2. The condicionalidades that, exactly intending to search a commitment of the families, nor always can be fulfilled. It has, also, you criticize to the proper value of the benefit, far from the cost of a basic basket.