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September 18, 2019

Defining Objectives

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Some time ago I found a friend, I asked that I was doing for her life and told me his project of travel to the United States to find the American dream, I found long after studying French. This does not sound illogical, however my friend does not know English, so far. First and foremost, when you define a goal, each term of the wording, should be also widely defined, not only in our minds, but in our heart. Let’s see, there are objectives that they mention to customers, but once I asked her to the directors of several branches of a Bank of prestige: who are your customers?; clear that the initial reaction was: do not bother, you make me to interrupt my work to ask me that?, how do you think I don’t know who are my customers, if I’ve been in this 3 years with record in accounts?. I insisted on my question, and responses were given with the point that I wanted to show them; one answered: is the one who has current with our Bank, another disproved: not, is one that has any type of account with our Bank, another said: none of the two, but only what they have counts but who at the same time, move it, the funny thing is that another interrupted them saying, or better said, asking: does perhaps employee of my house, that makes me deposits and withdrawals at the Bank?and makes their respective queue in the same no is client also?. Given this, stated: this is precisely the problem, we don’t know who are our clients, how then can understand an objective which mention them?. Be consistent, it is not only common sense, requires knowledge, depth and capture the important underlying each part of the objective aspects.

It is knowing, knowing and believing above all to act in coherence with the end. I refer to a crucial aspect with regard to the definition of objectives of a large company, those companies that goals come almost for free fall, taxes by not is who. And to respond to this, I would like to make an analogy: imagine that we want to start a business, example: a business about leisure, perhaps riding field traverses. It is a simple business, without much investment than say, a business than if would have been welcome, but ultimately it will require an investment in marketing, a strong to be able to penetrate the mind of the consumer, investment otherwise, in business fails. I think understands the analogy, the definition of objectives is a very simple thing in comparison to the work that comes, posts once on the mat begins the real work, that which does not exist, simply the objective will not be fulfilled. Original author and source of the article.

October 15, 2013


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A day in Asuncion: guarani Color on the shores of the Paraguay those who feel travelers over tourists, flee from the typical, hiding from the globalised world and the tourism of masses in genuine destinations such as Asuncion, capital of Paraguay, where in the midst of modernity and dynamism of a city that with its metropolitan area exceeds 2 million inhabitantsWe perceive a distinctly indigenous. This city, that boasts besides their safety (the world Organization for peace declared it in 2012 as World Capital of friendship for peace), known to preserve their identity and roots above all. Hence, in its streets we hear speak Spanish and Guarani, both official languages of the Republic of Paraguay. If you want to mingle with its people and better appreciate that flavor that speak, no better way to start our day giving a tour of the Mercado Municipal number 4, a picturesque place where we will check that the Guarani sellers are very colorful, wearing his typical suit and smoking big pure. In fact, there are find natural tobacco 100%, in addition to native fruits and other popular products such as the sopa paraguaya (cake of corn flour with cheese and onion), chipa (Paraguayan bread) or meat (Paraguay is a major exporter of this product and why Paraguayans roasts are famous). As for handcrafted specialties, nanduti lace are very much appreciated.

On the other hand, the national beverage par excellence for meetings of friends is terere, a matte made of natural herbs. Talk about this city that owes its name to be founded an August 15, 1537, feast of the assumption, is doing so also of the Paraguay River, which also forms the border with Argentina. Life revolves around this and the fluvial tourism is very important in this population. Most of the hotels in Asuncion are also near the Paraguay. So therefore, if we have time well worth giving us a ride on boats traveling the Bay of Asuncion every half hour until the locality of Chacoi, since where you get a very good view of the Uruguayan capital.